Are Spoilers Your Weakness?

  • I am weak when it comes to spoilers. Take Persona 5 for example, I've watched every analysis of every trailer. I stayed up late to watch every Japanese stream, every episode of Persona stalker club. I've read every issue of famitsu looking for news. I probably won't sleep during TGS this year. I know just about everything there is to know at this point about this game because knowing only 90% would have bothered me.

    But I don't really want to change. To me hunting for leaks and new info is half of the hype. Going in and searching for things you already know is just part of the fun.

    What's your policy on spoilers?

  • It depends on the type of game/media. If story is a huge component, I want to hear nothing. I tried to stay completely in the dark about anything relating to Zero Time Dilemma before that came out. However, I'm fine with some things like the Pokemon info being pumped out. I tend not to shy away from basic gameplay stuff being revealed.

  • Spoilers don't usually bug me all that much. I prefer to go into things blind when I can, but it's cool if that doesn't work out.

  • It depends.. sometimes I really try to avoid spoilers and other times I don't mind much. I actively avoided Uncharted 4 stuff before it came out because I wanted to be surprised for example.. but I knew much of the plot of the new Star Wars movie before I saw it and it didn't hinder my enjoyment at all. In fact I had a lot fun trying to piece together the rumors/etc.

  • I don't look for spoilers, however, I know that at some points I'll come across them. For instance, there are a set of Game of Thrones spoilers I had seen years ago. This summer, my wife and I are taking the time to watch all of it before she has to go back to teaching in the fall and I KNOW what is going to happen to some characters.

    Despite that, the biggest spoilers in a story like GoT, or other movies and games, have more to do with the GROWTH of the characters and HOW they end up where they do, not what ends up happening to them. It's the revelation of the ups and downs of relationships, and the reactions from the people within the story that drive my enjoyment.

    If a story hinges PURELY on a spoiler to be enjoyable? It's not a good story and probably isn't worth the time. It's the journey, not the destination.

  • Depends. I've sworn myself off of Game of Thrones episode previews, first levels un-embargoed for youtube let's players a week prior to a game's release, and all launch trailers (which greatly enhanced the experience of Uncharted and Abzu).

    I understand the power of spoilers, because the hands-down best experience I've had with gaming was the 48 hours after I bought The Last of Us, having seen high review scores and nothing else from that game. If I hadn't had that experience, I'm not sure I would have gotten back into gaming with the PS3 & 4 after I petered out along with the Wii (still waiting on that front).

    But, at the same rate I've absolutely scoured Zelda and Monster Hunter prerelease marketing
    (I've watched so many hours of Breath of the Wild let's plays, you have no idea. And that's good. I know more about that game than you—ha!). And even when I go into a work blind, I can often guess where the story's going: Stuff like plot points in TV and character beats on Game of Thrones. So it's weird: I dislike spoilers, but I love marketing material.

  • I usually go on full media blackout for any game that I already know I will buy, for which I don't need more convincing. Right now, I'm on media blackout for Deus Ex, Pokemon and Zelda, and before that it was Uncharted 4, MGS V, Batman: Arkham Knight, etc. It doesn't even have to be purely story-related, although that's the most important point. I'm still in the middle of Uncharted 4, and every new location I reach amazes me twice as much because I never saw it in a trailer or in screenshots before.

    Same for movies and TV shows. I did get spoiled for Game of Thrones and it did take away some very surprising moments from me, and I'm still bitter about it. I do agree with @Sazime that the show remains enjoyable to watch because it's just so damn well written and acted, but it could have been even more impactful had I not known about certain deaths beforehand.

    So yup, I avoid spoilers like the plague!

  • @Axel Yeah, impact can be important. I know that from the first 5 minutes of Doom. I only heard how great it was, so I picked it up and continually giggled with glee as certain moments in the game revealed themselves.

  • I can get very cranky about spoilers, but there's a couple of properties where I just can't help myself. GoT is one of them. I used to be really worried about spoiling myself, but the last couple of years the 10 month wait has just been too much for me and at some point I just started to gulp up every set photo, every casting news etc.
    Weird thing happened with The Walking Dead. I used to get really stressed out about spoilers there too but I just stopped caring about the show to the point where I don't give a shit anymore. Also I'm a year behind and it's basically impossible not to read about some of the big twists.

  • I've never really understood the obsession with spoilers, not to disparage anyone here. It seems easy to avoid them and most of the time if I'm listening to a discussion about something I'd prefer it be open and frank rather than tiptoeing around vital information.

    I know the endings to the large part of the western literary canon. It doesn't stop me from reading and enjoying Anna Karenina or The Man Without Qualities. Good stuff holds up.

  • @flower_arrangement said in Are Spoilers Your Weakness?:

    It seems easy to avoid them and most of the time

    Depends for what. For games or even movies, it's usually ok, but for popular tv shows like Game of Thrones, it's pretty much impossible unless you don't use facebook or anything like that.

    I just like to be surprised, and for example in Uncharted 4... I don't know how to do spoiler tags haha, so never mind.

  • @Axel

    Ha ha nice. I don't use social media basically at all so I probably have a skewed idea of things.

  • @Axel said in Are Spoilers Your Weakness?:

    I usually go on full media blackout for any game that I already know I will buy, for which I don't need more convincing.

    That really sums up my view in a very succinct way. So naturally, I will destroy the beauty of simplicity and elaborate. If I already want something, I want it - I don't need to form a list of reasons why it will make my life better. A game is a like a gift given to you by a friend; I would really feel like that gift is way less special if my friend told me literally everything there is to know about it, then handed me a box covered in wrapping paper. Even Nintendo does a strange thing when you purchase a game on their E-shop, it comes in wrapping paper before you open it.

    Overall though, it just comes down to what kind of person you are. I love surprises and they bring genuine joy so I wouldn't rid myself of that pleasure. But if you're the type that enjoys hunting down every little bit of information about a game before it's out, enjoy the hell out of that too! Just don't spoil it for the rest of us.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I don't think spoilers are as much a binary as you've framed them as.

    I could give a damn what I see of Sonic, but with Zelda, The Last of Us, Elder Scrolls: I want to see of those games and, at the same time, don't want to be spoiled on them precisely because I care so much. It's a tough balance.

    It's gonna get really hard next year, because after the next trailer or so I'm gonna want to go media blackout on Zelda. But the marketing on that game's gonna be insane, so I wouldn't be surprised if they showed all of the cutscenes like Metal Gear did.