The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2020!

  • The hype got to me last year and I bought 13 Sentinels. Finished it, too, it was a surprisingly long game. No right to place in my top spots, though. Wouldn't say the story is amazing or unforgettable. Just super scifi and convoluted. Multi-layered. "3.6 Röntgen... not great, not terrible."

  • @tokyoslim Fair, as I didn't see Shoulderguy's comment (we must have hit submit really close to one another). Point still stands all other aspects don't get talked about enough.

  • I didn't expect 13 Sentinels to end up so high on our list, it makes me want to check it out but it's still a looooong game, with not-that-interesting gameplay from what I've heard, so I'm not quite willing to grab it just yet.

  • Banned

    13 Sentinels looks neat and I love basically anything George Kamitani touches so I'll probably grab on a sale at some point.

  • I love the gameplay but I’m a total softie for tactical combat games, especially when they involve mechs. And that’s the story of it being number 4 for me. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

  • Loved Animal Crossing when I was little. Like 7-8 years old in 2002 or whenever. But I just couldn't get into this new one. I feel like I'm losing time with no payoff.

    13 Sentinals looks like it would be up my alley with the batshit storyline but I'm way too tired these days to go through a pseudo visual novel.

  • DOOM Eternal

    #6. DOOM Eternal - 26 points


    #1: 1 (Crepe)
    #2: 2 (VicRattler, Nimbat1003)
    #3: 1 (THECapedCaper)
    #4: 3 (Brannox, MiserablePerson, R.F. Switch)
    HM: 4 (Phbz, Shoulderguy, NeoCweeny, HappyGaming)


    Release date: March 20 [US/EU]
    Developer: id Software
    Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
    Genre: First-person shooter
    Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC


    EZA Review

  • I can name 1 person who missed the vote.

    Played the first and it got pretty repetitive pretty quickly. Was this one much different?

  • No, Doom Eternal doesn't change too much from Doom 2016 - which is great since I didn't need it to change. That's because there is nothing quite like Doom's fast paced first-person shooter gameplay. It's an exhilarating, out of control dance of damage output, quick thinking, crowd control, and ammo management game. That is relentless in the amount and type of demons it constantly throws at you. And I wouldn't want it any other way.

    Also like DOOM 2016, DOOM Eternal has a spectacular looking visual design and a soundtrack that slaps very well. Id Software is currently unmatched when it comes to making single player first-person shooters imo. DOOM Eternal ranked #5 of 45 on my list.

  • Time to play catch up!

    The Demon's Souls remake was the first time I got to play that game and I really liked it! Having already played Bloodborne and Dark Souls 1, it definitely felt like some of the bosses were a little more gimmicky before they hit their stride there, but it was still a lot of fun to go through those environments, especially when it looks as good as it does.

    I didn't end up using any votes on Astro's Playroom, but I almost did, what a great first impression for the PS5. Obviously it was a great way to show off the controller and stuff like that, but I didn't realize how much nostalgia I had for Playstation until that game, it was so cool to see how far they've come.

    I loved Marvel's Spider-Man, and Miles Morales just built off of that love. I really liked how they made Miles feel unique and distinct from Peter, as well as how it was the same city but a different enough vibe. I wish they fleshed out a couple of the relationships a little bit more, but I so appreciate how they were able to give Miles his own due without relying on Peter or his main cast.

    I've been waiting for Animal Crossing for so long and it didn't disappoint. Sure, there was an element of 'right game at the right time' given when it came out, but it also stands up on its own outside of that. They put in a lot of great QoL improvements, the villagers are as jolly as ever, and I love tuning in for events every month. Really my only gripe off the top of my head is I miss some of the vibes of the plaza in City Folk or New Leaf, but hopefully they can just give us more locations to build on our islands like Brewster soon to help with that.

    And finally, I still haven't played DOOM Eternal, but I just played 2016 for the first time and it's definitely jumped up on my to-do list, I'm eager to check it out.

    Anyways, I'm super proud of this community for putting Marvel's Avengers in the top 5.

  • Simply put, DOOM: Eternal is great and surprisingly there's a LOT more to it than I thought there would be. While the reboot was proudly about getting you into the fight immediately, its pretty linear in its level design, and letting what narrative is there be limited to codex entries made it feel like the franchise was coming back, but was setting up for more, which is what Eternal would be.

    How Eternal just expands on its predecessor in every way, going above and beyond, is staggering. Levels feeling more open with a greater emphasis on verticality and momentum (Hello meat hook) really drills into you on staying on the move. Granted, the demons themselves do a great enough job doing that on their own. I actually really like the juggle of deciding what to use with what you need between health, armor, and ammo. Although even on lesser difficulties it's still a challenge, which can make the latter few environments feels more and more like a slog, ESPECIALLY the bosses.

    But the gamey aspects are just delightful; the secrets like the cheat codes being floppy disks and the awesome records of the music you can listen to is a nice touch. Speaking of which, the Fortress of DOOM is perhaps the most unexpected but still delightful surprise. Running around a hub that's a love letter to the Slayer, DOOM, and the greater id history is, to use a Huber-ism, so cozy. A prison of demons to test your skills any time, a portal to launch you back to environments you've been to, and his room.... So. Freaking. Cool.

    And speaking of the music, it RULES. I love just rocking out while slaughtering any demon that crosses my path. While I don't fully understand the technical details about the controversy, it's a bummer there was a falling out between Mick Gordon and id. It stands out to me because of how good the score is, but whatever the reason it's a shame. Real solid stuff.

    Initially it was third on my list before switching it with a game I think has a chance to be in our top five because said game had tech issues the first time I played it, but when I got my Series X, ran flawlessly on another runback. Still being my fourth place vote, Eternal is very good.

    However, I do have some things I wish weren't in the game: By going all out on a very complicated story, it didn't feel truly necessary to not only contextualize why you're doing what you're doing (DOOM has never really been that way), but there are a LOT of cutscenes. Which is very surprising as the reboot had like, four or five in the whole game. Here, it feels like there's at least two or three PER MISSION. A lot of the lore and background is still in Codex pages and in the descriptions of everything from weapons to demons, but still, it's a bit of world building.

    &$#^. The. Maruder. I HATE those guys. Now, I like how there is an optimal weapon or strategy for most of the demons, but these guys are the WORST. Between them and taking on Tyrants or Barons of Hell, give me the big boys. Also, the Archvile can suck it too. Aaaahhhhhh they make everything so much more complicated.

    Something else that Eternal could've done without is Battlemode. I like the idea, but it's fundamental design is kind of broken if you're the Slayer and going up against a coordinated duo of demons, as the Demons could easily outwit one player. The one time I tried it, I was lucky in going up against a couple of Marauders that didn't appear to know each other. The map had a teleporter DIRECTLY behind the spawn points, and in a game that is best of SEVEN rounds, I would spawn, turn around, go through the teleporter, and unload and not ONCE did the other two players realize where I came from every time. Not a good map and by focusing all my attention on one person who was desperately running away, it was clear I wasn't going to take enough damage from one person while the other was doing his best to escape. Battlemode needs players who LOVE it for it to both thrive and be interesting, otherwise, it doesn't provide the variety the campaign offers with the various combinations of demons.

    While not really a part of the initial package, I do want to briefly touch on the DLC: The Ancient Gods. Part 1 is massively difficult, but still doable and a little uninspired with where it goes only until the very, VERY end. Part 2 tones it down on the challenge just a little, but goes BONKERS with the story, and it's actually incredibly important to the overall DOOM universe, which is WEIRD. But each introduces a mechanic not found anywhere else in the other DLC OR the main campaign, which is kind of off.

    All told, I enjoyed my time with DOOM: Eternal, but I'm curious as to what id is going to do next. Mechanically, they have the FPS genre refined in a pure sense, but it stumps me how they'll top this. And as I said a couple of games above, shoutout to the crossover fan art with Animal Crossing!

    Speaking of shoutouts, I won't tag everybody who voted for it because that's a lot of names and I don't want to clog up anyone's notifications, but high-five to all my fellow Slayers who voted for DOOM: Eternal!

  • DOOM Eternal is my #13 of 41. I’ve enjoyed playing this game, but I was even more impressed with the latest version of id Tech. And eventually game's engine became almost the only thing I remember about DOOM Eternal.

  • I didn't love Doom 2016 but I enjoyed it and was not expecting Eternal be so much better in pretty much every single aspect. My only negative is that towards the end, maybe last 10%, it starts to become messy with the game throwing more and more shit at you. It's still exhilarating but it lacks the finesse from the first 90%.

    Brilliant game but now go back to Doom 3 and bring it to the 2020's.

  • Sadly I didn't play DOOM Eternal until after the voting period had closed. That being said I don't think it would have broken into my top 4. I feel like there are just way too many cool downs and gadgets to be keeping track of at one time (2 grenades, dash charges, the flame thrower, the chainsaw, the blood punch, the sword, swappable weapon mods, and the BFG kind of), making me feel like an idiot for forgetting use to them in opportune situations every combat. The emphasis on having to frequently switch weapons due to ammo constraints also soured me on Eternal because I couldn't use my favorite weapons for longer than a minute or two, before having to switch to a gun I didn't enjoy. I get why these design decisions were made but, where DOOM 2016 made me feel like a badass, Eternal just made me realize I suck at first person shooters.

  • Doom Eternal was a big letdown after the greatness that was the 2016 one. Hard to pinpoint why, but the thrill was gone. I even platinumed the first one, but with this one there was no way I'd even start to imagine such an ordeal.

  • Doom Eternal certainly looks impressive and there's plenty to enjoy but it didn't have anywhere near the impact DOOM 2016 had-maybe it's because 2016's DOOM was like an outta nowhere success whereas this one did what we kinda expected it to do.

  • @brannox I love the Marauder, I think it's my favourite enemy in the whole game. Damn fu**ers! 😄

  • @phbz Personally speaking, I feel the marauders interrupt the flow of combat that Eternal tries so hard to drill into you from the jump, then halfway through this guy shows up and he just. Won't. Die. But hey, I'm happy to see he clicked for you.

  • I would never have guessed that Ori and the Will of the Wisps will be in top 5, but I can't say it doesn't deserve it.

  • I’m not surprised to see DOOM Eternal here. I want to try the game but if it doesn’t click with me sooner than later I’m not going to see it through to the end like I did with DOOM 2016 which I didn’t really enjoy all that much.

    Despite people thinking this game isn’t as good as the original, I think it looks significantly better in the videos I’ve seen. 2016 just had 3-4 levels that were the exact same and once all of the enemies were introduced, it basically turned into DMC or GOW but with massive open areas to take them all out.

    Whereas this new one looks to have much more speed, more weapon variety, more enemy types that take more strategy, and also some platforming to break apart the monotony.

    On paper, this game looks like a step up so I do look forward to giving it a chance.