What Would You Add?

  • What would you add to a game to make it better than it currently is? I'm not sure how y'all feel but I think that a first-person mode in RE2 Remake might be amazing.

  • Just add Yoshi to any Mario game and it's instantly a better game.

    Super Marios bros sucked so what did they add in Super Mario World? that's right Yoshi
    Mario 64 was meh, so Yoshi was added to sunshine to make 3D Mario better.
    they even went and re-did Super Mario Galaxy and added Yoshi to Mario Galaxy 2 because the first game clearly needed a Green Dinosaur to make it good.

    Just add Yoshi to any Mario game Miyamoto's thinking of making and Nintendo will have an instant classic.

  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2: I would add 3 + 4.

  • God of War(2018)

    More boss fights



    Batman: Arkham Knight

    Boss fights like Arkham Origins

  • @shoulderguy
    Fuck it just make it an official version of THUGPro.

  • Banned

    Slow motion.
    A game will instantly become 10x better with the addition of slow motion. TLOU2 is already an incredible game, but when I found out you could use slow motion it instantly became a GotY contender.

  • I don't have any realistic ideas, so here goes nothing.

    I kinda want to see a first person mode in Insomniac's Spider-Man games. One of the few actual good things about The Amazing Spider-Man movie is the short first person swinging scenes, and I want to see more of that.

    Any Battlefield game, especially the newer ones, would benefit from a replay system that somehow automatically makes a short film-length highlight of a round. I feel like the best matches from Battlefield would be a gold mine of epic war films. Maybe it could be possible one day with AIs.

    I would add that cool electric gun from The Order 1886 to Bloodborne. Just create a extra separate game mode that turns it into a shooter. I just want a GREAT gothic-themed modern third person shooter, damn it!

  • Ori sequel

    I wouldn't necessarily add anything to Ori 2 but I think in the future, if the game is going to introduce new tools, then the game should get a bit more sandboxy where you can experiment with the new tools and abilities like MGS V or Zelda BotW.

    Basically, the tools don't just help you where the game wants you to use them, but can I use my imagination to run wild with it. I know Ori isn't that kind of game, but the devs make such useful abilities / tools that I'd love to see just more freedom in the game design. I think it'd be fun and they'll do it well.

    Resident Evil Village / sequel

    Mentioned in the other thread, but just let me explore anywhere. Basically, look to Firelink Shrine for inspiration. Rather than add things, I would suggest just removing some of the lock n key sections. Obviously there needs to be a motivation to find x-object to progress into y-area, but perhaps we can explore the Village and find the areas on our own only to realize we are underpowered or unready.

    BUT, if you do know a good strategy to survive in a later game area then the rewards will benefit you greatly as you progress through the game.