Tips For Playing Hard Games

  • What advice do you have for people who are playing the toughest games out there right now? Games such as the Souls games, Bloodborne, Sekiro, Nioh, Hades and Returnal are all demanding and can get fiendishly difficult-so what do you think is the best way to ensure that frustration is as minimal as possible when playing these games?

  • Accept that you are going to die a lot and play the same parts over and over again.

  • I think the meta-answer is you need a subconscious motivation. When your dopamine is high, you'll throw yourself at any ridiculous gaming challenge and have fun doing it. My theory is that often you are only going to be dimly aware of the source of that motivation, which stems from some kind of socio-cultural context of why you are playing this game or why beating this game would be an impressive accomplishment. This does suggest someone could try "reminding" their subconscious by spending more time in certain communities where those games are relevant, or where such accomplishments are discussed explicitly.

  • @scotty
    This, for the longest time Agni & Rudra were the bain of my existence in OG DMC3 (where normal was hard, and hard was go fuck yourself)
    Think I spent just a day grinding out all the sword moves, sword style and buying all the blue orbs from the item shop.

  • @chocobop
    Or be broke with the mindset of "I'm getting my fucking money's worth "

  • For hard games I'll look for puzzle solutions and boss strategy videos on YouTube.

    It's always a last resort but for games on PC I'll use Cheat Engine. I last used it for Death Stranding and I used Cheat Engine for some of the bosses in Sekiro.

    • Read what the Game is telling you, and Screenshot Tutorials if needed. Tutorial Windows aren't Novels.
    • Always do an in-depth Button Check, maybe multiple if Gameplay changes radically at points.
    • Make sure your Controller is Working as intended during this part. Replace if it isn't. Do not Settle for less.
    • Look for subtle cues the Developer has included to lead you. Challenge and Explore but Remember these.
    • Maintain Spatial Awareness so nothing Surprises you. Avoid Tunnel Visioning. Seek favorable Arenas.
    • Identify the Priority Threats. Deal With them Quickly First or Avoid them entirely if possible.
    • Manage Resources mindfully. Taking a Death while you Learn can be better than clearing out your Resources to Live.
    • Track your Consumables. Consider best time to Use them. Try not to Forget about them when they're Needed.
    • Keep mental notes of What Works Better as you Experiment, but don't give up Experimenting entirely either.
    • Challenge Choke Points repeatedly in a Short Time to slide into a Groove, but know when to take a Break. Don't Rush.
    • Assess whether Optional Segments are Worth the Risk of Mining for Rewards, even if they're really Good.
    • Mind Order of Operations for everything. Doing things in Different Order can make a World of Difference in results.
    • Avoid Giving Up Prematurely. Wait for Loading Screen or Respawn before Setting the Controller Down.

    There's probably more, but I'm actually tired of typing out super basic logic shit I constantly see people struggle with.
    Some people legit need a Video Game Boot Camp or something, because they never picked up basic habits on their own.

  • Take a break if you get frustrated.

  • Taking a break is important. Sometimes a night of good sleep does wonders.

    Try to understand what the developer wants from you in that specific situation. Seek vulnerabilities.

    I don't like to look for solutions online but I like trading ideas with friends, or someone familiar with the game, without spoiling content or exploits. Sometimes just the person telling me they just beat X boss or they're struggling against it gives me enough motivation to overcome it.

    When I'm stuck without a clue of what to do next that's usually the only time I look for stuff online, because I get insecure that it might be caused by a progression bug and unfortunately that's something that happens to me fairly often. My gf jokes that I'm so chaotic in my approach to some games that I break the booleans.

  • I think most hard games are built upon fundamental game knowledge. These unspoken video game-isms like:

    • shoot the glowing red thingy
    • take out the grunts first
    • go the opposite direction or into a branching path from where the game wants you to go and you might be rewarded with loot

    All of these things are instinct to most long time gamers but I’m not convinced someone new can just play Returnal. Hell, I’ve never even played a Rogue game before so even I’m hesitant.

    I think for new gamers they should start small and work their way up until they gain a bank of terminology and general instincts.

  • Remember that your raw skill and such is only one of many factors affecting your experience. Sometimes it can feel like the game is just randomly messing with you, maybe it is or it isn't, that's not really the point. To me, it's like talking to someone who's tired/mad at you. Think of it as the game being tired (maybe just like how you're currently feeling), so just take a break for a bit and comeback later when things feel less heated. Maybe things will just click more then (and it often does for me).

    I usually have a short detox "ritual" right after something bad happens in games, where I just shake my head while blabbering humoric nonsense. Maybe that's worth a shot too.

  • @dipset The funny thing is I think killing the grunts in Returnal first will actually get you killed more often than not. You want to take out the things with more mobility that deal tons of damage before they can make your life hell. Only exception is those suicidal flying dudes who will launch themselves at you and explode. Returnal most definitely is a rough one to toss someone into the deep end with. Hades and Dark Souls I think wouldn't be as bad though.