Best And Worst Call of Duty Game

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    @el-shmiablo What's wrong with Crap-Ops?

    PS3 version was maybe 500p resolution and sub-30 to 40 fps in multiplayer. The whole game looked like shit and had screen tear galore. It was such a massive step down from MW2 on PS3 which looked fantastic and still does.

    Map design was hit or miss. Hard to deny Nuketown is a classic but the rest were dogshit. Weapons were bullshit and every game fell into the same formula.

    Single player had such insultingly bad scripted sections that you could complete some levels without even shooting your gun. I never tried this personally, but I didn't appreciate how on-the-rails things got by this point.

    Really, Black Ops is a solid 5/10 and I have no idea how it became such a massive seller. I honestly think it was riding high from MW2 and most fans are too dense to tell the difference between each studio's game.

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    I still think COD 2 remains the best so far. As for the worst? I might actually have to say the latest. I borrowed it from a friend a while back but was so bored I didn't even see it through before returning it. Otherwise it's BO4 simply for not bothering with a single player campaign.

    Absolutely 2 is best one. its also most varied one started with snowy soviet campaign to desert of africa to D-Day and hill 400 which were blast. I was young when COD2 released and was impressed.

  • My favorite campaign is the still the original. It's more my style of game. It's not the bombastic set pieces CoD 2 and onwards are. If we were going by pure spectacle Modern Warfare 3 would be my favorite.

    The next in the series CoD: Finest Hour is my least favorite. It has a great soundtrack but everything else about the game feels very "off". I don't know how to explain, it's has also been ages since I played through it.

  • I've tried but have never really gotten into Call of Duty storylines. That being said, my room mates and I played a ton of the multiplayer for Advanced Warfare back in the day and that was absolutely the best time I had with the online modes. Either that or the original Black Ops. Gun Game all the way!

    I'm excited to give WWII a try sometime soon, because I want to get in to a good COD story. FPS campaigns just don't really grab me like others though.

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    I watched my old roommate play COD WWII and I can assure you the storyline is insultingly bad. He was amused playing the game itself but the plot might be the worst part.

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    Well I was up last night wondering if I should install that or just watch Band of Brothers. I'll probably do the latter if the story for the former is that bad, haha

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    @happygaming You're honestly better off doing that.
    If you want to play CoD with a decent story, your only real option is the Modern Warfare trilogy or the reboot.

  • all of them are the best at being equally the worst

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    Ah yes BLOPS : Declassified...

    It came with my Vita as a pack-in so I think of it with a kinder disposition, but it's definitely not great.

    Graphics are quite good, but the non-shooting gameplay is a bit slippery and Veteran difficulty is just plain impossible. I've beaten CoD 2, 4MW, and MW2 all on Veteran before, but you're just at too much of a disadvantage on the Vita's native controls. (Part of me curious how it handles on a PSTV with a PS3 controller)

    The story is non-existent, and the presentation is pretty sparse outside of the gameplay.

    Like if you paid a full 40 bucks for the game on Vita, you'd have a right to be upset or to score it poorly

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    I definitely agree CoD 3 is among the worst in the series, though I think it's also among the most interesting just since its from the very early days of activision playing hot potato with developers. CoD 3 does some goofy interesting things by trying to rip off battlefield with class based multiplayer and vehicles.

    I have some fond, albeit janky memories of the game, but I wouldn't suggest it on it's own merits.

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    Well, Activision knew they had a hit with COD, but in the 1-3 days, they didn’t play it as safe so I respect the fact they let Treyarch just make whatever they felt like.

    But then after COD4, World at War felt like such a rehash extremely safe sequel and we never really got much originality or really any significantly new ideas since then.

    I really strongly disliked COD3 but I’ll admit, in hindsight, it would be nice if Activision wasn’t all about keeping COD games uniform and let a studio run wild with ideas again.

  • @dipset Quite ironic that you say "if Activision wasn't all about keeping COD games uniform", when the soldiers are wearing uniform anyway. COD is like the videogame equivalent of conformity, you play as a soldier who you don't care about, killing men for your allies who don't really care about you-it's great concoction to print money.