InFAMOUS: The Revengeance.

  • deep sigh I love this game...... I also hate this game. I love inFAMOUS, because the first two games were some of the best video game content that existed for the PS3...

    Why hate though? Well, I got my copy of the original game when the PSN cyber attack of 2011 happened, and I got ALMOST all the trophies. The only one I was missing was for finding all the blast shards, and I was only off by one.

    That said, I bought the inFAMOUS collection (inFAMOUS 1 and 2), and I am going to be getting my absolute vengeance upon this game. I will get my damn Platinum. I'll keep you updated on how it goes as I wage war upon this game.

  • I heard inFamous is one of the most common platinum trophies. Seems like a lot of people really want to get that one.

    I'll never forget the good ol inFamous vs Prototype pre-release war. Everyone thought inFamous looked like shit until they played it. Like you said, it's connection to the PSN hack freebie kinda etches it in history. Which was funny because my internet was NOT good enough to justify downloading a full game back then. I personally liked it but didn't love it. It was just too ugly and too many radio calls. Not sure if the IP still has legs in a world where we have Spider-Man now, but I think it's definitely a staple of the PS3-era.

  • @dipset Honestly, between the PSN download and Infamous 2 having one of the single greatest endings in the history of creation... I'd say inFAMOUS 1 and 2 earned their rep.

  • One of my favourite franchises ever! Severely underrated. It's sad that we won't see it again for a while though.

  • I suddenly remembered how unfair enemy placement can be in this game....

  • Banned

    I think I could get the platinum for Second Son if I cared enough to the the Double Smoke Stack Attack trophy.

  • Why have Infamous 1&2 not been ported to PS4/5?

  • Banned

    @dmcmaster At this point I would prefer a remake. Bring the games up to speed visually and fix some of the jankiness in the first one.

  • @dmcmaster

    Would be awesome

  • Oh god, the bus escort mission... I forgot about this BS.

  • Ok, taking a break before I do the evil route and really go for that platinum by playing Infamous 2 on the Good Route. Incidentally, the good route is the canonical one.