Metroid Dread thread

  • Looks better than a DS game. Should look better though. None of that matters if it's a great game Metroidvanias have evolved alot in the past 10 years.

  • Honestly the graphics don't really bother me because I'll be playing it on a handheld screen the whole time anyway. Also I'm used to Switch games not looking super good. Like, whatever man, I just want the game to be good and it certainly seems like that's the case.

  • @bam541 I agree

  • @paulmci27 said:

    looks like a XBLA game

    Guessing you mean Shadow Complex. That's really more a testament to that game than anything. Honestly, I keep going back and forth and really comparing it to stuff, and for a Switch game Metroid Dread looks great at times with the HD graphics and lighting making materials look believably convincing. I think there's a deceptive simplicity to it when certain rooms seem to lack a ton of detail, but then from Treehouse we'll see them walk into another that has way more detail going on, often with their background. There's hidden little elements like a camouflage cloaked enemy shimmering that you don't immediately notice or little exposed bits betraying a hidden area you can blast open. The camera will shift during action moments to even higher levels of detail as you see Samus stylishly fight her way out of tense situations.

    The main thing I keep hearing people parrot, including Smyle Smoshman, is that they're disappointed the game doesn't have Ori / Hollow Knight visuals. I'm not sure which platform these people played Ori on, but as someone currently going through the second game on Switch, stuff in that is pretty damn blurry to pack that level of detail on the hardware. I've run into a ton of technical hiccups with the game too. Hollow Knight is a stronger argument, but I also just don't think the style of Hollow Knight would be as fitting for Metroid. Bloodworth during reactions was talking about how angular certain elements in Metroid Dread are, but that's part of what gives that sci-fi, space station feel to the setting. You've got to have your bland, pristine looking chambers to set up the crazier stuff as you blow them apart to venture further into wild alien caverns and such.

    The one thing that so far seems to be obviously missing from Metroid Dread however is the level of layered backgrounds we saw from Samus Returns on 3DS, which were mostly there to pop a convincing 3D effect on the hardware. I do think in a sense that has been downgraded, maybe for performance? They've definitely already shown some interesting background elements, as well as them interacting with the foreground though, so I think ultimately that'll end up making up for a lack of a shoebox diorama type feel to every room or even something like Luigi's Mansion 3. They've also already shown off there's times in this game where Samus will need to quickly book it through multiple room transitions in a row while being chased by the E.M.M.I. type threats that likewise are not restricted to a single screen worth of area, so I think the team prioritized stable performance so that locations can load in super quick to maintain the tension the game is aiming for over raw graphics.

    I'm surprised in general anyone was expecting the next 2D Metroid to be some graphical showpiece, and I really have to wonder if all this gripe is just some kind of trickle down from people impatient to see how Metroid Prime 4 looks after the long wait for it. That's the one that really has something to prove on the graphical front after all this time in development. Metroid Dread on the other hand is focused on delivering the tension of the gameplay experience and concluding the Metroid Arc of Samus' story for the fans in a satisfying manner after being stuck on the same beat for 19 years. That's where this game really needs to deliver. If Metroid Dread releases and the story isn't up to snuff, then by all means it deserves criticism after building it up like this. Likewise if the encounters become a joke after you get the optical camouflage powerup or really anytime during the first 80% of the game, then yes, the project will have failed to deliver. Graphics though? In a 2D Metroid? Looks fine to me.

  • I just wanna know why the suit looks robotic instead of Metroid-y. Did they mention that anywhere?

  • @dario Yes. It is basically a new suit on top of the old suit that's fused to Samus. You can see it more in the bottom half of it.

  • @mbun Oh cool, I imagined it was something like that, just wanted to make sure.

    I'm pretty hyped about this but honestly I'm mostly curious about the future of the series because of the stuff Sakamoto said. Hopefully that also means we'll see Metroid games more often.

  • @dario Yeah I'm very curious what the future of Metroid, post Metroid, will be. Since it is part of Samus herself now, unless something crazy happens in this game where that gets stripped from her, making her normal again, then I guess she'll always technically be carrying a part of it forward even when that's no longer the focus.

  • This is my most anticipated game of the year.

    Yoshio Sakamoto and Mercury Steam already made a 10/10 Metroid on 3DS so I have absolute confidence in this game. It was hands down and by far the best game I played on 3DS. I'd even go as far as saying it might be the best Metroid game period. It's Super Metroid but with just enough improvements to make it hard to go back to the SNES masterpiece. Most particularly the free aim function.

    I also think Dread is very visually crisp. It has a very clean look and I love Samus' new suit.

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    I've watched the trailer a bunch to figure out what it is that makes the game look so bad to be and I think it's the lighting. The game clearly has a lot of reflective surfaces, but it isn't reflecting anything properly. Surfaces get blown out with light when they shouldn't, which makes everything look flat.
    Hopefully something they can fix before release, but not a huge deal if they don't. Still just excited for anything Metroid.

  • @paulmci27 said in Metroid Dread thread:

    Hope it's good looks like a XBLA game. Mercury Steam have proven they can make solid 7/10 games. Nintendo should have brought it in-house and give the IP the respect it deserves I'd be happy to be proven wrong.

    I really loved Samus Returns. I'm happy they are developing it.

  • @neocweeny
    Mirror of Fate, Samus Returns were great tbh.

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  • As someone with almost no emotional reverence for the series, but who respects its status and place in history, my issue is the value proposition just doesn't line up with the competition which should lead to higher expectations. Now, this isn't something exclusive to Metroid, it is a common issue for me with a lot of Nintendo titles. This is a new, $60 entry in an esteemed franchise which is going to be compared to great games that released at half the cost, or lower. There has been a flood of these games over the last 5-10 years trying to satiate fans who love this style, and this is asserting itself as the best of the best by just naming it Metroid Dread. While I don't expect it to have an art style similar to Ori or Hollow Knight, it should damn sure look better than this - to act like it shouldn't is crazy.

  • @dmcmaster I never played any of the Lords of Shadow games. I want to try them though.

  • @neocweeny
    If you have a PC i believe they're on sale on Steam or Humble bundle

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    @miserableperson Yeah. I feel that unless you are invested in the series, this isn't going to blow many people away.
    I've come to expect a bare minimum from Nintendo these days with most of their franchises, so that when they fail to impress I'm not too disappointed, or when they actually do impress I'm pleasantly surprised.
    Being a diehard Metroid fan I fall into that category and I'm just happy to get an official continuation to the story after so long, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly disappointed with what they are offering for the price they are offering it for.

  • @miserableperson said:

    it should damn sure look better than this - to act like it shouldn't is crazy


    Personally, I'm going to wait until we see what the final game is like before making judgements on that level, because what we have seen does not look THAT bad, and we know we've just basically seen the very beginning of the game, so there's a ton of room for it to impress as the game progresses.

  • @El-Shmiablo Yea, I think it's great they're returning to it, I hope it delivers for fans.

    @mbun I have never made or published a game, and don't think that matters in regards to this conversation. There's arguably nothing wrong with how it looks if this was any game, but its being billed as a best in class return for a franchise, and I don't feel what was shown matches that expectation. This looks like an upscaled Metroid: Samus Returns, a $40 3DS game. Just from what they've shown, its hard to warrant a $60 price tag for this when something like Ori and the Will of the Wisps, a game developed by an indie studio over five years for Xbox launched at $30. It doesn't add up, the only difference is this is an iconic Nintendo franchise they've sat on for 15+ years, so they feel they can launch it however they please and people should just accept it. Again, its just a value proposition issue for me, it can be great and I hope it does, but I feel it has a lot to do to warrant the asking price.

  • @miserableperson said in Metroid Dread thread:

    I have never made or published a game, and don't think that matters in regards to this conversation.

    I believe it does for multiple reasons. First of all, you have to try and understand the developer's intent with the project. I've already gone into this above and listed multiple reasons why the game might look as it seems to. Beyond that though, I really feel like people who just played something like Ratchet & Clank are bringing those next-gen, high-end modern hardware expectations into a game that's being designed to run smoothly on a 4+ year old glorified handheld.

    There's not really examples of games that do what Metroid Dread is trying to do on the Switch that look much better, despite all the talk of "competition". The closest is probably Ori, and I've already touched on how that game sort of performs what it does, as well as technical hiccups I've run into while playing Ori you definitely wouldn't want to feel with an E.M.M.I. chasing you down.

    I also believe the focus of this game to be the atmosphere and the story, instead of the pure graphical punch. Samus Returns came out about 4 years ago on the 3DS, so even though this game has been conceptualized off and on for ages, that definitely doesn't mean it has been in technical development for this time. There's no way it even could have been, given the Switch is only so old itself. Samus Returns was presented as a stop gap until Prime 4 when it was revealed, and I have to imagine, to some degree, Metroid Dread shares that fate of them wanting to quickly get a new entry out once they knew Prime 4's development needed to be restarted. That's not to say I think it has been rushed by any means, but I'm sure they didn't want to linger on the project too long after the storied history around it combined with Prime 4's situation. The fans have waited long enough.

    This looks like an upscaled Metroid: Samus Returns, a $40 3DS game.

    I don't agree with that, except in the very basic sense of them both being Metroidvania, Metroid games. If you look back at Samus Returns, the level of detail is greater than what we're seeing with this game, mostly to accent the 3D effect of the 3DS, although that's hard to witness without playing the game on the hardware itself. If you just look at videos of the game, things will look very flat with low resolution, pretty basic lighting / textures that reflect the 3DS's limitations.

    Just from what they've shown, its hard to warrant a $60 price tag for this

    I'm not so sure. On top of the basic Metroidvania type game formula we're used to seeing, they've clearly put more budget into the presentation, which becomes apparent during more action focused parts of the game. When Samus gets caught by an E.M.M.I., is charging her powered up charge beam, or is performing special attacks against bosses, the perspective will shift to something akin to a cutscene, except seemingly running in-game, with much more detailed visuals. This is something games like Ori lack entirely, on top of the other reasons I've previously presented for why Ori on Switch definitely is not the shining example people seem to think it is. I could honestly go off on an entire rant about how unpolished that game seems on multiple fronts, given I happen to be playing it currently.

    this is an iconic Nintendo franchise they've sat on for 15+ years

    They've made Metroid games in the past 15+ years. They just haven't continued the story of Metroid (much) in that time, which none of your complaints seem to be focused around.

    they feel they can launch it however they please and people should just accept it

    It is very high up there on Amazon's best sellers. The Special Editions and amiibo sold out basically instantly. I'm not going to pretend there's not others like yourself complaining about the look of it right now, but end of the day people seem just fine paying $60+ for this game. Value isn't determined solely by graphical fidelity. The game appears to run silky smooth too, so from a technical standpoint it isn't bad either.

    Again, its just a value proposition issue for me, it can be great and I hope it does, but I feel it has a lot to do to warrant the asking price.

    Yeah, I understand. Honestly, it is frustrating with how Nintendo games are with sales, because normally I'd just tell you to wait for a sale if it doesn't appear to be worth the $60 for you. I guess you can try your luck down the line on the second hand market. Personally, I'd prioritize how the game runs, feels, and nails the atmosphere it is going for over how dense it is visually, but I do expect the full game to have at least some chambers / caves you walk into that just immediately wow you with whatever is going on in there. Still I'm personally holding off on condemning the visuals before we get the full product, because we really don't know yet what they're saving for release. They only showed the very beginning.