The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2020!

  • Of everything that was revealed last year, this and Ratchet & Clank were the two games I felt demonstrated next gen the best so far. Especially with the gameplay demo we saw last September. While I've been on record that souls games are not for me, I was so impressed with that showing. The game's lighting and environmental detail are GORGEOUS. I'm actually a little surprised it didn't make the top 10 at least, but still another testament to how stellar the games of 2020 are.

  • In my head I had demons souls about level with dark souls, and while I still love it this remake has highlighted its flaws compared to the rest of the series.

    I still remember it fondly as my first souls game back in the day but compared to the modern editions it is really quite easy once u know the tricks, I still adore a couple of the bosses though tower knight is still just so great.

    Played through it twice and even did a run with the OG green filter which works quite well haha.

    Also technically I might rank it higher but alot of that has to do with my placement of the original where as this was mostly just visually an upgrade and not as transformative as some other remakes.

  • I just got a PS5 and Demon's Souls with it last weekend. I barely touched it, but if any game could get top 4 on looks alone, it would be this game.

  • Not surprising Demon's Souls is on the list but I thought it'd be higher. I really can't play Souls games with any success but I appreciate people's enjoyment of them.

  • Banned

    No much to say about Demon's Souls. An already incredible game given a magnificent graphical and QoL facelift.

  • I think Demon's Souls is actually a better game than my number 1 but I ranked it lower because it is just a remake. It's still pretty much the same game as before.
    I agree with @Nimbat1003, the game is just too easy if you have played the more recent From games.

    Tower of Latria is still one of my favorite areas in a From game though.

  • Half-Life: Alyx

    #14. Half-Life: Alyx - 14 points


    #1: 1 (robert7lee)
    #2: 2 (ffff0, kindiman)
    #3: 0
    #4: 0
    HM: 1 (THECapedCaper)


    Release date: March 23 [US/EU]
    Developer: Valve
    Publisher: Valve
    Genre: First-person shooter
    Platform(s): PC


    EZA Review

  • My instant gut reaction when I loaded up the main page and saw the preview post, I immediately thought, "So low?!" Then I remembered it's VR, and as expected, few votes, but most very high. While I've never experienced VR (it's out of my price range, there are EXTREMELY few things on any VR platform that I would want to try, plus I wouldn't have space for it), I give credit to HL:A for single handedly pushing the entire VR space forward, and being a benchmark for what many VR games should strive to do.

    With how Alyx ends (because yes, it's a brand new Half-Life. There was no way to avoid THAT spoiler), it ignites the imagination as to whether Valve will take another decade plus to make a new game in the series, but I'm just not sure. I can understand with the massive barrier to entry that is VR many die-hard fans are unable to play, but I completely believe Ben in his review and GOTY discussions as to how critical it being in VR is. All this said, this has a legitimate case to go on to be known as, "The Greatest Game Most Won't Play."

  • I just realized that E3 is going to happen right in the middle of this countdown, does anyone feel like I should put the reveal on hold during E3 and resume later, or can we handle all this combined hype at the same time?

  • @axel I'm good for whichever decision you make. I don't mind having the daily reveal to supplement whatever announcements are about to drop, but if you would prefer to wait and have the focus be more on all the streams/shows/news here in a few days and then have the hype die down a little, that's understandable.

  • I'd love to play Alyx but I don't own the doohickey you need to play it.

  • My favourite game series and I don't have the hardware to play it. 😢

  • I’d play Alyx if I could but I have tried and failed to get into Half Life 2 for… since Half Life 2 came out.

    If I still had a PS3 that worked I’d grab the Orange Box and binge it but both shooters and that sort of game just aren’t my bag, so I don’t know if Alyx would sway me. I’m happy it’s gotten attention though, it looks super cool

  • I'm not a Half-Life fan but everything I've heard about Alyx sounds amazing, I just don't have a VR headset and if I ever get one, it'll probably be PS VR so I still won't be able to play it (unless there's a port in the future?).

    Happy to see it represented in our top 20 though, it shows that for the few people who played it, it made a very strong impression.

  • I’m not a Half-Life or Valve fan, but Ben’s review convinced me that this is a game worth playing. Valve Index isn’t cheap, and I spend most of my salary on medicine due to my bad health (which of course is a priority), so I’ve decided to use random non-salary income to fund my purchase. Due to unpredictable wait time to order Valve Index (mine was 4 month) I haven’t earned full amount when it was time to pay, so I had to “loan” from my savings.

    From technical side, buying Valve Index was a quest of its own. Valve doesn’t sell it in Russia and Valve doesn’t ship it to Russia, so I had to use US to Russia parcel forwarding service. Then, to order Valve Index in US, you need a US Steam account and to create one you need to use US IP address. Turns out Valve is particularly good at detecting and blocking various proxy and VPN services (including non-free ones), so I had to configure my own network tunnel to a server rented in US datacenter (and only third server worked – IP addresses of first two datacenters were also blocked). And shipping process wasn’t effortless either: to avoid problems with custom, I’ve shipped parcel to myself, but local delivery service refused to give it to my relatives (due to COVID I don’t meet couriers), so I had to ask parcel forwarding service to contact local courier service and change parcel’s delivery info.

    And you know what? All of the above was 100% worth it to play Half-Live: Alyx. I’m not a VR virgin, but holy cow, I never was so immersed in a game world! I’ll give you just one tiny example: I used teleport movement option and when I landed too close to a wall, I’ve instinctually raised my hand towards the wall to push myself from the surface I’m about to collide with.

    There’s also a completely different level of immersion with this game: it allows you to do so many things in so many different ways that you will do most of it naturally without really thinking about it. Healing with syringes for example – you can use them on any part of your body, and it will simply work. However, Half-Live: Alyx doesn’t stop there, it also doesn’t afraid of translating your poor inputs into poor in-game actions. I’m absolutely terrible at throwing things and using grenades in Half-Live: Alyx was just as challenging and clumsy as it would be in real life. The same was with reload: I was messing it up early just as I would in reality, and then it got natural just as it would in reality.

    Then there’s a brilliant game design. You hardly notice it when you play it, because it’s on “yes, of course” level. But then I’ve read Geoff Keighley’s Final Hours of Half-Life: Alyx and it became obvious that things I took for granted were meticulously planned and tested. Like that healing with syringes on any part of your body – the game only knows position of your head and palms, but play testers tried to heal by sticking syringes to hands, torso and even head, so developers took effort to support all of that.

    Finally, it’s not a secret that rendering world for VR is expensive, so you expect a certain visual downgrade each time you turn on VR headset. But Half-Life: Alyx manages to look just as good (if not better) than many regular games. And in terms of sound, it’s simply the best game on the market.

    In short, Half-Life: Alyx is a game that separates gaming on before and after. Any other year that alone would secure #1 spot from me, but there was another such game in 2020. Hopefully, I wasn’t the only one who voted for it, and we’ll see it soon

  • @happygaming shoutouts to hold start for quick save. Early PS3 release and I never saw another title make saving so easy on the platform.

  • I’m expecting to play Alyx later this month when it goes on sale as part of Steam Summer Sale. I finally have the space to play it properly. Really looking forward to it.

  • Hopefully when the psvr2 comes out & is powerful enough to run it I'll try it then.

  • Playing catch up here.

    SoR4 -

    Definitely want to play it one day but don't have much experience with 2D brawlers. Either way, the Huber and Ben co-sign goes a long way considering their experience with the genre.

    Demon's Souls -

    I feel weird only giving an HM nod to one of my all time favourite games and perhaps one of the most influential games of recent generations. Replaying it reaffirmed its greatness in my mind and I wish for "smaller" more confined action RPG games like this in the future.

    The remake goes above and beyond and I think the audio is extremely underrated and feels a cut above the rest of the PS5 games I've played to add an extra layer of atmosphere. But the main takeaway from this remake is that Demon's Souls is etched in history now that it's playable on PS5 @ 4K/60. The PS3 version is still obtainable but it's different region locks, off and on servers, and an aging frame rate made it perfect for a remake and I'm glad it's mostly untouched so the game can be preserved.

    HL Alyx -

    Considering how cutting edge this game looks to be, I'm pretty disappointed that I don't have any means of trying it. I think an investment in a Valve Index would also involve me upgrading my PC and at that point I may as well buy a used BMW or Mercedes.

    If this game is ever ported to PSVR2, I'll bite. I have living room space but I couldn't even play VR in my office if I wanted to.

    This game gets an unnecessary amount of flak for being VR-only. God forbid developers make a cutting edge, ground breaking video game using new controller formats.

  • For me my top 3 is pretty much interchangable. And because I put Like A Dragon at 3rd, is just nitpicking.
    Load times annoyed me a bit which is funny since it's not that much different from other games but it somehow irritated me. Another one is combat doesn't pick up until I was about 15-20h. Other stuffs are excellent so definitely worth playing it.