What kind of things you have on a bucket list

  • While I don't actually have a written bucket list. Once I get a nice paying job and accumulate enough time on the job and saved up money. I want to go on a trip to Europe for up to two weeks. Probably will only get approved for one week though if I'm still working.

    I'm big on history, so I would like to visit lots of museums and historic sites. Its gonna take multiple trips for me to soak in such a large continent. So I'll probably visit 2-3 countries tops each trip to visit the many places I'll like to go and not get burned out. Such as the Tank museum in the UK. Anything related to the Romans. Auschwitz, Chernobyl, and much more.

  • I'm a big history fan too. Its tough to plan a trip when there's so much stuff to see. I got to cross a big one off my list a few months ago going to Normandy.. I'd still like to go back because I only saw a little bit of it.

    Right now one of my main travel items is to go to New Zealand and see the Lord of the Rings stuff, visit Weta, climb Mt. Doom, etc. I'd also like to visit some of the pacific islands that were battle sites in WWII and do a France WWI site vacation. I'm also trying to get my great grandfather's war records, it'd be cool to retrace his steps. But I'd really just like to see as much of the world as I can

  • This is a really neat thread idea! Here are some things I hope to achieve before I die. This is not in any particular order, in any fashion:

    Attend E3, PSX, any of the PAX's, and San Diego Comic-Con.
    Have a Philly Cheese Steak from Geno's in Philadelphia and dine at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles.
    Visit Seattle, Washington and San Francisco, California.
    Be able to contribute a lot of money to charity.
    Own my very own pool table.
    Go on a lengthy road trip with my friends (destination not important).

  • Travel destinations are also up there on my bucket list, mostly in Asia, and since I just moved there I'm slowly working my way through the list!

    Apart from that, I'd love to actually live in Japan for something like 6 months to a year, ideally on a sabbatical so I can spend my entire time exploring everything and soaking in the culture.

    And my ultimate dream is to one day work in any capacity on a Metroid game, or any Nintendo game, but that one's proving to be quite a challenge!

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    Mine are the normal stuff like go see the world.I would also love to drive the track they nick name "the green hell" in Germany. I would also love to see the world from outer space. I would love to somehow get a chance to drive all my dream cars.

  • I also really like history. Lucky for me, I am European ;) so I have many historical sites very close to me. For you, I recommend Spain, Especially Toledo. I've been there on vacations and let me tell you, It's a historian paradise.

    Me? I would love to go to Olympics and watch all events live and hanging out with the athletes.

  • @Faaip Yes New Zealand is also one place I'll love to visit. After seeing that the LOTR & Hobbit teams, didn't use green screen to film the surroundings of each scene.

  • @-Jak- I hear its amazing there. I'd like to try to hike from the Hobbiton film set to the Mt. Doom volcano. I think its about 100km

  • I'd like to see Gorillaz or a Kpop group that I stan in concert and go to E3.