The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2020!

  • @ffff0 Have you got a complete list of your top 36 somewhere? I recall you put something like that on the community showcase several months back is that the top 36 you're speaking of?

  • The best thing about Streets of Rage 4 is that cool retro main theme it's good. Sure the brawling is entertaining with a buddy but it can be a bit too tough even on easy-but that might be down to me being rubbish at these kinds of games. Not bad but I'd place it somewhere in the middle of all the games I played in 2020.

  • @jdincinerator Yes, I have complete list and yes, I've submitted it to February's Community Showcase. Since then I've also completed "Command & Conquer Remastered Collection", "Destroy All Humans!", "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" and "Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales", and also I've decided that "3 out of 10" is a game and it also should be included. For the sake of suspense I'm not telling where they have landed... yet.

    P.S. Forgot to count my recent additions, so Streets of Rage 4 is actually my #38 of 40. Sorry.

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    My of my childhood was filled with repeated runs on Streets of Rage 2 and 3. I've literally be dreaming about Streets of Rage 4 for the better part of my entire life.
    When it was announced I wasn't a huge fan of the style but it has since grown on me. I was also skeptical that the defining aspect of the series, the music, wouldn't live up to the previous games because it wasn't initially announced that Yuzo Koshiro would be working on it, but the second he was all my fears were put to rest.
    If it weren't for another game releases last year, this would have easily been my top spot.

  • With SoR 4 I fell victim to the Huber hype. This just wasn't my kind of game in the end. I did still beat it.

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  • I haven't got around to SoR 4 yet. I'm actually planning to get one of my friends to play with me one day, it's been a long time since I play co-op with someone so I want to start with something cool.

  • Like others have said here, this isn't a game/genre that I find appealing. This is primarily due to a combination of a very basic gameplay loop with little else to switch up what you're doing. It may change up enemy sprites, add some attacks, and have a solid background/music track, but this isn't something that jumps off the screen to play. However, the best thing the game needs is what it already has: Someone is who super passionate about it who can get friends involved. So Huber playing on stream with other Allies once they're back in the studio is practically a given, and we all know he can make any game a jolly time.

  • Streets of Rage 4 narrowly missed my HMs, it's a super polished beat em up but it's just not the kind of game I could replay over and over like Huber. I just did one playthrough alone and one with my gf, and never touched it again. A really good time but it didn't make a strong enough impression in the end.

    Might still get the DLC though!

  • Demon's Souls

    #15. Demon's Souls - 14 points


    #1: 0
    #2: 0
    #3: 2 (NeoCweeny, Danjin44)
    #4: 3 (Shoulderguy, El Shmiablo, Nimbat1003)
    HM: 3 (DIPSET, Jamicov)


    Release date: November 12 [US], November 19 [EU]
    Developer: Bluepoint Games
    Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Genre: Action role-playing
    Platform(s): PS5


    EZA Review

  • God, I want to play this so bad. I really think that it could be one of my favorite Souls game, I like a lot of the things I saw of the game so far. Also, Bluepoint are wizards.

  • Nice to see Demon's Souls make the list despite being a PS5 exclusive.

    I said this in the "Last game you finished" topic and because I'm lazy here it is again:

    I've never played the original Demon's Souls, so some parts felt a little clumsier than Dark Souls in terms of level design. And much like the other Souls games, the story is not one that will stick with me for very long. Those nitpicks aside, I have to say that playing this game was an awesome experience.

    Demon’s Souls is tough but rewarding, and I had fun putting in the extra effort to get better, while also soaking in the world. This game made me jump up and raise my fists in celebration every time I defeated one of it's many challenging bosses. Not every boss fight in Demon's Souls is a winner but most are seriously great, and some are now among my favorite boss battles of all-time.

    As far as performance goes, it's great with stunning high resolution visuals, locked 60fps and basically instant loading times. It makes me excited to play more PS5 games in the future. This remake of Demon's Souls is a prime example of what developers can accomplish with the added power of the new consoles, and I'm curious to see what developer Bluepoint Games decides to do next.

  • Of everything that was revealed last year, this and Ratchet & Clank were the two games I felt demonstrated next gen the best so far. Especially with the gameplay demo we saw last September. While I've been on record that souls games are not for me, I was so impressed with that showing. The game's lighting and environmental detail are GORGEOUS. I'm actually a little surprised it didn't make the top 10 at least, but still another testament to how stellar the games of 2020 are.

  • In my head I had demons souls about level with dark souls, and while I still love it this remake has highlighted its flaws compared to the rest of the series.

    I still remember it fondly as my first souls game back in the day but compared to the modern editions it is really quite easy once u know the tricks, I still adore a couple of the bosses though tower knight is still just so great.

    Played through it twice and even did a run with the OG green filter which works quite well haha.

    Also technically I might rank it higher but alot of that has to do with my placement of the original where as this was mostly just visually an upgrade and not as transformative as some other remakes.

  • I just got a PS5 and Demon's Souls with it last weekend. I barely touched it, but if any game could get top 4 on looks alone, it would be this game.

  • Not surprising Demon's Souls is on the list but I thought it'd be higher. I really can't play Souls games with any success but I appreciate people's enjoyment of them.

  • Banned

    No much to say about Demon's Souls. An already incredible game given a magnificent graphical and QoL facelift.

  • I think Demon's Souls is actually a better game than my number 1 but I ranked it lower because it is just a remake. It's still pretty much the same game as before.
    I agree with @Nimbat1003, the game is just too easy if you have played the more recent From games.

    Tower of Latria is still one of my favorite areas in a From game though.

  • Half-Life: Alyx

    #14. Half-Life: Alyx - 14 points


    #1: 1 (robert7lee)
    #2: 2 (ffff0, kindiman)
    #3: 0
    #4: 0
    HM: 1 (THECapedCaper)


    Release date: March 23 [US/EU]
    Developer: Valve
    Publisher: Valve
    Genre: First-person shooter
    Platform(s): PC


    EZA Review

  • My instant gut reaction when I loaded up the main page and saw the preview post, I immediately thought, "So low?!" Then I remembered it's VR, and as expected, few votes, but most very high. While I've never experienced VR (it's out of my price range, there are EXTREMELY few things on any VR platform that I would want to try, plus I wouldn't have space for it), I give credit to HL:A for single handedly pushing the entire VR space forward, and being a benchmark for what many VR games should strive to do.

    With how Alyx ends (because yes, it's a brand new Half-Life. There was no way to avoid THAT spoiler), it ignites the imagination as to whether Valve will take another decade plus to make a new game in the series, but I'm just not sure. I can understand with the massive barrier to entry that is VR many die-hard fans are unable to play, but I completely believe Ben in his review and GOTY discussions as to how critical it being in VR is. All this said, this has a legitimate case to go on to be known as, "The Greatest Game Most Won't Play."