PS3 Games I should consider buying/playing again

  • So, as you know, I threw myself head first into a PS3 when the store was apparently closing... I did download all the PS1 JRPGs I could get only on the PS3. I also re-purchased Little Big Planet 1-3 (LBP 2 being my second favorite game behind Chrono Trigger), and am considering getting the inFAMOUS 1-2 collection. Is there anything else I should get for physical games for PS3? I should note I have a good local store that sells games from every system and I finally got the court document that states that my name has finally been legally changed to R.F.....

  • I would probably get a lot of racing games because there hasn't been much in the genre these days. Picked up Blur a while back and it's really cool. I'm also planning to get a Midnight Club game and one of the Motorstorm games sometime soon.

  • Lollipop Chainsaw, R&C Collection, J&D Collection, PoP-Splinter Cell-Tomb Raider Collections if you are not big on PC gaming, Vanquish, Bayonetta, Dante's Inferno, Resistance games for sure, Heavenly Sword.

  • The trio of Suda 51 produced games (Shadows of the Damned, Lolipop Chainsaw, and Killer is Dead) the Ratchet & Clank games (for some reason Into the Nexus has almost tripled in price so digital might be the only way)

  • @dmcmaster

    Maybe because Rift Apart is a direct sequel to that.

  • 3D Dot Game Heroes!

    @dmcmaster Wtf. Are used PS3 games already getting expensive...

  • @neocweeny
    Some are, like I stumbled across a copy of Genji, a launch title and it was like $45, there's also any of the Boxset releases like the Killzone collection, Resistance collection, God of War, ect.

  • @scotty
    No, Nexus was like $50 2 years ago. If I had to guess it might have gotten a much smaller print run. Not to mention it's the only way to get a physical copy of Full Frontal Assault (the tower defense game) and Deadlock HD

  • I feel like the Ratchet & Clank Future trilogy is essential. I’m still pretty blown away by Tools of Destruction to this day. You’ll unfortunately have to download Quest for Booty. I guess it’s skippable but it’s just such a fun romp.

    Gran Turismo 5 is also an essential PlayStation 3 staple in my opinion. I don’t know if a driving game has even been as massive as this one. We have VW Vans, Karting, NASCAR, like 200 variations of the Nissan Skyline lol. Just a MASSIVE package that holds up.

    Resistance trilogy is underrated too. I replayed Fall of Man for Halloween 2019 and it was a blast in split screen co-op. It definitely feels like an offspring of the Half Life 2 craze and not wholly original in all aspects but it’s still good. Resistance 2 has amazing weapons and really fun and smart AI but no split screen. Resistance 3 does have split screen co-op, the best combat of the series, but not a fantastic story. As a whole, this series is great.

    Play Uncharted and TLOU PS4 versions if you can. Same with Dark Souls, God of War 3.

  • I should actually give Ratchet and Clank a chance, and I haven't played Lolipop Chainsaw in a while.....

    Also, I grabbed the inFAMOUS collection (1&2 plus Festival of Blood), and Arkham Asylum/City. I just wish I could think of more games I had played before.

    Also also, I'm not big on racing games, but I owe ModNation Racing a second chance... (As well as allowing Richard Epcar to continue stalking me)

  • @r-f-switch
    If you can find physical copies just grab the whole R&C series on PS3, even the HD collection with it's visual glitches is worth checking out.

    Mod Nation Racers and it's sorta sequel Little Big Planet racing are worth a shot.

    Gran Turismo 5 and 6 simply due to the amount of content, hell even HD prolog (the demo for 5) is worth grabbing as I remember it has a few tracks that skip 5 and popped up in 6.

    The Jake & Daxter HD collection is probably the best way to play the original trilogy as none of the glitches from the PS4 re-release are in them.

    Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection, it's MGS 1- Peace Walker in one package, along with the MSX Metal Gear games as a bonus thru 3.

  • Everyone has already said R&C, so, 3D Dot Game Heroes. Probably my favorite PS3 game.

  • Dark Void is one I just remembered, although pretty sure it runs like shit on everything except PC, still Uncharted with jetpacks is worth a shot.

  • So picked up a Super Slim at s garage sale for $40, then had a local game shop deep clean it for another $40. Gotta say I love how quiet it is to my OG Slim PS3, that said I have learned a few interesting things.

    1. You need to turn off two factor authentication to login into your account.
    2. After activating the system the store refuses to show my previously purchased games, I can still find them via the download list but games I know I purchased are just showing the store price instead.
    3. Not every game is listed, I don't mean delisted stuff like Marvel vs Capcom 2 , but like if you filter out only the PS1 classics only 97 show up, to find the rest you need to do a manual search for them. For instance FF7-9 won't show unless you search for "Final Fantasy "

    List of every PS1 classic
    That said once I pop a new hard drive in this I think I'll have a new favorite way to play PS3 games, also (could be wrong) Super Slim is the only one that gets any sort of real benefit from a SSD.

  • @dmcmaster From that list I would loooove to play/replay:

    • Alundra
    • Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain
    • Chrono Cross
    • Suikoden 1 & 2

  • There are a lot of physical games I'd recommend, but some have been ported over to PS4 or are playable on other systems, for example things like Resonance of Fate and Catherine can be played in 4K now in remakes or remasters, and others are just available on PC.

    • Castlevania Lords of Shadow 1 and 2 are both underrated. Not masterpieces, but super fun in the October season.

    • Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD is currently the only way to play Ico in HD

    • Max Payne 3 is still a blast to play

    • Rayman Origins on PS3 is to my knowledge the best way to play that game, and I loved it enough to 100% it. I liked it way more than Legends.

    • Tales of Xillia 1 and 2 are only available on PS3 to my knowledge. Not the best in the series but they're still that RPG comfort food you want from the series in the best way

    • Jak and Daxter HD Collection and Ratchet and Clank HD Collection is the best way to play those games. The PS4 digital copies are emulation and run poorly unless you play on PS5.

    • Those Ratchet and Clank games they haven't ported over for some reason

    • Catherine. I mentioned its available in HD above, I still think there's something to the way the story plays out in its unaltered form. I love this game.

    • Puppeteer is one I never got into, but it's still really neat

    • Modnation Racers is another I was less into but is still fun with friends

    • Those Resistance games

    • Twisted Metal isn't the best in the franchise, but is still fun once you get used to the bad control scheme

    • Starhawk was one my brother always said he liked

    • Afrika if you can find it. I've never seen it in any store.

    • White Knight Chronicles

    • Singularity is sort of like Bioshock but not overly preachy and pretentious

    • Playstation All Stars Battle Royale isn't great but is fun if you're in the mood

    I also don't know if we're talking digital only, but damn, please pick up Hard Corps Uprising if you haven't played it. It's only available on that generation's digital store, is one of the best Contra games we've gotten in years, and is doomed to disappear when that storefront eventually vanishes with it.

  • On White Knight Chronicles, you only need the second game as it has WKC1 baked into it

  • Found way around 2 factor authentication on ps3

  • Riddick is good