Gamer's Thumb

  • Anybody ever had Gamer's thumb-otherwise medically known as De Quervain Syndrome? I think I've got that because I have swelling and pain on my thumb courtesy of button-bashing on Ghost of Tsushima or otherwise overusing my thumb by playing games constantly these past couple of weeks. What other gaming-related injuries have you endured?

  • I regularly have pain in my wrists between playing games and work. When using a controller, I rest my hands on a pillow and sometimes I wear special gloves.

    I also get motion sick easily so I need to use Dramamine or take breaks for some games. And fuck those games that have camera shake with no option to turn it off.

  • @shoulderguy What games have shaky cam that you can't turn off?

  • @jdincinerator Older games mostly. I was surprised Mass Effect Legendary Edition didn't add an option to turn it off.

  • I remember Mario Party ripping my palms up with some of the minigames as a kid, but the worst gaming injury I've ever experienced was Jet Li: Rise to Honor on PS2. The game has a unique combat system where you flick the right analog stick directions to throw attacks out that way, and for whatever reason that gave me the worst blisters I've ever had in my life all around the area I used to control that. Worse than you can imagine. I've never played a game since that has controlled in the same way, so I think they realized the error of their ways.

  • I had my wrist nerves (especially on my right hand) tingle occasionally when I play games on my tiny-ass laptop. It's partly why I don't play much PC games anymore, my setup has horrible ergonomics for gaming.

  • @mbun said in Gamer's Thumb:

    I remember Mario Party ripping my palms up with some of the minigames as a kid

    I remember this happened to so many people that Nintendo had to offer free gloves to owners of the game.

  • @shoulderguy Yeah, but believe it or not that was nothing compared to that Jet Li game.

  • I occasionally run into a thing with my right hand where my thumb will go numb. I think it has to do with the position I’m sitting in and what I’m wearing (like if it’s tighter on my armpits like some hoodies). It basically just means I’ll have to take a break here and there and maybe massage my palm. I’ve always had bad circulation, so I get the same problem from continual smartphone use.

    My girlfriend has a glove she’s used that is more tight around the wrist and palm, I think traditionally for things like physical therapy, and I wonder if that’s something to recommend, but I’m not a medical professional.

  • When I first got into PC gaming, the WASD motions made the bones at the top of my hand hurt so horribly bad.

    In general, I don't know how people can primarily be PC gamers. I tailbone, lower back, and centre back are constantly in pain. My knees are significantly cramped up from being in a bent sitting position. This isn't cause of PC gaming, it's cause I've been working from home since March 2020, but in general, I had about 3ish months where my back was in so much pain until I kinda got used to it like a bad callus.

    I spent like $500 on a better office chair and my ass and body still hurts.