The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2020!

  • @el-shmiablo I hear you, but I've played every single mainline AC. Despite my backlog it's one of my all time favourite series, and Origins didn't change that. I'm well aware of the length, but I'm planning on playing it with my Partner so even if it's a long one, it's not time wasted.

  • @hazz3r I've 100% Odyssey and all its DLCs twice. 158 hours first time and 121 hours second time. And I've enjoyed all of it. So if you don't feel like skipping it, I think you should not.

  • I really do want to try AC Valhalla and get back on the AC train. Everything people have said about the revamped series around these forums has me super intrigued. But I’ve just been playing other games lately and don’t want to buy a game I’m not ready to make time for.

    It looks like the series is in good hands again though.

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    @hazz3r I feel the same way my dude. I played Origins and absolutely loved every second of it, but something about Odyssey just lacks the soul that I experienced in previous games.

  • I do love my ACs, so Valhalla ended up getting an HM. Not the best AC in any regard, but the whole package is still very enjoyable to play and witness.

  • Before getting started on Assassin's Creed, I just wanted to say it bums me out we couldn't get enough for a top 25. I guess I shouldn't be surprised due to the pandemic, or perhaps list fatigue, or something else entirely, but still, it's a downer.

    But onto Valhalla. Assassin's Creed is a franchise that just hasn't clicked for me. I've beat three of them and it just hasn't been something that I'm fond of. And ever since it exploded in size with Origins, it's appeal has diminished. These games are just too massive for me, and despite what I've heard in there being less emphasis on it, the present day stuff is still a major turn off. Still, all the more power to it for how successful it is. I do like the settings of Ancient Egypt, Greece, and England (the latter two especially), but from what I've been told, the stories also aren't for me either.

  • @brannox I think it was a pretty weak year in terms of quantity of notable games (probably because of corona).

    Add to that the still ongoing massive shortage of next gen console.

  • @neocweeny I agree regarding your second point as I STILL can't purchase a PS5 to save my life. I have had a UNIQUE way of being denied for each retailer I've tried. That said, Demons Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Morales are standouts from around that time.

    But to your first point, I actually disagree. There's actually a really solid slate of games that came out, both high-profile and under-the-radar, and in terms of "traditional" AAA and indie. Valhalla only being 20th is exciting to me, because while it may not be my thing, it's still a good game, meaning there is at least 19 others that stood out as much, if not more. That said, each year for each person is so variable. For example, I actually don't think much of 2018, despite it having one of my absolute favorite games ever.

  • I want to play Valhalla but Origins kinda traumatized me. At first loved it but by the end I was drained and joyless.

  • If I had made it further in AC Valhalla it would probably be in my top 4. The world is so rich, and often reminds me of RDR2 in its density and vastness. I also prefer the combat over Odyssey, which felt waaaaay too splashy for me (though I still love Odyssey regardless).

    In many ways the game feels like the perfect symbiosis of old and new Assassin's Creed. The story reminds me much more of the old games, finally returning to the classic Assassins v. Templars conflict, and there are little things in gameplay that return as well, like trying to blend into crowds, and just the general stealth mechanics as a whole. However, it is still similar to the new games. The RPG-esque leveling and gear system, the combat, and the massive, beautiful open-world that is a joy to explore. It's the best of both worlds.

    Like I said I'm not very far into it, but if it continues being as fun and intriguing as it is, I think it may end up being a perfect AC game

  • I haven't even cracked open my copy of Valhalla yet. I honestly do not find the setting and setup nearly as appealing or interesting as Odyssey, but I'll play it at some point down the road regardless.

    Top tier terrapin at #21 though, and I have zero context as to what any of that is about. :)

  • The thing about the modern AC games for me is that they just don't feel like games about assassins. I just want stealth focused games, and I know that there's always been a decent amount of action in these games, but they seem to drift further from it as it goes. I guess when I see a game called Assassin's Creed, I want something that plays like Aragami or Tenchu. Speaking of the old games, they're are on sale rn, and I'm really tempted to give them a try since I only played III and Black Flag before.

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    @bam541 I highly recommend the Ezio trilogy. I played 2 and Brotherhood back to back last year and they still hold up incredibly well imo. By far the most interesting protag of the entire series imo.

  • Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition

    #19. Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition - 8 points


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    Release date: January 28 [US/EU]
    Developer: Cardboard Computer
    Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
    Genre: Point-and-click adventure
    Platform(s): Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC


    Easy Update

  • Over the years, I only sparsely heard about KRZ from time to time. It seemed like I saw one or two people rave about it, then not hear about it again for months if not years. But with it not being as widely known, plus hearing how each portion was different in several ways, it wasn't a game that I ever could remember or recall. With the all in one package put out on consoles, it corrected that, as, like with most episodic games, their biggest structural flaw is all that time in between. I like the fact this game is Weird and does different things, but alas, too weird for my tastes. But the more diverse games there are, the healthier gaming as a whole is. And I'm all for that, because creativity leads to some amazing stuff.

  • I played Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition last year, and I didn't understand what was happening. The story is all over the place, the pacing drags and the world of KRZ is a confusing mess. Maybe I skipped over something, or maybe I'm just too dumb to understand it's intellectual meaning. Either way, it was not a fun experience. I've enjoyed some great narrative driven games over the years, but this isn't one of them IMO.

  • @el-shmiablo yeah, the ezio trilogy seems like the most interesting games for me. I want to try out AC2 at least.

    Kentucky Route Zero is like the textbook definition of a under-the-radar game for me. I heard about the game a long time ago, and kinda forgot about it until the TV edition release recently. I seen my favorite YT creators gush about it so I definitely want to give it a try someday.

  • I didn’t know this game was considered ”weird” until it was brought up here. Is it like David Lynch or Charlie Kaufman weird?

  • @tokyoslim said in The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2020!:

    Top tier terrapin at #21 though, and I have zero context as to what any of that is about. :)

    During voting process one forum member was very insisting on being able to nominate anything he enjoyed playing in 2020. I said that with such logic I should be able to nominate my turtle, simply because I've enjoyed playing with it a lot last year. Others liked this idea, so my turtle got some "votes" and ended up at #21.

  • I bought KRZ: TV Edition after Ian and Ben's little sitdown discussion on an episode of Easy Update. Not too bad a game for what it is but I haven't gotten back to it-one of those games that can be so easily overlooked and yet it's something of a hidden treasure.