Easy Allies Reviews Idea

  • I have an idea for a game we can play (sorry about how meta that sounds). We should predict what review scores Easy Allies gives to upcoming games. Now I know we don't have much to go on because we don't know what games they'll review and when unless there's a note of it on their website's schedule, but I think it could be a great idea to add a bit of hype and competitiveness to this community. Like we could set some kind of leaderboard up and points assigned to how close or spot on we are with the review score Easy Allies assigns to a game. We could do something similar about the EZA GOTYs as well. Let me know what you think of these ideas and whether they're worth exploring or not.

  • I think the score prediction can be fun.

  • If we can make this work then I think we should set up a points system whereby if you get the score prediction correct you get 10 points, if you are out by 0.5 you get 5 points and if you're out by a whole point you get 3 points.