Metroid Dread thread

  • @el-shmiablo that’s cool. Say something about the game. Talk about the specifics not your trash opinion on pricing comparing it to a vastly inferior indie game that’s not even close to a Metroid game.
    I say you didn’t play it because all
    Your comments are shallow and you are just posting Twitter memes. Especially since you have been regurgitating the same comments even before launch. If you had actual opinions on the content of the game I would have more respect on the opinions.

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    @bigdude1 I've been saying stuff about the game dude. Whether you like what I have to say about it doesn't really concern me, and you should really stop taking my opinion of the game to heart. I don't like the game not the people who play it.

    As for your opinion on Hollow Knight, I don't really care. I think it is one of the best games released in the past decade, by far the best Metroidvania released in that same span, and find the content/quality to price ratio to be phenomenal.

    But if you're just really starved for my specific gripes:
    I think the game is a little too linear and hand-holdy.
    EMMI encounters are pretty fucking lame and mostly serve to pad out the game with chase sequences that are more annoying than suspenseful.
    I think the bosses range from decent to straight up bad. Kraid's first phase is downright embarrassing.
    I think the story's over reliance on a certain character in Metroid lore to push the events of the game is lazy storytelling.

    Is that enough, or do I have some sort of quota I'm supposed to meet in order for you to think my opinion is valid?

  • Just to get the discussion back to the game. I still haven't changed my opinion about it, it's OK, particularly for today's standards. I strongly believe if it wasn't Metroid and Nintendo this would be just a cool game that pushes nothing forward. Much of my disappointment with the reveal still stands as I now play it.

    Above all my main complain is that I have this feeling that level layout was done by an algorithm. Exploration doesn't flow organically and it's way too convoluted. Makes me go to the map way more frequently than what I feel is reasonable. This along with some of the new core mechanics, is making the whole experience, not hard or easy, but kind of annoying. Loading times don't help either.

    It's very far from being bad. Particularly if you are a Metroid fan it does a good job modernizing it while remaining true to itself. But... that's just not enough to get nowhere near to being top tier in the genre.

    The pricing thing... depends from person to person. But it is impossible not to compare it with HK and Ori 2, which to me are the absolute modern standards, and you could buy both for less than the price of Dread. It is what it is but for context, that's like 10% of the minimum wage where I live.

  • @el-shmiablo Kraid’s first phase meme huh? You must browse 4chan and saw the webm

    There was nothing wrong with it as it was just phase one lol

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    @bigdude1 Holy shit dude. I don't fucking care.
    You told me to talk about the game. Ive been doing that. I gave you my specific complaint about the game, as per your request, and you go straight back to the gas lighting.

    Grow up.

  • @phbz I would think that if I actually liked any of the bootleg Metroid copies anywhere close to as much . Shadow complex was alright but simple by comparison. Axiom verge failed to live up to its inspiration. For me this absolutely did. Peak Metroid.

  • @el-shmiablo it hits hard huh. It’s a pretty shallow complaint for a 15 second phase. Did you complain about that in super Metroid too?

  • @el-shmiablo am I not supposed to talk to you about it. It is a forum after all.

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    @bigdude1 You can talk to me whenever you want, lil dude. Personally I would just prefer if the posts you direct at me weren't so laden with misinformation, logical fallacies, and straight up lies to push this really strange narrative you've built up in your head.

    So talk more about the game, and less about how in your feelings you are over my opinion of the game, please.

  • @el-shmiablo aww how cute the little guy is mad. I think it gets to you because it’s true. You’re r overreacting.

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    Whatever helps you get by dude.

  • @el-shmiablo ok bro 🤛

  • @phbz is ori 2 worth playing if 1 didn’t hold my attention?

  • @bigdude1 Absolutely. I really liked the first but 2 improves upon it significantly.

    Of course in the end it's a matter of personal preference.

  • @phbz im sure 1 gets more involved but it just didn’t grab me fast enough

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    @El-Shmiablo @Bigdude1 Ben gave you both a warning, and you kept it going. Giving you a 3-day ban to cool down.

  • Metroid Dread discussion for the first part of Frame Trap
    Youtube Video

  • I said elsewhere but this Frame Trap kinda answered everything I need to know about Dread. I'm in but I just don't know when. I'll probably get it around Christmas on sale (hopefully). I have to get the Pro Controller because I know I will be too annoyed with the Joycons which will affect my enjoyment of the game.

    Also - related to FT itself; the show is so much better when the guests have played the game being discussed. Huber and Brad feeding off one another in the New World talk was a lot more engaging that usual. Last two Frame Trap eps have been good.

  • If bickering and trolling is what gets the allies to participate in the forum, then let's keep it going!