Why Is Returnal So Good?

  • Why is Returnal such a big deal? I've seen what it's about and I'm wondering why it's considered by some as the best PS5 exclusive even when there's no save function available? I guess the real question is is it worth getting Returnal?

  • Very enjoyable gameplay loop with a very intriguing story that makes you want to keep going. The guns get pretty interesting, and the setting has great vibes, especially if you love things like Metroid or the Alien movies. Some of the bosses are pretty sick too. Yes, it is worth every penny.

    They should still add Save & Quit though.

  • @mbun So how does it work without saving then-do you have to play it through in one-sitting or keep the PS5 is Rest Mode so you can continue where you left off? What if you want to play another game on PS5-is Returnal an attention hog?

  • I think you have to beat the level before quitting the game.

    I mentioned in another thread that my PS5 rest mode is basically broken so a game without that option is an outright no-go for me. Still want to try Returnal but I'm going to wait for a price drop and hopefully a firmware that fixes this bullshit. Save & Quit update would also be nice.

  • @jdincinerator You basically lose your run when you have to stop as it is now. You can risk Rest Mode, but it is known to bork consoles at worst, and even beyond that the game can update while in Rest Mode and make you lose your run anyways. The runs can also be hours long, so it is quite the problem. The game also has some other technical problems you should know about. Check the other Returnal topic on these forums for more information.

  • Not having save&quit is dumb.