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    Hello guys and gals. I would like to make a thread about what we are watching or just seen. We can talk about why we love or hate the movie or show, maybe you can find other user's that like the same things or find new things. PLZ put spoiler tags

  • It's summer, so I finally got time to work through my back catalogue of movies and TV shows. Just finished Homeland season 4 (so still one season behind) and it was pretty solid. Although it takes forever to get going, the pay off leads to some of the best episodes of the show.
    Next on the list is season 6 of Walking Dead. I fell off the wagon like more than a year ago. But all the bitching and complaining around the season 6 finale got me curious, so I worked through S5 which was mostly a slog. Now I got only 16 eps to go till October.
    TWD is a show I haven't enjoyed that much for years but I try to keep up mostly to be part of the conversation.

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    Stranger Things is one of the best shows I've watched in a looong time.
    Its like some Stephen King meets X-Files meets Twin Peaks shit, with a distinctly 80's vibe. Seriously, go watch that shit.

  • @El-Shmiablo said in Tv shows/movies Watching:

    Stranger Things is one of the best shows I've watched in a looong time.
    Its like some Stephen King meets X-Files meets Twin Peaks shit, with a distinctly 80's vibe. Seriously, go watch that shit.

    Everybody keeps losing their shit about the show, but as a 90s kid I dont really get anything out of the 80s nostalgia thing. Do you think I'd still love it?

  • @babpel91 I haven't seen the show yet, but I think it takes influence from the Goonies, ET, Spielberg, type movies of the 80's (kind of like Super 8 ). If you like any of those you may like it.. but like I said I haven't seen it yet :D

    Anyways all I'm watching right now is The Night Of on HBO, but its sounding like I need to try Stranger Things too

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    @babpel91 I'm a 90's kid myself, but I enjoy a lot of 80s television and cinema. It just captures that "feel" similarly to the way American Psycho feels like it was filmed in the 80's instead of 2000.

    Regardless, I would still highly recommend it. Shot it's way to my top 5 TV shows almost immediately, right next to Hannibal and American Horror Story Asylum.

  • I'm currently rewatching Pushing Daisies which is arguably the best crime drama-romance-comedy-supernatural-camp show ever made. Never get tired of it. I've also been watching some old seasons of Amazing Race and Law & Order. In terms of current shows, I keep up with Major Crimes since I'm a Crime Drama buff.

  • Just finished the heartbreaking 3rd season of Bojack Horseman and barely starting the first season of Mr. Robot. Strong Fight Club vibes in the show so I'm bound to keep watching.

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    I watched all of 'Stranger Things' yesterday and now I have a new actor crush.

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    I just watched suicide squad last night. HOLLY COW its good. The movie has the action and the laughs and the heart . I can't wait to See if they make a part two. As for tv shows I have been watching shows I was behind on.

  • Watching and really enjoying Stranger Things along with everyone else. Also I've really dug Jim Gaffigan's show on TV Land, basically a lot like Louis but with Gaffigan's fun point of view. If you guys dig Tabletop Escapades you might enjoy HarmonQuest, basically recorded then animated play sessions of Pathfinder with Dan Harmon (creator of Community and Rick and Morty) but it's only on SeeSo with is an NBC comedy streaming service ($3.99 a month so not too bad). Lastly I really enjoyed Ghostbusters, just a silly fun movie.

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    @TheMarcV I also really enjoyed Ghostbusters. I still greatly prefer the original, but I think that has a lot to do with my nostalgia for the series. Still thought it was a lot of fun and money well spent.

  • I don't really watch a lot of shows anymore since they tend to be far too dark/serious in tone and it has gotten tiresome. I'd like some adventure or at least some more light-hearted kind of show.
    The same is true for movies too I guess since I haven't watched a lot of movies this year. Last one I watched however was Star Trek Beyond and I really enjoyed that.

  • I just finished watching the Limitless TV show. They turned the concept of NZT into a nifty crime drama.. Doesn't hurt that one of the producers is named Sweeney haha.

    I have three other series that I'm following:
    Suits, a light-hearted serial drama about a law firm.

    One of the first things that happens is one of the hotshot hires a fraud with an eidetic memory. Literally perfect recall.

    America's got Talent. I usually tend to favor the non singers since they have more shows based on singing, but this year's are really good. But then again, so are the other acts.

    And Girl Meets World. To be honest, it's a pretty poor show lol. I watch it since Boy Meets World is of my favorite shows, and even it had a little bit of a meh start in hindsight.

    Last movie I saw was Hardcore Henry earlier this week. T'was.. Hardcore lol. Made me want to pick up Dying Light again because 1st person parkour.

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    @kirkking2000 Oh snap I totally forgot Limitless was getting a show. Need to check that out. I have a huge boner for the movie.

  • I binged the entire first season of Mr. Robot a few weeks back and now I'm hooked. Probably the only TV show I've ever seen that uses even remotely accurate terminology when it comes to computers. Also has an amazing soundtrack and is obviously influenced by some amazing movies like Fight Club and American Psycho.

  • I just started season 2 of Vikings. I almost wish E1S2 was the season finale for season 1. It's very emotional.

  • @Light Right there with you, I was giggling when they were talking about Steel Mountain as Iron Mountain does a pickup at my job everyday. Little things like that really set it apart.

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    I had forgot to say that I saw the new Star Trek movie it was pretty good. what's this new show everyone talks about ?

  • Saw The Virgin Suicides earlier today. It's weird and weightless. I don't think it ends up saying a whole lot, but I wouldn't call it empty either. There are smaller moments of inaction that Coppola captures really well (and would continue to capture with even less eventful films). Made me want to read the novel.