Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Easy Allies Score Predictions

  • As stated in my Easy Allies Reviews Idea post-I think it'd be a cool idea if we predicted the review scores for upcoming games and we could make a competition out of it. Anyway what do you think Rift Apart will score? I think it'll get either an 8.5 or a 9.0 but I'm going with 8.5.

  • guessing a solid 9, i assume huber is doing the review and he likes the franchise plus this has all the good r and c stuff
    but i'm guessing there will not be some amazing heavy story that will get it above that.

  • I'm gonna say that it's a 9.0. I think the story stuff, core gameplay, overall level exploration and weapons will be satisfactory, but there might be a few times where the pacing of the story isn't optimal, two of the planets will be less interesting than the others/have annoying or flat gimmicks, and the ending will set up for something greater which might make it feel like it's cutting things a bit too soon.

  • doesn't look like it will actually be anything better than an 8 but sites will probably still give it a 9 anyway

  • For my OpenCritic predictions in December last year I had it at 89, and I still believe that's right. I think Huber or Ben would score it at 9, so that's my guess.

  • Banned

    I'm thinking low to mid 8s.
    Positives will be mind blowing graphics and insanely fast loading that actually benefits the game as a whole.
    Negatives will be gameplay being generally the same as previous games and short length.

  • I think this is going to be a pretty big step up in the same way Tools of Destruction was a massive step up from PS2 to PS3.

    I'm going 9.5. I think this game has legs and will surprise people.

  • A 9 on Easy Allies

  • Do not watch this, it's a spoiler, directly from Insomniac but a damn cool one for the new RYNO

  • Banned

    Youtube Video

    While not a review of the game itself, the video gives a good idea of the tech behind the game and just how impressive it is and what it means for games going forward.
    Pretty crazy that the game is actually improved from the demo.

  • @dmcmaster

    Yeah, didn't watch it but I even wouldn't want to know the weapon's skill.

  • Got it early, gonna stream after dinner.

  • Finished it, and while I'm going to let my thoughts marinade over night, the last 2 stages are just a hype inducing delight.

    That said one con. Captain Qwark, Skid and Rusty Pete all have new actors and I don't know why for two of them. Skidd and Pete sound close enough but Quark just sounds wrong. That said I completely get why Jim Ward couldn't come back for the role and has effectively retired. (Early Alzhimers and a bought with Covid)

  • I made a thing
    Youtube Video