Xbox E3 2021 post-show thoughts

  • Btw, here's the line up for Game Pass


    Now I'm unsure what to play first. Arx Fatalis, Evil Within 2 or Like a Dragon. 🤔

    Great time to be a gamer!

  • @scotty True, I was expecting some "fake" gameplay for some titles to be honest. But I remember Phil saying something about they wanting to avoid showing more than what they really have to avoid fuck ups like the many they had.

    We know it's coming and the calendar seems pretty busy already.

  • @phbz

    Well it was my most anticipated title with Indy so I'm sad.

    I was convinced they would close the show with one of them instead Arkane's average looking new game.

  • I loved the anti-BS Outer Worlds 2 reveal. xD

  • @scotty I can't even tell what the hell is that game, I just know that I'm really not into it. Bad choice for a closing.

  • @scotty said in Xbox E3 2021 post-show thoughts:

    instead Arkane's average looking new game.

    You mean Arkane's average looking new CGI mini-movie.

  • Pretty positive on the whole, there was just no shockers, as there were rumors of all four newly announced XGS games weeks before the conference (Contraband by Avalanche, Redfall by Arkane, The Outer Worlds 2 by Obsidian, and Forza Horizon 5 by Playground.) Once again, the real standout from a recent Xbox Showcase is Game Pass as a service, it is truly absurd - there's truly enough quality stuff on there and coming that you don't need to buy any other games to keep you occupied which is awesome.

    Starfield - I'm sure there's a lot to be taken from what was shown, but I had hoped for something a little more revealing for its second trailer - though there is plenty of time given we're still 17 months from its announced launch date of 11.11.21.

    Contraband - This didn't do much for me from an announcement standpoint, there's probably more to latch onto for those who dig into every pixel, but given its something wholly original I would've liked there to have been at least an attempt to present a hook outside of a genre.

    Somerville - For those who don't know, and it may explain why this looks so similar to Inside, one of the Playdead co-founders left in 2017 and began work on this project - not hard to see resemblance. I loved those games, and trust the direction of this will hopefully yield something just as quality - the fact its on Game Pass is a cherry on the top.

    Halo Infinite - I don't really care for the discourse on this game at all, the response to last year was so over the top to me that I don't know why any developer ever shows their game until it comes out. Ultimately its nice they decided to not force this out last year as it would've been the subject of all kinds of ridicule, and can at least try and appease some of those critiques with the added time. I think it looks fun, the multiplayer looked solid and the visuals are improved.

    A Plague Tale: Requiem - I figured this would get a follow-up, just not so soon - 2022 after releasing the original in 2019 seems crazy, especially with the pandemic. Still haven't played the original, its on Game Pass, and I'll need to get around to it before this launches into Game Pass too. I'm just going to assume though this gets pushed into 2023, that seems more natural anyways.

    Replaced - A fitting name, as there was a game from E3 2017, The Last Night, that looked tonally and visually just like this before falling off the map due to the history of the creator. Its hard to tell sometimes with indies, but I appreciate the promise.

    The Outer Worlds 2 - I question the necessity of announcing this so early, Obsidian is busy and XGS as a whole is not struggling for newly announced games, that this could've waited. Its a fun trailer and it almost seems like the idea of the self aware trailer was why it was done.

    Microsoft Flight Simulator - Thankfully only about six weeks out and coming to Series X|S makes it the first XGS game to leave the Xbox One behind, as of now. Don't have a powerful PC, so I'm stoked to get to play this, also very cool to have a Top Gun: Maverick free expansion.

    Forza Horizon 5 - Hell yes. Mexico was rumored, and is a great pick. Amazing looking, can't wait.

    Redfall - A vampire related game by Arkane was rumored, and Pete Hines' shirt basically confirmed it, but this was not what I expected it to be. I think we all sort of assumed another immersive sim-esque game was on the way, but this seems pretty far removed from something like Prey. It would've been nice to see a little more since its coming Summer 2022, but its nice to see its not that far off.

  • @oscillator

    Nope I was talking about what game is going to be...

    @oscillator said in Xbox E3 2021 post-show thoughts:

    I loved the anti-BS Outer Worlds 2 reveal. xD

    One of the best announcement trailers ever.

  • @miserableperson Maybe Asobo is bigger than we know, on top of Plague Tale they worked in Flight Simulator 2020 too and now a sequel almost done. Must be that sweet MS money.

  • @phbz said in Xbox E3 2021 post-show thoughts:

    @b-cell No love for Atomic Heart?

    Looking forward to it. Its unique immersive sim FPS.

  • Btw

    "Ninja Theory, Obsidian, Rare to feature in developer chats."

    I'm not expecting any big reveal but maybe some new info on Hellblade, Avowed and Everwild.

  • @miserableperson Get on A Plague Tale it's only about 8 hours. Great game if you're into slower paced 3rd person acation adventure games.

  • Banned

    Plague Tale looks great.
    Forza Horizon is always awesome

    Other than that, very meh. I can't get excited for Starfield since Bethesda haven't put out a good game since Oblivion, and Halo Infinite doesn't do much to help my gears that 343 is going to push out yet another turd that doesn't understand what made Halo great in the first place.

    Hoping we see more Hellblade 2 in that showcase. My hype meter is crazy for that one.

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