What Have Games Taught You?

  • Games teach us a lot of things but what have they taught you? Knack taught me that ice is nice for example and that Knack knows more than three punches and a kick-he can also jump too. In all seriousness games have taught me that variety is the spice of life. When I was growing up in the early 00s I only played a few sorts of games that catered to what I enjoy-mainly GTA and WWE games along with Pokemon and a few classics like GoldenEye and TimeSplitters. In 2008 I decided to put my comfort zone aside and play a game from a franchise I couldn't get into before-which was God of War: Chains of Olympus on the PSP-from there I decided I'll play just about any kind of game no matter whether I suck it or not, including genres I don't like or am not very good at. Videogames made me appreciate what it is to just take in everything you can regardless of whether you enjoy it or not. Yes I've played and completed games like The Quiet Man and Past Cure, I've dabbled in Ride To Hell: Retribution-those games suck ass-but I don't regret a second because they are experiences and they make me appreciate what good games are even more.

  • The GTA games showed me that living in America sucks, lol.

  • English.

  • The biggest one is probably Assassin's Creed series - geography, history, architecture & culture.

  • The big one would be to think outside the box. Along with that, following the path of logic until you reach a solution or conclusion.

    I think those two sort of opened my mind to both linear and abstract trains of thought. To this day, I know individuals who can't see answers right in front of them in everyday life because they struggle to look inside of the perimeters presented to them.


    I've also followed the industry on the whole quite actively since around 2006 so I'm quite award of technology, hurdles, production processes and other greater industry related things that intertwine between art, business, science, and the games itself. Quite honestly, I think I'll always be interested in gaming so I'll always be learning about new processes and technologies as the industry advances. It's a great tool for learning about all sorts of things tbh. I never would've taken interest in computers or electronics if it wasn't for gaming giving me a push.

  • all that is not saved shall be lost forever.

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    My buddy didn't learn English from gaming, but he was little when Pokemon released and he got tired of his mom reading everything to him so it turned into a reading exercise until he could finally read on his own. He was late to reading but video games gave him that push.

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    The biggest one is probably Assassin's Creed series - geography, history, architecture & culture.

    Kingdom Come Deliverance has so much dry information about the medieval times in the index/codec and I learned sooooo much about Bohemia and overall medieval times from that game.

    Likewise, never would've looked anything up about Marco Polo or the Inca's if it wasn't for Uncharted.

  • I learned Roman numerals thanks to all the Final Fantasy I played as a kid

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    Story about reading was really cute. Best luck to him with life. ✌️