Why You Haven't Completed Your Games

  • There are some games that we leave hanging, maybe we get bored and struggle to stomach the enthusiasm to continue onwards, or other games come out that demand our attention. What games do you want to finish but for some reason something stops you from doing so? I've been playing Control lately and I get the sense I may not complete it, not because I don't enjoy it but I must admit the concrete monochromatic environments and the wooden characters aren't engaging reasons to continue. Ghost of Tsushima I really would like to get done but I suppose it's not the most immediately accessible game. I think ultimately I really am craving the shorter experiences because I know they can be done quickly and won't fatigue me along the way to completion.

  • My main reason lately is my obsession about seeing everything like I can't balance the playing/reading in game for the extra materials so game doesn't feel fluid because of it sometimes. Doom is what comes to my mind.

    I just couldn't leave reading aside for example about descriptions, info, lore etc.

    Another reason is also too long games. Games longer than 30+ hours shouldn't exist. Just do what you want to do in those 30+ hours and leave the rest for sequel, DLC, expansion w/e.

  • cause i haven't felt like it yet.

  • Technical Bullshit

    For example, I really liked Deus Ex Mankind Divided, but it was so frustrating to play on PS4 Pro with constant menu and map loading.

    Or Cyberpunk 2077 being a broken unfinished mess.

    Good but not Great

    For example, Ratchet & Clank 2016 was a solid game but I just didn't love it enough to keep going.

    Really good but tiring

    2020 has had me working from home where I have time to post on these forums, have more time for grocery shopping and making dinner due to no commute, and more time for gaming after work. That's been quite nice. But most of the time, I finish work and am quite tired so I want to play something that requires less concentration like a multiplayer shooter.

    There have been a good handful of games that I really liked but couldn't bring myself to finish because they require too much thinking, reading, or full concentration that is hard to muster up when I'm tired after work: Valkyria Chronicles, Sekiro, Frostpunk, Kingdome Come, and way more tbh.

    And some of these games I LOVED. Just need to focus too much to make headway.

  • My Friend Pedro. The last section of the game becomes Mario Kaizo platform jumping and hazard bullshit. Instead of the Deadpoolesque shooter it's supposed to be. Not worth my time and patience.

  • Most of the time it just comes down to the fact that I enjoy catching up with newer games more, I guess I like being in the zeitgeist. Sometimes it's a case of the game's genre being not necessarily in my wheelhouse, but I want to give it a shot anyways. I also have far less free time to play games these days.

    There are a few specific cases, like DQXI. I bought the OG PS4 version which doesn't have many of the cool features that the definitive edition has, like the orchestral music, and it kinda makes me less excited to play it, even though the game's great. There's also cases like SW Jedi Fallen Order, which doesn't run too well on my base PS4, so I'm waiting for when I get a PS5 to continue playing it.

  • @brawlman

    That one was dissapointing all around. Trailers sold it as a much more enjoyable game while in reality it was boring and average game.

  • Mostly work/school schedule. Hard to find or even want to play some games when your up at 3am, do some class work till 5, get ready for work, work from 630am-630pm using my lunch breaks to do more school stuff, get home about 730pm or later depending on traffic or if I need to grab something for dinner. Do school work for another hour or two (at least till 1030pm, then finally sleep.

    Bright side I do typically get a 3day weekend but if 2 are spent doing class work, well you get the idea.