Xbox E3 2021 post-show thoughts

  • Art style of the Halo Infinite campaign looked promising, a combination of Halo 1 and Halo 3 with a modern sheen. But no gameplay shown.

    Halo Infinite multiplayer, on the other hand, pained me. Zero classic Halo vibes aside from the announcer. Struck me visually as Halo 5 multiplayer with different lighting, weapons felt like they had no impact just like the flat Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer. It really seemed like, and maybe it is actually, that the campaign and multiplayer are being built by two entirely different teams.

    No Starfield gameplay, and the in-engine footage didn't even show outer space. Launching 11-11-22 though, so next year will be its proper showing.

    Forza Horizon 5 looked very nice, though the things that make Horizon Horizon - super loose handling, emphasis on exploration over racing on a course - aren't my thing. Still, it did manage to tickle my fancy a little bit.

    Also, is anything launching this year? Over and over, 2022, 2022, 2022, 2022, 2022...

  • Psychonauts 2 is this year

  • Great beginning, average middle, bad closing. Overall nice presentation. Especially after Ubi's shitshow. Nothing mind blowing though.

    Some games that I can remember that I want to play:

    -Atomic Heart
    -Stalker 2
    -12 Minutes

    And that BF 2042 trailer was really hype even though I'm a singleplayer lover.

    Edit: I couldn't care less about Starfield but even I was surprised there is no gameplay and game is this far away.

  • @dmcmaster said in Xbox E3 2021 post-show thoughts:

    Psychonauts 2 is this year

    I've seen it shown in some form so many times, I thought it was Psychonauts 3 at this point.

    @scotty said in Xbox E3 2021 post-show thoughts:

    And that BF 2042 trailer was really hype even though I'm a singleplayer lover.

    Yeah, it looked pretty ok. I'll be keeping it on my mind.

  • Psychonauts, MSFS, Halo and FH5 this year. Forza Horizon looks fantastic, it's crazy damn!

    Happy with the show. Atomic Heart, Stalker and the new Plague Tale for 2022 makes me happy.

    Regarding Arcane they went from being one of my top developers to having two games that I couldn't care less. 🙁

  • A Plague Tale Requiem - Best surprise announcement from the event. The first game was great.

  • Gamepass is killing it Stalker, Atomic Heart Plague tale. Plus all the other 20 or so games announced day 1.

  • A lot of games shown but nothing I'm that excited about.

  • A Plague Tale: Requiem is the best news E3 has offered so far. Man, I love the first one so much! An astonishing surprise, that one. And now again.
    I'm just crossing my fingers now that Requiem will become a multiplatform game at some point.

  • Replaced looks great too
    Youtube Video

  • Halo, Psychonauts 2 and Party Animals were literaly the only things i cared about in that show

  • best reveal

  • Very impressed with the graphics on Forza. Fable will look insane.

  • @phbz

    I am done getting hyped about good looking indies and wait them for years. Eastward, The Last Night, Little Devil Inside, Saviour etc. So I want to play this but try to forget.

    Also yeah, can't believe Forza's graphics. It's insane.

    What was the game that looks like Inside but with an adult?

    And where the f**k is Hellblade 2!!??

  • Because I doubt anyone else here is going to bring it up, Slime Rancher 2 is interesting. I'm a fan of the original and the devs in general, and until now they've added tons onto the original and hosted limited time in-game events and such, so I don't think anyone was expecting a sequel. Even seeing the trailer with all the new slimes I was expecting at most it to be a new expansion, so it is pretty interesting it is supposedly a full blown sequel. I guess that means support for the original is finally ending. Trailer really didn't show what sets the sequel apart, aside from all the new slime types, which could easily have been added to the original, so interested to see more.

  • @scotty Hellblade shouldn't be out earlier than 2023 at best.

    Yes that Inside looking game looks cool, don't know the name. I get what you're saying about indies, I always get hyped and then they take forever to release or just disappear for good.

  • Easily best show of E3.

    STALKER 2 blow me away. Starfield concept is very interesting.

  • Replaced and Redfall were my highlights. I was a little disappointed by BF2042 but...

    They needed to show a vertical slice of Hellblade 2. It's been nearly 2 years since it was announced.

  • @b-cell No love for Atomic Heart?

  • @phbz

    They should at least show a trailer even if they don't have enough material for a gameplay.