Blue Box Game Studios, AKA 'The Conspiracy'

  • Hello Allies,

    So by this point I'm sure many of you are aware of BLUE BOX Game Studios and the weirdness that is going on with them, and this is turning out to be one of the most fascinating game news stories I have ever seen, so I figured I'd make a topic for it.

    For those unaware, BLUE BOX is a studio developing the game Abandoned, exclusively for the PS5, but things may not be what they seem. See, many people, including Jason Schreier himself, are at least somewhat convinced that the studio is a front for a Hideo Kojima led revival of Silent Hills.

    Now, the reasons for this theory are scattered and I don't even know where it originated, but there is some incredibly wild evidence that this game is not what it seems. Normally I wouldn't give much thought to conspiracy theories like this, but there is some crazy stuff going on here. I can't go over everything, so I'll leave a link to a reddit post that collects much of the information. Granted some of the "evidence" is a little far-fetched but there is some stuff that I find truly interesting.

    Here are the "employees" of Blue Box, who are stock photos:

    Here is a link to an inactive Silent Hill merch page on Konami's website that was supposedly opened recently (don't know how reputable that is):

    Edit: the merch link now 404s. Was active when I posted it.

    Also here is a sketchy video from Geoff Keighley that I think implies he knows more than he's letting on:

    There is even more stuff that I haven't linked, so I encourage you to research it on your own as well.

    So what do we think, Allies? Is it a Kojima game? Is it Silent Hills? Personally, I am really unsure, but there are some shenanigans here that are undeniable. I also question how a studio with stock photo employees could secure an exclusivity deal with Sony.

    Maybe this is all a bunch of BS, I don't know! What I do know though is that regardless of what it ends up being, I had a hell of a time being along for the ride.

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    I love this type of shit.
    Even if it proves to be a big nothingburger, I always love when wild shit like this crops up in the industry. It's just so fun.

  • Yeah the opaque front facing of these mega corporations that run gaming and the over all bottom line ‘fiduciary growth’ bean counting that has plagued this industry since it’s inception seems to be at an all time boring and stuffy point right now.

    I will gobble this shit up to at least get some spice back, even if it’s still something probably conjured up by said stuffy corporations to garner good will.

  • "Blue Box" = Sony & Microsoft

    Sorry, not gonna happen again.

    I don't really think this is related to Kojima or Silent Hill. The guy already said so, but for some people that's not enough because "Kojima did the same thing with Moby Dick". No, it's not the same, Moby Dick only mentioned "MGS", this guy Hasan apologized for indulging in the rumors mentioning Kojima and Konami by name, I'm pretty sure because he realized all the backlash he would get, not to mention the legal implications. The employee stuff is most probably to appear to be bigger than he really is, just one guy spitting out asset flips.

    I really wish Silent Hill comes back for real, and I guess there's still a chance of that, but I very much doubt it has anything to do with Kojima or Blue Box. People give Kojima too much credit, the PT and Phantom Pain stuff were discovered pretty quickly. I guess this might be real too because it's all to obvious, ngl.

    Hey if I'm proven wrong that's cool too, there's still so many coincidences. But correlation does not mean causation, I guess I'd rather be surprised than disappointed.

  • @capnbobamous said in Blue Box Game Studios, AKA 'The Conspiracy':

    there are some shenanigans here that are undeniable. I also question how a studio with stock photo employees could secure an exclusivity deal with Sony.

    It's a front for Gearbox and the game is Colonial Marines 2, which in turn is a funnel for funding Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

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    @dario Stop.
    I refuse to let you ruin this for me.



  • @el-shmiablo Theories:

    1. Abandoned is an Eiffel 65 rhythm game
    2. Blue Edwards is a major investor
    3. Blue = sad; Blue Box = Sad Box; My Gearbox theory checks out.
    4. This is just the next red herring in getting this game trending in order to further feed the pump and dump

  • @e_zed_eh_intern said in Blue Box Game Studios, AKA 'The Conspiracy':

    @el-shmiablo Theories:

    1. Abandoned is an Eiffel 65 rhythm game

    Zorotl’s Revenge: Move Your Body


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    There is an expansion for the original Half-Life called Blue Shift.
    Valve released a package of games called The Orange Box.
    Half-Life 3 confirmed.

  • This is another fun take on the conspiracy. True or not, I'm down for anything as long as the end result is something cool.

  • This whole thing is awesome. If it turns out true it's even better!

  • So somebody in the reddit posted this, and it seems to be real. Not 100% but if it is, this is the weirdest response he could have given.


    Here's a video possibly proving it's real. Don't know how easy it would be to fake.

  • I guess I'm getting old or something that I don't find this kind of stuff "fun" anymore, specially when it goes on for so long. But just of posterity let's look at all possible scenarios:

    • It's Kojima
    • It's Silent Hill
    • It's both
    • It's Siren
    • It's none of the above

    My bet is on the latter of course, to me most of the "evidence" is just confirmation bias and trolling for the sake of keeping the train going. Time will tell I suppose, and hopefully we'll get a cool game after all is said and done.

    Nonetheless, this whole trip has uncovered some interesting facts at the very least, like Kojima and Konami following each other on socials 😄