E3 2021 - Your Hype & Hopes!

  • Given how big collections are becoming, and how Square Enix just loves making money.... I will always hope for an FF 1-6 collection and a Chrono series collection (Trigger, Radical Dreamers, Cross).

    My dream is that after this past year, especially with the Summer GameFest, that this year's E3 is the last, and that we can finally pull the plug knowing it isn't needed anymore.

  • @dipset said in E3 2021 - Your Hype & Hopes!:

    I just want cringe here. Please give me a highlight reel of bad jokes.

    The only reason I tune into E3.

  • @scotty said in E3 2021 - Your Hype & Hopes!:

    I HOPE they really started working on the PoP remake from the ground again and they show what they've been up to with that after all those criticism.

    Forgot about that one, yeah I'm also very curious to see how much they improved it, if at all. Feels like the environments were already pretty decent in that first trailer, the issue was mostly on characters, so with all that extra time it could actually end up looking great.

    And close the show with TLoU remake

    I'm not sure TLoU remake is close to being released, the only reason we know about it is because of that Schreier leak. I have a feeling it's still at least a year or two away, but maybe I'm wrong. I can't think of anything that would make me buy that game again anyway.

    @DIPSET said in E3 2021 - Your Hype & Hopes!:

    Perfect Dark MP is classic arena shooter: No nonsense here. Perfect Dark is a fine tuned arena shooter with weapon pickups, solid pace, and gameplay tweaks between modes. Obviously feels modern but isn't trying to chase trends. Shamelessly an area shooter (like Halo).

    Completely forgot about Perfect Dark! Might be too early to show anything, last time it sounded like they were still in early pre-prod. I believe it's meant to be singleplayer campaign focused anyway, no? I don't remember them saying it would be a MP arena shooter?

    GT7 Sport Mode: I just want to see some online racing between humans. Seeing some fictional circuits would be a bonus.

    Oh yes, I'm not a racing game fan at all but I just to WATCH that gorgeous game in action!

    @bam541 said in E3 2021 - Your Hype & Hopes!:

    I'm not very hyped for anything Nintendo rn, that's for sure. Mostly because all of their best stuff that we know of have been MIA for so long. I just want to see Metroid Prime 4, damn it!

    I'm trying my best to not hope for Metroid Prime 4, my heart can't take another disappointment. I think it might be too early for gameplay, but maybe a new teaser trailer, some sexy planet shots, etc. Though that's not really Nintendo's style, can't remember any trailer from them that didn't feature gameplay at all.

    Definitely hyped to see more of that Indiana Jones game.

    This is why I made this thread, so many games I totally forgot about! Oh man, we're gonna be so crushed when 90% of our hopes are a no-show! ;)

  • Sony We're finally going to see that Naughty Dog sci-fi game! ...It's just going to be TLoU2 online mode more than a year after release. It has a lot of potential I'll say that.

    I hope some bombastic new IP is shown as I really have no interest for any sequel from an E3 standpoint. I want a continuation to GoW but it won't get me screaming, we know it's coming.

    And of course, Nightmare Creatures remake by blue point!

    MS Not expecting much but they are at a sweet spot for an E3 where they have a lot of stuff going on but very little seen in terms of gameplay, now it's the time to have some cool trailers. Hoping for some Gamepass bombs and that indies like the Artful Escape finally have release dates.

    They'll probably show a lot a Halo but I don't care. I just want to play the game. Use E3 for cooler stuff.

    Nintendo I'm hoping for Samus Returns ported for the Switch and not much more.

    Show me botw2 gameplay and give me a date you cowards! I have the feeling with Covid delays and how incredible are their sales, even without major releases, we won't see nothing big until the Super Nintendo Switch comes out.

  • Oh and how could we forget! We will almost certainly see the next Smash character revealed too!

    Diablo or Kazuma Kiryu, make it happen!

  • @axel said in E3 2021 - Your Hype & Hopes!:

    I can't think of anything that would make me buy that game again anyway.

    Bundle of two which first game is in the Part II form technically with 3-4 hours more story bits, maybe something like Left Behind? Second game remastered and not possible to play it outside the bundle in this remastered form(like Spider-Man) maybe.

    Btw, now that I wrote it I'm curious about if they will also touch and remake the Left Behind too. Interesting...

  • @axel

    My only rationale about Perfect Dark being showable is based on how long the studio (I forget their name) existed before anything was announced. I can't believe they spent 4ish years "thinking" about a game rather than making progress on one.

    If it doesn't have multiplayer, I'll be very disappointed considering Perfect Dark on N64 was just as much of a multiplayer game as it was a single player game. IMO, Perfect Dark without MP isn't even Perfect Dark. That would be like GoldenEye without MP.

  • @axel
    It's obviously Kool-aid man

  • The Evil Within 3 might get announced.

  • Give me some god damn gameplay footage from SMT5, for fuck sake Atlus!

  • @jdincinerator said in E3 2021 - Your Hype & Hopes!:

    The Evil Within 3 might get announced.

    Don’t fuck with me. Where this news coming from on a Saturday!?

    Edit: lol I thought this was ‘Thats News!’

  • I guess I should prepare myself for a hype showing...

  • @bam541 I am beyond hyped, I'm ready for everything, I'll have the week off so I will live and breathe E3 24/7, I can't wait to be disappointed!

  • @axel fuck yeah, that's the spirit!

  • Is there a good Hub for E3 stuff? What all the dates and times and where to watch?

  • @neocweeny said in E3 2021 - Your Hype & Hopes!:

    Is there a good Hub for E3 stuff? What all the dates and times and where to watch?

    I'm just manually keeping track of presentations as they're announced, but I'm sure there's a good index somewhere. HERE'S ONE, but I'd find others to be safe.

    I know that Xbox/Bethesda is at 10 AM Pacific/Noon Central/1 PM Eastern on Sunday, June 13th, and Nintendo is 9 AM Pacific/11 AM Central/Noon Eastern on Tuesday June 15th.

    I typically watch the Easy Allies pre-show, then regular conference feeds on either Twitch, YouTube, or Gamespot.com (depending on stability).

    Oh, and a bunch of third-party things have just been announced:


  • @neocweeny https://www.e3countdown.com/ tends to be really good for keeping track. I think it's not super up to date right now but I think it will be once we get close to the start of the events.

  • That Ubi stream was one of the worst streams ever! Don't make a presentation if you don't have enough material! Just release those trailers in different times.