Elden Ring (PC/PS4/PS5/XBO/XSX)

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    Here it is! New release date February 25, 2022.

  • I would be more excited for it if it was more similar to Sekiro than Souls.

  • It happened! Fantastic trailer.

  • Boss designs are really good to add something positive.

  • Pretty but I wish there was gameplay. It might be in engine but without a HUD I am not convinced it is how it will look when I play it.

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    @farley2k Really? In terms of graphical fidelity, I honestly thought the game looked kinda bad after the visual orgasm that was Demon's Souls. Clearly being held back by the previous generation.

  • I think personally, even if it scores well, it looks like a step backwards to me. It’s so visually and thematically indistinguishable from Dark Souls and it’s sequels, I feel like they needed to go further in a different direction to make this have its own identity. I know I’ll make everyone who’s a huge fan upset, but even going back to watch the trailer for Dark Souls 3, this feels pretty identical in styling and art. Only now you have a horse.

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    I thought Sekiro was a step in a new direction I was into. It had a new setting and new mechanics. This just looks like Dark Souls 4.

  • If no name revealed I would have thought its dark souls 4 since it looks exact same as demon/dark souls/Bloodborne with sekiro touch.

  • @happygaming

    I totally agree.

  • Now that the trailer is out, I'm not expecting it to look better than Demon's Souls (PS5) nor am I expecting it to be a Sekiro-like departure.

    It's good to know what we're dealing with so I can temper my expectations. I'm curious about the gameplay now. Kinda hoping for fewer RPG elements than a typical Souls game.

  • Elden Ring does look astonishing but I think From are going through the motions. Although the game looks impressive it seems to me like they're still churning out settings that are grim and dank, brooding with foreboding. I'd like to see more creative and interesting settings beyond the murky. Bloodborne at least had an identifiable thematic allure in its dripping Victorian gothic presentation. Some colour and vibrancy shouldn't hurt given From's stellar reputation. I get this feeling that underneath all the differences it'll just be more of the same-but I am truly happy that you guys are hyped for it because I wish I could be too-but I really have to spend loads of time on these Souls/Soulslike games before I can even begin to get giddy.

  • @JDINCINERATOR I think the game design of Souls explains the world design. Like, they want a world where it makes sense that enemies and NPCs can stand around non-nonsensically if need be, where they don't have to respond in human-like ways to the player, and where levels can occur in a hub and spoke like flow without it having to make sense as a real world. In particular, the games can be filled with weird architecture and nowhere has to feel "populated". But maybe you meant that within the realm of foreboding, dying worlds, they still feel too same.

  • Elden Ring gameplay preview:

    Youtube Video

  • Hmmmm off the cuff here.

    Pretty psyched to finally see From Software lean more into the slower paced RPG side of things. This gameplay demo doesn't necessarily solidify that, but my assumption based on the open world leads me to believe that.

    Elden Ring honestly looks like what Dark Souls III probably should've been. I'm glad it isn't in the Dark Souls universe anymore because I was tired of the fire and ash and rekindling storyline by the time I finished DkSII but in terms of expanding upon the formula, I feel like this is the leap DkSIII should've been.

    One of my favourite elements of the Souls series is getting into a big open level such as the Farron Keep (Poison Swamp) in Dark Souls III and just spending hours exploring every nook looking for items, Souls, NPCs. The threat level makes exploring so rewarding, especially if you can do it without dying.

    So @ 8min-ish into this gameplay demo there is a co-op section where they are using stealth through a big open area and I think that kind of co-op exploration gameplay is what is going to fuel Elden Ring. To me, those are some of the best parts of Souls series.


    In terms of negatives, the recycling is beyond obvious. It isn't Dark Souls II lazy where they just tint a reuse boss another colour, but the audio is still the same familiar sounds since Demon's Souls in 2009. Kinda getting tired of those SFX.

    I think that dragon boss is literally the exact same attack pattern as Watchdog of the Old Lords from the Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons. The horseback boss @ 8:30 looks to have very similar attacks to the first boss in Sekiro.

    Obviously recycle animation. I can live with that considering the bread and butter of From Soft's games is movement and combat. If it ain't broke, don't fix. It isn't like God of War: Ragnarok is going to have a whole new moveset and animations, right.


    Overall, I'm pretty excited but I'll wait for reviews to let me know if it's worth it day 1. It looks to be the kind of game that I might play all year. That said, whenever I get into a Souls game, I get quasi addicted for a weekend or two and play for pretty long sessions so who knows.

  • This is one of those games I'll buy day one, or even preorder, without hesitation. Bloodborne and Sekiro are great but I need my Dark Souls and this is clearly that in an open world. Easiest sell.

    Kind of difficult to judge the exploration but there's this part where the player comes across a door on the side of a mountain and goes inside. I love this kind of mix of open world and more focused dungeons, particularly if it's just some place you come across accidentally knowing not what to expect.

    Loved the magic too. I never go for magic builds, maybe it's just a me thing but I feel like in Souls games magic builds are not as intuitive and immediate as melee builds so my gameplay never flows towards it. Here seems like magic will be more upfront, if so it's a welcomed change. And it looks great.


  • It's weird, as a open world game fan, the open world gameplay here doesn't really excite me. The open world looks beautiful, but I dunno, there's nothing in the gameplay that grabbed me, aside from the prospect of meeting weird characters like that pot guy in the open world. I've had my share of Souls-style combat so that's not really the part I'm looking forward to see here. I'm definitely disappointed with this reveal. Right now I feel like I'm just gonna wait for a sale until I jump in to it, especially considering how crowded Q1 2022 is.

  • I'm excited though it might as well be called Dark Souls 4.

  • @bam541 said in Elden Ring (PC/PS4/PS5/XBO/XSX):

    It's weird, as a open world game fan, the open world gameplay here doesn't really excite me.

    i guess as someone who didn't like horizon or BOTW and other open worlds this explains why this open world doesn't worry me, because it's not much of an open world.

    but yeah i'm very excited, while i like sekiro the lesser progression and lack of variety didn't do it for me and even early on hearing that this would be swinging more into the RPG side of souls than the action side like sekiro made me very excited and what we have seen shows that this looks to have the most diversity of a souls game "it's the skyrim of souls"

    it's taken a while but i think I've realised i prefer empty open worlds, fallout 3, MGS5 etc. whenever they fill them with stuff(markers) i just get distracted by it and then get bored and stop playing(witcher 3) or get annoyed at the interruptions(horizon and far cry 5) in some games I'm able to power through that, because traversal(spiderman) or the story(nier:automata) is good enough.

    while i'm sure i'll do a buch of the "open world" stuff in this i assume it will just as easy to ignore it when i want to just travel to a boss area or one of the 6 big "dungeons."

    while the collectors edition almost tempted me i decided to save money and get the bloodborne and dark souls art books instead. i'm a responsible adult.