Bloodworth Sorcery

  • I don't know about you guys but I think Daniel Bloodworth would make an excellent fantastical character like a wizard or a mage. Does anyone have any ideas of what sort of character would best suit Blood?

  • I want to see Blood play someone like Sully from Uncharted. He'll be cracking Blood jokes while drinking his favorite wine, and he'll also be a very wise and experienced figure that pretty much holds everyone together from behind the scenes

    If we're strictly talking about fantastical stuff, then I can see Blood being the sort of legendary hermit mage that people keep talking about but never actually see in person. Turns out he's just chilling at some remote island, only teleporting to nearby cities with a disguise when he need to buy some food and other stuff. Also, he has his own zoo on the island, filled with rare creatures that he met when he did his years-long pilgrimage around the world.

  • Blood is an Elven Warlock (Celestial or Fey Pact)