Amazing, Meh or Rubbish 2020 Videogames Edition

  • Name an Amazing, meh and rubbish game from the year 2020 that you played. My amazing game is Huntdown-sure it's not the fanciest and technically sublime and triple A game ever, but what it does it does extremely well and Don's assessment of it was spot on. A meh game i.e a game I couldn't give a toss about because it's so boring is Watch Dogs: Legion I'm afraid to say-all the inspired looks can't hide dull derivative gameplay unfortunately. Rubbish game for me had two candidates and it looks like it's Mafia II: Definitive Edition's lucky day because it aint sleeping with the fishes here, but WWE 2K Battlegrounds can step right up and take a douche shower-it's earned one.

  • Amazing: The Pathless. I think it's a very underrated game. It's quite impressive technically considering an indie studio made it, and despite the gameplay loop being somewhat simple, it managed to insert so much flair and personality to it that it never really got boring. I said before that it's very Fumito Ueda-esque in how the game feels (and also the story and how it's presented), and it's also a great quality of the game.

    Meh: Going Under. The overall gameplay is quite disappointing, and unfortunately the very well executed story and characters aren't enough to make me like it more.

    Rubbish: Star Wars Squadrons. I just never got the hang of the controls. It never felt good or natural to control the ship, and that's certainly a bad thing for a space shooter game.

  • Meh: Animal Crossing New Horizons
    Rubbish: TLOU 2
    Amazing: Clubhouse Games 51 Worldwide Classics

  • Amazing: Ori and the Will of the Wisps - An amazing game from start to finish.

    Meh: Watch Dogs: Legion - Watch Dogs 2 is still the closest I've come to enjoying a Watch Dogs game.

    Rubbish: Minecraft Dungeons - One of the most tedious and boring ARPG's I've ever played.

  • Amazing: Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia

    Technically cheating here, because I only played the demo, but it definitely left an impression on me. Really interesting and seemingly complex tactical combat. Full game lets you choose which Kingdom you're playing as between a good amount, which I imagine changes how the game plays out quite a bit. Really well written and interesting characters, and I really cannot stress this point enough. Some of the most interesting character backstories and designs I've seen in a long time. If you're into that kind of thing, you need to check out this game. Main story seemed pretty interesting too from the tiny bit I got to see, although I was definitely stuck as a Kingdom I wouldn't have chosen in the demo. So why didn't I buy it if the demo was so good? $50 just feels kind of steep for it, so I'm waiting for a sale.

    Meh: The Last of Us Part II

    For the most part it just disappointed me as a continuation of the story of the original. Felt like I watched one of my favorite characters become a horrible person. The whole themes of the story just felt super over the top dramatic in a way that made me roll my eyes. At one point they forced me to kill a dog in a QTE to progress. Felt like certain characters retreaded ground in a way that felt desperate to recapture the lightning in a bottle from the original. There's a part near the end that feels like it is trying to be MGS4's ending, but it is so over the top in a game going more for realism that I couldn't take it seriously at all, so it instead felt like a circus attraction. There's also a scene that leads to intimate relations that feels like it reinforces abusive relationships I was not a fan of seeing seemingly glorified, but I'll admit I feel like I must've missed something. All that said, of course the game looks very nice, and it has tons of accessibility options, so at least it is good on a technical level. For the most part, (looking at you dog QTE) I didn't get frustrated from the gameplay, just the narrative direction and story. I wish I hadn't played it and could just believe everyone who preaches and insists it is amazing, because I became super tired of the back and forth arguing with it the rest of the damn year, which for the longest made me not even want to let anyone know all the problems I had with it, because I felt like I'd be lumped in with certain crowds just for not resonating with the game.

    Rubbish: Ninjala

    This game is something special but not in the good way. This game's design, monetization, structure, menus, text scrolls, etc. are nothing short of nightmarish. Why'd I say text scrolls? Because they speed up and slow down while the text scrolls!!! This is a F2P game, so you can go give it a go yourself and see. I'm confident you're not going to come back and tell me I'm wrong about this game being rubbish. Trying this game out, even for the short time I tried to make sense of it, was like a fever dream. I feel like there must be skill involved in playing this, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what that skill is when the battles are so heavily centered around a Rock / Paper / Scissors type system. I imagine there's some sort of meta for what you should be doing in matches, but every time I played this it felt like complete nonsense, and the result of every match felt like I had just rolled a D20 with absolutely mixed results. The worst part of it all is you can see seeds of a good idea in there, but there's so much insane nonsense in the way of realizing that into a satisfying game for the player, that I cannot believe this game hasn't died yet. I'm awestruck that people are playing this. I do not get it. I didn't hop in one match and then bail either. I gave this thing an honest couple of hours trying to unpack, understand, and digest it. In the end, I just gave up. What the fuck is this game?!

  • Banned

    Amazing: The Last of Us Part 2
    Absolutely incredible experience that is pushing gaming forward as an art form. Also a monumental improvement over the original game in every possible way.

    Meh: Borderlands 3
    Don't know what I as expecting after the second game, but I just found it really boring.

    Rubbish: N/A
    Im not sure I played anything in 2020 that I would classify as complete crap.

  • Amazing - Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

    I just didn't have any expectations and I was pretty blown away by Ori. Every aspect of the game is a hit in my eyes and it isn't bloated in any way so it's easy to get into and fully complete. Other games amazed me, but this one surprised me.

    Funny enough, I watched Achieve It Yourself Season 3 with Ian and Don playing Celeste and it looks like either Celeste got it's platforming from Ori or vise versa? They traversal mechanics look almost identical.

    Meh - Tell Me Why

    Didn't love it and didn't hate it. I appreciate that it's a lot leaner than Life Is Strange 2, but Don't Nod definitely needs to reconsider its game design because its starting to get less and less compelling. I'd argue that the walk-around-and-interact-with-things-like gameplay is the crux of Don't Nod but a minor element in A LOT of new games.

    They just need to mix it up, but "free" on Game Pass made it worthwhile I guess.

    Rubbish - Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

    Yeah, I know. COD is trash—what should I have expected when they designed this game in like 14 months? But I wasn't expecting something this bad. It looks and plays WORSE than the game the year prior. It runs worse on my PC than Warzone/MW2019.

    The maps are boxy and many matches time out at 50% of the total kill count meaning we waste time running around for like 15 mins not seeing any action. Perk and attachment system is copy n paste, then stripped of features from MW2019.

    Movement is slow, TTK makes no sense, killstreaks are really easy to achieve, useful guns are limited, perks have a clear meta and no room for differentiation, and just overall jankiness.

    I can't stress this enough: Cold War doesn't even feel like a AAA video game. It feels cheap in your hands.

  • Banned

    @dipset I feel like if I had played Cold War that would be my rubbish nominee, but I'VE LEARNED MY LESSON, TREYARCH. YOU'LL NEVER FOOL ME AGAIN.

  • @dipset Tell Me Why is another I felt very meh about-same with The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope-they're both so flat and dull, only thing that saves both of them for me is that they don't drag on like Watch Dogs: Legions does of course because that is a triple A open-world game.