Nintendo E3 Direct and Treehouse thread

  • basically similar to the Xbox E3 Post show thread. post thoughts and discussion relating to the Nintendo E3 Direct and Treehouse Presentations in this thread and any other Nintendo Related E3 news here.

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  • I want every game confirmed. That's it.

    Or just a release date for BotW2.

  • i know it's being made by Ubisoft but the fact Mario Rabbids 2 got announced this year already makes Nintendo "win" E3 for me lol.

    at this point Nintendo doesn't have to announce anything more and i would still be completely satisfied with what i've seen for Switch News this E3. but damn it i really hope they do show us SOMETHING metroid at this point. 2d or 3D i don't care

  • I have faith. I think going on the last day was a power move because they know they have the best lineup. I feel like they will have an, "Oh, one more thing...," and it will be either BOTW 2 or Metroid Prime 4. They want to be what everybody is talking about for the next week and what everybody remembers about this E3...but then I always over hype myself for Directs to the point that it wouldn't be possible to not disappoint me.

  • Kazuya announced for Smash. So far I am 0/1. He looks cool enough. Loved the cliff.

    Now THAT was an appropriate amount of time for Guardians of the Galaxy.

    HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT METROID 5!!!! Metroid Dread, coming October 8!! I way prefer 2D Metroid to Prime and this was entirely unexpected. Everything from here is gravy.

    SMT 5, this is the E_Zed_Eh Direct. Officially Nintendo fanboy. Losing my mind over here. SMT 5 November 12...but it looks kinda rough to be honest. Pre-orders start June 21.

    Zelda Game and Watch with Zelda 1, Zelda 2, Link's Awakening (GB) and some old Game and Watch game.

    BOTW 2 new abilities shown, the water one looks cool. Coming 2022. Includes some type of flying gameplay.

    10/10 presentation for me, Nintendo wins E3 and it's not even close.

  • @yoshi You did it! You willed it. Thank you so much, Australian Huber!

  • I'm hyped for a new 2D Metroid!!!!

  • @neocweeny Just glad they didn't wait for the Treehouse to announce it so I didn't miss it again.


  • Nintendo actually saved E3! I'm very happy right now, for myself and everyone else. I'm personally soooooo hyped for that Metroid game, and the Advance Wars remaster/remake.

  • The Direct was actually pretty good. Metroid, WarioWare and Advance Wars were the highlights for me.

  • @neocweeny A good way to gauge an E3 presentation is whether there's so much good you actually forgot some. Totally forgot about Warioware.

  • Fatal Frame coming to Switch, that leaves like 4 games left on Wii U to port? That being Xenoblade Chronicless X, the two Zelda remasters and a "we're sorry " edition of Star Fox Zero.

  • Banned

    GG Nintendo, you saved this E3 from being complete trash.

  • I am 100% going to buy Metroid Dread but these Switch graphics are starting to become an eye sore. So blurry and less interesting overall compared to an Ori or Hollow Knight.

    But yeah, Metroidvania's and party games are basically the types of games I like most for my Switch so this is all good news.

  • Not the Metroid I want but I'll take it, a bit unsure about the art style.

    Zelda I was expecting to see more but at least now we know it's not 2023. I'm beyond excited for Zelda!

    I haven't seen the show, just checked the YouTube trailers, I may be missing something but I haven't seen anything else that does it for me.

    I'll give this E3 for Microsoft, 2nd Elden Ring, 3rd Nintendo. People have been complaining about this E3 I think it was awesome with a ton of games I want to play. Ah, HM to the Wholesome games show, it ruled.

  • Banned

    @dipset You mean you haven't figured out how to get Switch games to run in 4K/60?
    That's a shame.


  • @el-shmiablo

    Even Ori and the Will of the Wisps looks amazing on Switch despite being inferior to PC/Xbox fidelity. Something missing from the art style in Metroid Dread. Just looks dated compared to the competition (which are small indie devs).

  • @dipset Fair play. It looks too similar to Samus Returns for sure. Visuals definitely look half ass. Can't say I agree with Ori looking great - but then I have only played the first one and it was also on Switch soooo....