XBL has Achievements and PSN has Trophies; what should Nintendo have?

  • @flower_arrangement too savage...

    I'm down for the coins or stickers. I just hope they have something. Ever since hearing the Allies talk about their platinums, it has made me pursue more trophies.

  • eh i'd rather they focus on important things than some pointless trophy system, but if they must do something stickers were far more rewarding than seeing some shitty blip on my screen lol.

  • I would really love if they did achievements.

    Has anyone wondered if they are planning on implementing something for Miitomo? I mean as bad as that was, its still linked to your nintendo network account and as stupid as it would be its still cool to maybe show off some trophies, figures or clothing received from certain achievements.

  • Video games. : /

  • @Minamik
    I know everybody feels that way about Nintendo not having a lot of games, but isn't it safe to say that Nintendo as a Developer or a Publisher (whatever you want to call it) is the company with the highest number of releases or top releasing number of games. I guess what people really want to demand is for third party companies to release games for Nintendo consoles.

  • Trophies were a spin on achievements and imo the idea of a trophy level and the platinum trophy are much better than Steam/XBL score system. However, they could do their own thing or kinda unify with the rest. I'd imagine Nintendo fans would like a spin on things though.

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    Since its Nintendo it would feel Nintendon't to have anything but coins of different values!

    No fancy name, just call them coins! I keep calling it all trophys (yes I play playstation) and just points is too boring! some marker and cute pictures to it makes me wanna strive for them and play more of a game

  • @edsortiz I can only play so many thousands of hours of Splatoon. :p

  • I rather enjoyed the fact that in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE they have their own trophies.

    It's like they really wanted achievements of some sort but since Nintendo doesn't do that, they made their own.

  • I think medals or badges would be cool.