Metroid Dread thread

  • I said elsewhere but this Frame Trap kinda answered everything I need to know about Dread. I'm in but I just don't know when. I'll probably get it around Christmas on sale (hopefully). I have to get the Pro Controller because I know I will be too annoyed with the Joycons which will affect my enjoyment of the game.

    Also - related to FT itself; the show is so much better when the guests have played the game being discussed. Huber and Brad feeding off one another in the New World talk was a lot more engaging that usual. Last two Frame Trap eps have been good.

  • If bickering and trolling is what gets the allies to participate in the forum, then let's keep it going!

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    @demonpirate I know you’re joking, but it isn’t the quickest way to get us to participate, it’s the quickest way to a ban. Only small children misbehave for attention.

  • @dipset said:

    I have to get the Pro Controller because I know I will be too annoyed with the Joycons which will affect my enjoyment of the game.

    Yeah. Do that for sure. The recent Switch OLED interview finally officially confirmed Nintendo has been tweaking all their controllers since launch as well. I'm not sure exactly how you'd go about this without a new Special Edition one releasing, but see if you can try to get a newly shipped Pro Controller instead of one that's been sitting on store shelves for years. That's your best chance at a decent D-Pad and more durable Analog Stick that doesn't start to drift after a couple of years of the plastic grinding to dust and getting inside. I've loved the years I've used my Pro Controller, and it feels great, but I'm to the point where I have to blow into the stick daily to deal with the drift. Funnily enough, the D-Pad was bad when I first got it but wearing in fixed it over time, to the point where I was playing Hollow Knight with it without any problems. Obviously you want one without dealing with any of that crap though, so see if you can find a way to get a new one.

    @Yoshi I honestly didn't even notice some of those tells in the game until watching other people play it and pointing out stuff like decorative background stairs and such. I guess I'm just more of a brute forcer that wildly shoots everywhere until I find the path. That and that trained game secret instinct where you can look at a layout and guess spots that look unusual and figure they're probably unusual because they're hiding secrets. That video reminded me I still need to eventually get around to that new Shantae. Weird for him to champion that one when I don't remember it being particularly well received around launch.

  • Can't say I love having the main path occasionally blocked by walls that look like any other wall, and then having to shoot everything until I find a "secret" wall to continue my progression. Absolutely not a great design choice. On the other hand the game is competent enough to telegraph you when it's time to start shooting randomly at walls.

    Not a huge problem imo, just another aspect of how mundane it can be.

  • @phbz there's often many clues giving an indication that there is a hidden block that is breakable.

    and on top of that, there is even the scan pulse item that is literally designed for the exact purpose of encouraging the player to scan each and every nook and cranny for hidden breakable blocks

  • @phbz I agree with this. Eventhough I love the series, this just a leftover from the Nes era. It really brings nothing to the table in Dread other than a slight annoyance.

  • @yoshi

    As I've said, the game is competent enough dealing with that poor design decision. Just not a fan, personally. Not a deal breaker anyway. Just one more small annoyance that adds up.

  • @neocweeny Yeah, it's a legacy motivated decision and I understand it. Just don't like it.

    Usually not a big fan of secret walls, because I dislike that feeling of compulsion to shoot/hit everything. But if it's for secondary stuff I can deal well with it, I just occasionally shoot/hit stuff and don't care that much about it. But having to deal it it in the main path I share your opinion, I get absolutely nothing from it, just some frustration.

  • hidden blocks and secrets are a cornerstone of the Metroid series. getting rid of them would be like making the Mario series get rid of Super Mushrooms.

  • Honestly, for a non2D Metroid fan like me, it is the doors with slightly different color shields that require different items to break into. Again, it is a thing that is at the core of Metroid's identity, but I also kind of wish they'd retire it or at least tone it down. I like some of the ways they handle it in Dread, like how the Wide Beam one is visually indicated, but lots of the others make me wish the doors weren't so plain door looking aside from the gimmick slapped on them. I just think of other Metroidvanias where obstacles have more variety than six types of slightly tweaked doors. For example, instead of a Missile Door, you could have a boulder that's fallen in front of a door that requires a Missile. Little changes like that would go a long way with me, but I also recognize it begins to step on the series identity some.

  • @yoshi It's more like getting rid of lifes in a Mario game. It doesn't have much purpose in the modern games.

    Like the original Metroid was a maze. I can see why they made it like that. Metroid Dread (and other modern Metroid games) the main path is obvious, when you come to a dead end you know there is a hidden block and you just need to bomb everything to find it, or scan it or whatever.

    I don't have a problem with using it for secrets.

  • @mbun I feel like there are less of them this time. I think the Prime games did it the worst though, not the 2D games. Especially because you always need to switch beams even if you entered the door before.

  • @neocweeny Get rid of lives in Mario is something I really want them to do too.

  • @phbz They did in Odyssey. You just lose some coins when you die now.

  • @mbun Ah, you're right. Played several older 3D Marios this year and forgot about that.

  • Another thing I don't love about it is how generic the areas feel, so far.

  • Well Mercury Steam and Nintendo did have to play it safe with Metroid Dread. if they didn't they risked another Other M situation and pissing off Metroid fans even more than they already were.

  • I think they made some nice improvements. Though. Especially in the map. Even the Hidden blocks are highlighted there once they are revealed.