One Thing You'd Change

  • What's one thing you'd change in a game you really enjoy? I'd change Jesse Faden from Control into a more charismatic protagonist.

  • GTA IV: friends. Stop calling me. Though I did find out recently that if you accept an invite and then call back to cancel, it doesn’t affect your relationship. Still didn’t like them though.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern
    Hey buddy, let's go bowling.

  • Even though Uncharted 4 is my favourite game ever, I would increase the speed of pacing and put more set pieces in it. At least same as the previous games.

    Also can't help but wonder how Amy Henning would do this game. Definitely would want to play it.

  • Assassin's Creed: Valhalla has too many of the same repeated activities. I would cut about half of them. Trim the game down to 30 or 40 hours of it's best content.

  • I'd get rid of the artifact hunts in Metroid prime 1&2

  • Ghost of Tsushima: Add better lip sync to the Japanese VO.

    Prey (2018): Change the look of the black gooey monsters so they look more like they came out of Bloodborne or Dead Space (multi limb biological freaks).

    @Scotty the meandering pace is what made it so good though. I personally really enjoy the looseness of the pacing, especially after the previous three games feeling quite strict with the pace.

  • @bam541

    Some slow parts could be shorter. They damage the pacing. Also things' escalation starts a little bit late. I didn't mind so much in my first playthrough but can really feel it in repeats.

  • God of War (2018) - XP system.

    The game just isn't that fun until you have those weapons highly leveled up. Wasn't a problem in any other game in the series, but the combat was kinda boring until Kratos got powerful (imo).

    Halo Reach - Loadouts/Armor Ability

    I'd change a lot in Reach but an arena shooter with loadouts kinda defeats the purpose. Let me pick up all of those sweet weapons and lose the special armor skills attributed to each one.

    Yakuza 6: The Song of Life - Phone crimes

    These phone calls drive me nuts. I don't know why they thought it would be a good idea to phone me every minute to fight a criminal as a vigilante when the crux of the game is fighting criminals every two seconds. Why add the middle man with an annoying ring?


    Probably A LOT more I can think of. Most of my MAJOR issue with games are nitpicks to most people so idk why I'm drawing a blank now but I'll report back.