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  • A quick primer for those that don't remember G4
    Youtube Video

    But my mind was wondering at work the other day when I remembered that G4 is supposed to be returning later this year (I think it's this year) and what could thier new programming block could consist of seeing as YouTube/ Twitch and other streaming options kinda cover anything that could be on G4, that said I have my own thoughts on what some of the programming should be but curious to hear others.
    (No real order)

    G4 Vaults
    Basically just playing some older content to help kill some time, old episodes of X-Play, Electric Playground, Attack of the Show, ect. Maybe create a sort of themed chunk of reviews or something like "Every PS2 Review from X-Play" or something like that.
    Was one of my favorites back when it was new, a sort of documentary show about various people in the industry or companies and would definitely be great to see it return. Maybe hook up with NoClip to make them?
    As stated in the video above it's just a 3-4 hour chunk of time to some kind of competitive game, TCG, maybe with the occasional wild card event (say a fighting game tournament where the game is randomly picked, Street Fighter for a match, KOF the next, Gundam Battle Assault 2, ect)
    Podcast/ Talk Show
    Tieing this as both kind of fill the same role but a daily/ weekly show was a big part of G4 in it's later years with Attack of the Show. Meanwhile they can also setup a Podcast format that acts as cross promotion with other groups (say the EZA having a G4 exclusive Podcast every 2 weeks for example)

    Last on my mind for now, and one that will probably have to be done just to help fill time (especially if it's a 24/7 channel) if they have to pick up any **syndicated shows ** maybe pick up the weird or obscure and cult favorites things like Brisco County Jr, Oblongs, as examples.
    Granted with the streaming wars being a thing it's hard to tell what if any shows they could snag.

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  • X-Play Reviews are back. This is the first one I saw and Sessler is continuing along like there wasn't a decade between his last review. I appreciate it. Get Victor Lucas on here.

    Youtube Video

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