Super Bomberman R Online (PS4/PS5/XBO/XSX/Switch/Steam/Stadia)

  • 💣 Not to be confused with Super Bomberman R 💣 Fun game 💣 Terrible name 💣 Total Wii U situation 💣

    Blast it out in a 64-player Battle Royale! Players will automatically be placed in one of many areas at the start of each match, and must Battle it out against other Players in the same Area. Areas will begin to close down as the clock ticks and players must pass through the Gates to the other remaining Areas before the Timer runs out! Those who make it to the last remaining Area must Battle it out to become the last Bomber standing, the coveted Bomber One!!

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    This is a Free-to-Play game with Microtransactions I will detail now. There's a $10 Premium Pack that gets you 14 Crossover laden characters with Special Abilities including Naked Snake Bomber, Simon Belmont Bomber, Pyramid Head Bomber, and even deep cuts like Princess Tomato Bomber, among others. This also unlocks the ability to HOST Private Lobbies for matches. Joining Private Lobbies on the other hand is Free for Everyone. Beyond the Premium Pack, this game also has Battle Passes. There's a Free Starter Pass everyone gets access to, that I don't think expires. There's also Seasonal Battle Passes. For these, there's a Free Version everyone gets access to during the 3 Month Season, but then there's also a Gold Version of it that costs an additional $8 of Premium Currency. Among the Rewards on this Gold Version is just enough Premium Currency to buy the next Season's Gold Battle Pass without spending additional money if you advance far enough on it and don't spend the Premium Currency elsewhere.

    There's additional Microtransaction Offerings in the In-Game Shop, like New Characters such as Old Snake Bomber. Right now there's a Cross Promotion with Fall Guys, so you can redeem Bean Bomber for Free. Besides New Characters as they're rolled out, there's lots of Cosmetics you can Buy as well. Stuff such as Costumes, BGM, Taunt Animations, Battle Intros, Victory Scenes, dumb Chat options, and probably the most meaningful after the Characters is Custom Bombs, which will display Custom Explosion Animations when going off during the Battles. This Premium Content available in the Shop is different from the Content available through the Battle Passes, but you can earn alternate Content of all the same Categories through the Battle Passes, potentially for Free.

    So far, the Battles themselves have been relatively Lag Free surprisingly, even on Switch. Loading into Battles does take a couple Minutes, a common criticism the Devs have claimed they're working to address. This might be due to every version, except Stadia which works differently, having full Crossplay. There's Ranking Ladders to climb if that's your thing and you enjoy High Skill Ceilings. You have a decent pool of Starter Characters made up of the Bomber Brothers & Sisters, who don't have Special Abilities but do have different Spreads for how they Start and Grow during Battle, along with 2 Special Ability having Characters from the Premium Pack temporary available to everyone as they shuffle around. So it is feasible to enjoy this game without dropping Real Cash, but I can't guarantee you won't eventually see something you want that you have to Support the game for.