Horizon Forbidden West (PS5/PS4)

  • Aloy's back and everything is gorgeous! No release date yet, though.

    Horizon Forbidden West - State of Play Gameplay Reveal | PS5
    Youtube Video

  • Just watched the State of Play, and boy this game look gooooood. My expectations for the game was lowered a bit because of the fact that it's going to be crossgen (although I'm glad that they did that anyway), but the game looked quite mindblowing visually.

    The close quarters combat with the spear actually looks way better than in the first game. The animations look fantastic, there seems to be more variety of moves/attacks, and it also helps that the transition to using the bow feels quite smooth. The human enemies also seem to be much more interesting here. I'm glad they're doubling down on the combat since it's the biggest strength of the first game.

    I'm glad they added more traversal options, and I'm really excited for the underwater exploration because it just looks so pretty. While the climbing system is still limited to specific objects, I like that you have to use your scanner to see where they are, instead of having it marked by some very obvious color all the time. Hopefully the placements of the climbable objects in the open world is good, Ghost of Tsushima did it quite well so I can't see why Guerilla wouldn't learn from that.

    The only thing I'm worried about is that the cutscenes and story stuff feels a bit too stilted and awkward at times. It was a problem in the first game as well. Also, I REALLY hope that the side quests are actually good this time, I don't think HZD had a single good side quest.

    I wasn't too hyped for the game previously, but now I'm definitely looking forward for this. Not gonna touch it on my PS4 though, I want to wait until I get a PS5 for this.

  • Definitely more indicative of gameplay than actual gameplay but no doubt they are addressing some of the criticisms of the first one and having had the bad luck of releasing along BotW they have clearly shown that they've learned from it.

    Not a big fan of the first one but I'm optimistic they'll improve upon it. Even visually looks less messy.

  • Something is wrong with Aloy’s facial animation. It’s especially noticeable during first cutscene: the guy’s face look and emote exactly as you’d expect, while Aloy’s expressions feel strange – almost like she doesn’t have full control of her mimic and different parts of her face express the same emotion with different intensity.

    Early build of course, there’s plenty of time to fix her facial rig. Hopefully, it will be fixed.

  • @ffff0

    The facial animation during in-game dialogue was really creepy to me in HZD. Teeters into uncanny valley with porcelain skin and stiff faces.

    To me, this is a massive improvement over HZD but I still kinda see the slight uncanniness where it's like only the centre of the face animates and the other parts of the head are stiff. Idk, it's still way better than it was before and I don't find it weird or creepy anymore.

    My partner couldn't even watch me play HZD cause she thought the faces were so weird. Especially Kid Aloy.

  • @dipset I'm comparing it to Death Stranding (the most recent title on Decima engine) and faces in Kojima's game are much better.

  • @ffff0 Considering the focus of both DS and Horizon, I feel like it's quite understandable seeing the higher quality faces and animations in DS, but I guess you could say that Guerilla would learn easily from Kojima's work since they're on the same engine. I don't mind it too much, but it would help me take Horizon's story more seriously, so I hope they could improve it leading up to launch.

  • @dipset Facial animations in HZD for most conversations between characters were handled algorithmically. They actually made a point to self animate conversations in the Frozen Wilds expansion since one of the criticisms about the main game was the janky facial animations.

  • I just watched the Digital Foundry video on the reveal and one thing they noted is that the reason why Alot might look off compared to other things in the game is that she had a sort of "hero light" cast on her at all times, which helps differentiate her from the environment, so she doesn't get lost in the noise of invredibly detailed graphics and intense action.

  • @el-shmiablo

    I kinda wish they’d turn down the overall visual noise in Horizon though. Detail is great but sometimes it can be too much and makes the overall composition hard to see.

    I come from 2D animated world where sometimes BGs have way too much detail and jokes get lost in all the noise when a prop is the same colour as the background or something, so it’s literally my job to pay attention to this stuff, but it’s kinda tainted me in a way.

    RE Village does a good job of having good composition everywhere you look but it isn’t open world either.

    Either way H:FW already looks like a massive improvement and I much prefer the colour and detail in the sequel to the original. Similar but different.

  • Game looks incredible in terms of graphics and I am not expecting less from Sony's timed(!) exclusives. All those colors and details are gorgeous! Gameplay has good additions comparing to first game which is nice but melee looks weak still. :/ Story is the crucial part, it should be interesting enough. Aloy is not a very good protagonist but it's too late for that I guess. They didn't give release date but I think it will come out before year ends.

    Still didn't finish the first one but will do this summer hopefully.

    Edit: Another thing is, enemies' response to arrows is not satisfying. I'll probably have a problem with ''feeling the kill''.

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