Elden Ring (PC/PS4/PS5/XBO/XSX)

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    Here it is! New release date February 25, 2022.

  • I would be more excited for it if it was more similar to Sekiro than Souls.

  • It happened! Fantastic trailer.

  • Boss designs are really good to add something positive.

  • Pretty but I wish there was gameplay. It might be in engine but without a HUD I am not convinced it is how it will look when I play it.

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    @farley2k Really? In terms of graphical fidelity, I honestly thought the game looked kinda bad after the visual orgasm that was Demon's Souls. Clearly being held back by the previous generation.

  • I think personally, even if it scores well, it looks like a step backwards to me. It’s so visually and thematically indistinguishable from Dark Souls and it’s sequels, I feel like they needed to go further in a different direction to make this have its own identity. I know I’ll make everyone who’s a huge fan upset, but even going back to watch the trailer for Dark Souls 3, this feels pretty identical in styling and art. Only now you have a horse.

    Youtube Video

    I thought Sekiro was a step in a new direction I was into. It had a new setting and new mechanics. This just looks like Dark Souls 4.

  • If no name revealed I would have thought its dark souls 4 since it looks exact same as demon/dark souls/Bloodborne with sekiro touch.

  • @happygaming

    I totally agree.

  • Now that the trailer is out, I'm not expecting it to look better than Demon's Souls (PS5) nor am I expecting it to be a Sekiro-like departure.

    It's good to know what we're dealing with so I can temper my expectations. I'm curious about the gameplay now. Kinda hoping for fewer RPG elements than a typical Souls game.

  • Elden Ring does look astonishing but I think From are going through the motions. Although the game looks impressive it seems to me like they're still churning out settings that are grim and dank, brooding with foreboding. I'd like to see more creative and interesting settings beyond the murky. Bloodborne at least had an identifiable thematic allure in its dripping Victorian gothic presentation. Some colour and vibrancy shouldn't hurt given From's stellar reputation. I get this feeling that underneath all the differences it'll just be more of the same-but I am truly happy that you guys are hyped for it because I wish I could be too-but I really have to spend loads of time on these Souls/Soulslike games before I can even begin to get giddy.

  • @JDINCINERATOR I think the game design of Souls explains the world design. Like, they want a world where it makes sense that enemies and NPCs can stand around non-nonsensically if need be, where they don't have to respond in human-like ways to the player, and where levels can occur in a hub and spoke like flow without it having to make sense as a real world. In particular, the games can be filled with weird architecture and nowhere has to feel "populated". But maybe you meant that within the realm of foreboding, dying worlds, they still feel too same.