GOTY 2021 So Far?

  • What is your Game of the Year so far now we're almost at the half-way point? Personally I feel like I haven't delved into a great deal of games this year to give one solid pick but I think New Pokemon Snap is probably the closest right now.

  • It's Olija for me rn, followed by MH Rise, although I barely got to play it sadly.

    Edit: lol I forgot about Hitman 3. That's my real number 2 pick.

  • As much as I had and am still having a great time with New Snap, I've got to give it to Returnal. Fell into an obsession with that I rarely find myself succumbing to. Even though I'm not a fan of the payoffs at the end, the gripping journey there itself and all the gameplay elements gelling together perfectly (well aside from no Save & Quit + other technical issues) on top of how pleasant looking the game is with usage of lighting levels and enemy attacks that sometimes feel like watching fireworks go off, well I just found myself surprised how great it was overall. In retrospect, I shouldn't have been, because those devs have made a bunch of great games before. I could see it changing by the end of the year, but that's definitely the one still occupying my mind right now.

  • I've only played a handful of indie games on Gamepass, Outriders & RE8. Most big games are still to come so RE8 would be mine so far although I haven't played Hitman 3 yet.

  • Seeing this makes me realize that really nothing has blown me away this year. I even got a PS5 early in 2021 but no game has blown me away on it like God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn with faster loading times.
    I hope the second half of the year it better.

  • Clearly there are a lot of great games already in 2021, and definitely a little something for everyone. The only new release games I’ve played are It Takes Two and Resident Evil Village so I’d have to give the nod to ITT just for having some really fun levels and a lot outside the box thinking.

    Even as somebody who has played video games my whole life and immediately knows what the game wants or is leading me to do, I found my girlfriend struggling with tasks that I could do with my eyes closed but that team work and barrier for BOTH of us to overcome made for a really unique experience that no other game offers.

    It’s funny how much we take for granted our superior gaming skills when you play a game like this with a non-gamer and just simple platforming can be a fun and exciting challenge.

  • Banned

    Can't say I've played a single game released this year, and probably won't until later in the year/next year.

  • My top pick for game of the year so far is Resident Evil Village. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.