Botched Launches

  • Videogame launches are an exciting time especially in the triple A sector. Big new releases come out and reviews swarm in after embargoes are lifted and we expect playing the game will mirror our hype and anticipation for it. Sometimes though anticipation and excitement leads to a disastrous launch with buggy broken experiences, crashes, lies and deceit of what the final product is can all derail the promise. Whether it's CyberPunk 2077s litany of problems, The Last of Us Part II making fans go ape, or No Man's Sky's misrepresentation-there's always fresh way for all that anticipation to go up in smoke and flames. What videogame launches do you think were utterly horrid and bordering on catastrophic?

  • There Is Only -1th

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    BTW, it's still not fully fixed. Something's at least a little bit off in every part of it - crashes, graphics, networking, controls, audio, you name it.

  • Banned

    Diablo 3

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    Beyond the horrible error code issues that persisted for weeks, the game itself was just inherently broken, as most gameplay elements were designed around the Auction House, meaning skill trees were simplified, itemization was brutal, and everything was just a bastardization of what the franchise has established before it.

    It took just shy of two years for them to bring the game to a satisfactory state, but I'm glad they did it, as it went from one of my biggest disappointments in gaming history to my most played game over what has now been 3 generations.

  • The Sim City reboot from a few years ago comes to mind.
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    I also remember how they said the game couldn't be played offline, someone made a mod adding in offline, the 3ish years late they officially added offline support.