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  • Can I pitch an idea. It's a me-thing but my favourites from 2007 have been rearranged from the way I felt about them in 2007 in the sense that my 2007 GOTY has changed today or games that I didn't love back then, I love now.

    When you submit your list, make another side list to post at the end of your 2007 GOTY in your 2007 mindset. I'm curious if I'm the only one; especially since this was a legendary and highly influential year in gaming.

  • Maybe after GOTY 2021, what about ranking the Greatest Rockstar Developed games?

    All of this hustle bustle regarding the Remaster Trilogy has me going down memory lane. Just got punched in the face with nostalgia when I heard the Liberty City Stories Intro song:
    Youtube Video

    Ben and Jones recently had a very nostalgic discussion about Bully on Frame Trap:
    Youtube Video – [53:04..]

    All of this has me craving some older Rockstar games. I definitely want to replay Bully for the first time since 2006 or 2007. I need to play RDR2 still. Also been craving some Niko Bellic. May as well dive back into GTA III while the remaster is here.

    The Ringer just ranked the best 3D GTA games (strong disagree from me), but I think we've played enough to take it a step further and rank all Rockstar developed games. Even if we have holes (I haven't played GTA 1 for example), we'll survive.

  • Hey everyone, I wanted to know if you're ready to have another GOTY election?

    It's too early to do our 2021 GOTY, so I'd like to continue doing the 2000s with 2006 or do another year.

    Since we just finished a GOTY election, I'll give everyone 5 weeks to vote this time. To give more time for submitting lists and also allow for more participation.

  • @shoulderguy I personally think if you could orchestrate a renewed top 100 games of all time that would be wonderful. I think the community have been waiting for a top 100.

  • @jdincinerator I'm reluctant to start a top 100 games of all-time. I agree with what @Brannox said about a list like that needing more participation and the forum doesn't currently have enough people to make that work.

  • I think we gotta let go of the Top 100. The forums have about 20-30 participants and maybe 10 daily active users.

    Wondering if we have any traction for an off-brand countdown that isn't GOTY related. I suggested Rockstar games but I'm open to anything. Maybe "Best Arcade Racers" or something?

  • @shoulderguy Yeah that makes sense I guess but I'm simply saying it was requested to me just before I ran the GOTY 2008 vote. If not a top 100 games maybe something more interesting like top 25 videogame characters might be cool. I think taking a break from GOTY votes would be refreshing.

  • (At the top, I started this meaning to leave a couple paragraphs, and come to find out I had a lot to say. Apologies for this wall.)

    As always, I'm personally down to keep going with GOTY countdowns at the pace everyone else seems fit.

    And on that point, I believe the reason why the "other" topic list ideas have been/are a little more difficult to inspire enthusiasm/interest is many topics might be a little too focused and not as many people have as much experience/knowledge about them.

    To better explain, I'll use DIPSET's examples of Rockstar games or Arcade Racers: These are two categories I can't speak upon, and because I only know me, myself, and I, I DON'T know if anyone else is like me and can't comment on these picks. So if there aren't enough people to focus on a topic, it wouldn't make logistical sense for the organizer. Now take that approach and apply it to all kinds of other ideas. Some out-of-thin-air examples: Best Fighting games, Wii games, Final Fantasies, Endings, etc. These are more singular to certain groups and while I could go on about Final Fantasy, I would be completely ill-equipped to discuss best games on a console I didn't own, or a genre I have NO experience in (but I would still enjoy reading such a list!)

    And this is why I think the GOTY countdowns are (and have been) the strongest: It's a definitive, and most crucially, unmovable set criteria (the year), and ANY game applies. This allows someone like me who'll barely scrape together four or five games for the 2021 list equal enjoyment as someone who has played more than 10, while simultaneously not needing 50 people to participate (though the more, the better), but can still survive off of 20 or so. Topics like best characters, beginnings/endings, best weapons, etc. are all intriguing, but we would be dealing with practically ALL games at that point, and I fear those kinds of things would be too spread out with the little amount of activity this place has. So there would need to be some form of a restriction or qualifier (more on that in a moment).

    Which brings me to the top 100 list. Again, I would love to try, but I stand firm in my original point of participation because the more people, the more games, the more accurate it comes across as. So I'm with DIPSET here as well: It's a novel idea, we just don't have the bodies to make it worth it.

    So: ALL of this post to put out an idea: For anyone who wants to (and it's completely OK if no one does), we put down AS MANY topics of a countdown as possible. If any ideas and topics are of interest from multiple people (whether it be people can put together a substantial ballot or are just fascinated to see what such a list could be), we can take up that idea. Now some topics would have to be adjusted in the voting process, but here's a few of what I'm thinking to hopefully explain:

    Best games on (Insert console here)
    Ranking every (Insert franchise here)
    Best Melee weapons/"Gun" weapons/"Other" weapons
    Best games from (Insert Publisher/Developer/one of the Big Three)

    To come up with the above, I did something I would like to suggest you all can do as well to get your ideas flowing: Go to the search screen, and type 'Kill Your Babies!' for "Titles and Posts." There are a TON of those threads I ran years ago (Jesus... Years... was not expecting that...) and there are MANY topics there. Keep paging through (or not, no pressure) to find any ideas that you think would be good enough for the current Countdown format our GOTYs are.

    So, to wrap all this up: I'm completely down with continuing on to 2006, taking a break (like we're doing for our own Hall of Greats at the moment), or pivoting to a new topic/idea, but if we DO pivot, we need to workshop/brainstorm the topic and how it'll work.

    If anyone cares, thanks a ton, and if you're so inclined, please leave your thoughts/ideas as well!

  • I'd prefer to continue doing more GOTY's. We could finish the 2000s and then do a game of the 2000s with those results. But I'm also cool with managing a countdown that is not GOTY related. As long as it has enough support.

    I think whatever we decide to do should be:

    1.) Video game related
    2.) Inclusive to as many people as possible
    3.) Viable with 20-30 participants

  • I just wanna throw it out there but I might run low on games to nominate as we get earlier and earlier into the 2000s. I think I played enough from around 2001-2006 to have a list of GOTY nominations that I feel pretty strongly about. I've caught up on many classic games from the 90s and 2000s as I've gotten older, but back then, I'd play like 1-2 games and a ton of sports or racing. My age will start to show as we get into the 90s and at that point I might not have much to contribute.

    We can cross that bridge when we get there but maybe around then we can consider specific topics cause I think many of us are in our mid-20s or early-30s and don't have a ton of experience going back that far but I could be wrong.

  • @dipset I'm in that same boat, as I can compile at least four games up until '97. Earlier than that, I don't have much and what I DO have is one, MAYBE two games in a given year.

  • @dipset I think you're right. We probably won't do any year specific 90s GOTY's. Maybe we could do a best games of the 1990s countdown. Rank our top 15 games of the 1990s, plus 5 optional honorable mentions.

  • @shoulderguy I really like that idea.

  • My peak period of gaming was late 90s to early 2000s, as seen by this breakdown of my personal top 50 games:

    alt text

    But alas, it looks like the rest of the forum isn't in the same boat as me.

    How about Top 15 Xbox 360 Games then?

  • @oscillator I'm up for doing a GOTY vote for the year 2001 or 2002 if that's what you're suggesting. But I think voting on any specific year in the 90s will leave too many voters out.

  • @shoulderguy said in Next Community Vote:

    @oscillator I'm up for doing a GOTY vote for the year 2001 or 2002 if that's what you're suggesting. But I think voting on any specific year in the 90s will leave too many voters out.

    2001's a pretty sick year. Best of the 90s is also a decent idea, though.

  • I think we should keep doing GOTY. The sixth generation is my favorite in video game history. 2001 though 2004 are all amazing years.

    Personally I could make a goty list for each 90s year, the 16-bit generation is my second favorite gen.

  • @oscillator I would love a 90s top but it's pointless considering the demographics here. Most of my GOATs are from that decade too. Alas!

  • If it's anything older than 2001 then I'm probably not going to have the most extensive of games to vote for, but I'm down for whatever. I also like DIPSET's idea of best Rockstar games, I like the idea of not doing GOTYs all the time.

  • It seems like most of us are in favor of doing another GOTY. Eventually we'll have to mix things up but we still have some banger years left to rank.

    2006 and 2001 both have support. I could put up a straw poll.

    We do the winner next and the loser some time next year?