• Does anyone on these forums like UFC at all? I know the Allies don't seem to like or care about the UFC but personally I've been a fan of UFC since about 2009 and I watch it regularly. If you do watch it who are your favourite fighters and fights, and what do you enjoy about the sport?

  • I've been a fan since I was young, maybe 10ish years old in 2005.

    SpikeTV was life when I was a kid and my whole family is really into sports. MMA was a hard sell for my Dad who was a pretty big boxing fan but he even warmed up to it. I'll never forget some of those Ultimate Fighter seasons and the epic matchups at the end.

    In 2009 my friends and I all ordered UFC 100 which was such an epic event. We played Warhawk all day leading up to the fights, then played more Warhawk all night and watched Rambo 4 and went to bed at like 5am.

    Throughout the late-aughts and early 2010s, we'd always go to my buddy's parents house who had a big basement, big TV, back patio, and his parents would have lots of friends and family over and we'd order every single GSP PPV. He did MASSIVE PPV numbers back then (and still by today's standards) and we are proof of it—he had the whole country captivated.

    I weened off sports in general in the mid-2010s due to being a poor university student, but I'm back into the swing of things, but missed the whole Connor McGreggor reign of terror. Kinda don't really mind tbh. I find newer UFC is missing the energy of its early years, but there is a lot of insanely athletic talent today.

    I think last weeks UFC 261 event was one of the best PPV's in a loooooong time. So electric.

  • I've been watching mma since the early 2000s since the Pride FC days my mates dad used to train us in boxing & kickboxing in our local gym introduced me. Been an obsessive combat sports fan even since. Even got my kids doing jiu jitsu. Always happy to chat about UFC.

  • I've been a moderate fan since like 2017, when I would watch a few ppvs and keep up on who won the title, but I became a "watch every fight" kind of fan just this year, when I accidentally got a whole year of ESPN+ for the McGregor/Poirier fight.

    My favorite fighter of all time would have to be GSP, while I suppose my favorite current fighter would technically be Dominick Cruz. I only say technically because he feels like he's on his way out, but hey he's still fighting.

    My favorite fight is one that I feel people don't really talk about, but in many regards it may be the first fight I ever loved: Ferguson v. Pettis. Those two men threw fireworks over the course of two rounds, and the only reason the fight stopped early was because Pettis broke his hand. There are few things more hype in the history of UFC than that small moment when Tony Ferguson, covered in blood, smiles at Pettis from his corner. Just an all around insane fight.

  • Not to buy into drama and gossip, but I just saw the news that UFC terminated Diego Sanchez's contract early, paid him out of his retirement fight with Cowboy, and all ties are cut. Essentially, UFC saw that his manager was likely about to try to sue them over long term medical problems and they just cleaned their hands and released him.

    So then I went down this rabit hole and his manager, Joshua Fabia, is this "fitness guru" with no MMA credibility and is essentially a social media guru scammer type. He very clearly is a snake and has Sanchez brainwashed and I've only found out about this story today.

    Like who suddenly sends a rogue email to the UFC asking for all of Sanchez's medical records for any reason other than a medical problem? A confused UFC then proceeds to ask if Sanchez has a medical issue in which his manager denies any medical problems. So essentially, they were trying to get all medical data to muster up a lawsuit. This dude Fabia is so obviously a weirdo.


    That's a pretty sad way to end a long and respectable career. I saw a lot of people online seriously concerned for Sanchez like this Fabia guy is full blown cult leader, might try to kill him type vibes. I feel like most of these social media "guru's" are sociopath scammers with a warped sense of reality, but if anything he wants to steal money as opposed to wear Diego's skin.


  • @dipset Yeah Diego is a legend of the game and it sucks to see him go so unceremoniously. Felt like one of those guys who would be around forever. Did you see the video of Fabia chasing his fighters with a knife as "training?" Absolute psycho.

  • @capnbobamous

    I had not come across that yet, but I'm still kinda looking into all of this.

    Again, I automatically assume all (yes, all) social media guru's are sociopaths so I'm not surprised some are also psychopaths as well. I guess that is where all of the concerned UFC fans online are coming from when they say things like Fabia might murder Diego.

    Honestly, this is tragic. But at the same time—I feel like most people have enough intelligence to not fall for scams. But then again, he probably has CTE or something. Who knows?

  • If you want to see some nasty knockouts then here are a few of my faves:
    Youtube Video

  • @dipset I mean Diego has always been a weird dude. If anybody is gonna fall for that thing I think it makes sense that it's him.

  • @capnbobamous That's exactly what I'm thinking. Diego is tough and such an intense guy that I think he's kinda like a more braun than brains kinda of guy and this Josh Fabia guy is using that to his advantage.