E3 2021 Wishlist: What unannounced and announced games you want to reveal?

  • Hello friends,

    Digital E3 is upon us and im glad we dont get summer of gaming instead we get E3 despite being digital. so what are your wishlist games you want to be announced or reveal?

    Heres mine.

    IO Interactive 007 Game - Announced some months ago as original Bond game but Im hoping it get announced with proper Trailer and gameplay. IO are perfect developer for this kind of game. can be first or Third doesnot matter as IO are master of third person Genre.

    STALKER 2 Gameplay - Here it is. we got teaser and sneek peak but still not gameplay of sequel of best FPS of all time. during microsoft conference there are 99% chance that we will see a proper gameplay as we saw in teaser they nailed the atmosphere of Chernobyl and pripyat.

    Alan Wake 2 - Its being Heavily rumored to be announced soon funded by Epic. Alan wake was best third person horror game and far better than likes of RE4. so cant wait for its proper reveal.
    Arkane Austin next immersive sim - Another rumored surrounding that Prey team at Arkane making another immersive sim. if its true and its full of win.

    Metal Gear Solid (remake) - Another heavily rumored game could be announced at E3. Im hoping for PC version please and its only game forced me to buy a PS5. a console since decades.

    4A games new ip or next Metro - As we know 4A games working on both new Ip and another Metro game. maybe new ip first but whatever these guys working on is must excited game. they are Excellent developers who never made bad game before.

    Id Software next game - They are done with Doom, maybe Quake 1 reboot (not 2 crap) just reboot a real Quake game that was original and full of win or better yet new ip.

    A real Half life - theres 0.0001% chance but still.

    Shenmue 4 (if not crowdfunding but Sega publish it)- Shenmue 4 need to happened as they cant left story incomplete again and shenmue 3 suck after long awaited sequel and show nothing progress. 1 and 2 were so great. and 4 need to be once again ambitious AAA title rather than just indy crowdfunding project.

    So my friends these are my wishlist. more to come if more new games or rumored floating.