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  • Stranger Things was probably the best thing I saw this year so far on tv.

  • Watched Stranger Things over the weekend and bar a few early annoying character moments, I really enjoyed it.

    Only thing I'll say is I wish they didn't do some of the 'set up' things for another season. I hope they don't do another season and if they do, I hope it's a completely new situation and cast.

  • @tokeeffe9 Fully agree with you. Sadly, they've already announced a second season continuing the story :(

  • @sblomkamp that's honestly really disappointing.

  • Watched Rumble Fish today. It definitely feels like post-Apocalypse Now Coppola, meaning that it's fantastical, interesting visually, and a bit hammy. There's stuff in it I really enjoy (especially the theatricality of the first act), but I didn't think that its symbolism, or even the character relationships were very well thought out. It's got a cool tone, but not one that really compliments the seriousness of the themes it's chasing.

  • I watched Train to Busan last night, it's a Korean zombie movie, and it's probably the best zombie movie I've ever seen.

    Amazing action, the zombies are fast and loose! Just enough light or funny situations to make you care for the characters, and some pretty intense emotional punches, I might even have shed a tear at some point! No idea if it's supposed to come out in the West anytime soon, but if you have the chance to see it, don't hesitate!

  • Stranger Things was really good. The kids made that show great.
    Currently going through The Night of (HBO). So far it has been pretty good, but so much has been happening that I don't think 2 more episodes will be enough to give the show a proper ending.

  • Saw Seconds for a second time. It was nice seeing it in a theater, and it was a lot easier to see what played and what didn't. Still a very interesting premise, has a banger of an opening, and it's really great seeing Rock Hudson so unhinged, but I don't think it follows through as well as it could have. It's also a bit verbose which is a bit of a drag. Still good, and a worthwhile reevaluation, even if my opinion of it remains the same.

  • I felt I needed to open up my Crime Drama repertoire so I started binge watching NCIS, it's great.

  • @michemagius Wow, that's quite a commitment. The only show of that size I've ever started watching (and am inching closer to completing) is ER.

    I've watched the first season of The Leftovers and was utterly astounded. Really quite a work of art. But be careful, it's a deeply depressing, bleak show.

  • @babpel91 Starting up classes tomorrow so it's now or never.

  • Going to see the new Herzog documentary, Lo And Behold: Reveries Of The Connected World
    Youtube Video

    After that, going to see Sausage Party.
    Youtube Video

  • @TokyoSlim were it not for one scene in particular, Sausage Party would probably be my MOTY so far

  • @kirkking2000

    That's a bold statement. I'm not a huge Seth Rogan fan. The movie had some funny moments. I would definitely put it below both Deadpool and Civil War this year, and probably a few other things like Zootopia, Everybody Wants Some, and 10 Cloverfield Lane.

    There's also a few movies I haven't seen yet.

  • Had the pleasure of watching Hunt for the Wilderpeople in my theater yesterday, I choose to watch it over Kingsglaive and man... I made the right decision. It's not nearly as funny as some of Taika Waititi's other films (like the hilarious What We Do in the Shadows) but it has a lot of heart and some great performances. I'm really curious to see how he's going to handle the third Thor movie but he's definitely becoming one of my recent favorite directors.

  • Oh yeah, Wilderpeople was great. New Zealand really crushed it this year with that and Lee Tamahori's The Patriarch. (Mahana)

    I watch a lot of movies. :)

  • the only one's i am watching are Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Person of interest got cancelled :(

  • @TokyoSlim touche, I almost forgot Deadpool was this year! I've only seen a couple in theaters this year myself. Civil War was a little flat for me, but then again, there was a crying kid for half of it lol.

  • I mostly watch educational based videos and shows on YouTube. So more recently, I've been seeing a lot of political based stuff and things happening around the world just to educate myself on certain matters. One topic I've been learning about is life in North Korea and how's life for defectors, particularity in South Korea.

    On TV, I like to watch HDTV (a channel dedicated to the housing market). More specifically, house hunters and its variants. To learn about design and what's out there in the real estate market. Also love Dinners, Drive In's and Dives.

  • @-Jak- You should check out this documentary i saw earlier this year Under The Sun.
    Youtube Video

    Here's theaters where it's currently playing: