Metroid Dread thread

  • @el-shmiablo said:

    I'm sorry we can't all blindly and endlessly felate Nintendo like some people like to do.

    I don't want this either, but you constantly doing the opposite is just as bad, especially when you pretend you aren't.

  • @el-shmiablo said in Metroid Dread thread:

    I'm sorry we can't all blindly and endlessly felate Nintendo like some people like to do.

    I'll do it with my eyes open if it means more Metroid

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    @e_zed_eh_intern I love Metroid and am excited for Dread, but am disappointed that it looks rather low effort and costs full price.


  • I'm having deja vu back to when Rayman Origins was announced, the exact same arguments. That was a full priced effort in my personal opinion and I have a feeling this will be too.

  • The Final Boss
    Ultimate EMMI


  • new teaser got accidentally released early and has been taken down from the youtube page.

    check it out before they pull it completely任天堂ホームページ

  • Happy 35th anniversary :D
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  • That's the one^^^

  • new trailer
    Youtube Video

  • All I have to say is to those that are feeling a bit disappointed, just be happy you're actually getting another title. That and Metroid Prime 4. I'm not a Metroid fan, so I'm not interested. I wish these games the best of luck.

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    Yeah, nah.
    "Just be glad you get anything" is kinda dumb when we're talking about a company as gigantic as Nintendo.

    I'm definitely looking forward to Prime 4, but that isn't for a while yet.

  • @el-shmiablo Look, I get where you're coming from, the game looks fine overall. Big N does not want to spend the money, so the game looks more like it should be at $30, instead of $60. Your choice is yours alone. I'm just saying, I've learned to appreciate and count my blessing. Not everything came out how I exactly wanted either, but I am more than happy with what I got. We live in world where DMC5, No More Heroes III, Bayonetta 2 (show footage 3 already you bastards!), God of War 4, and Streets of Rage 4 exists. That is nothing to laugh at. Something thought to be impossible and a "foolish" dream.

    And now two new Metroid titles are coming out. If you can get Dread at cheaper price, go for it. Keep in mind though, after Dread and Prime 4 release, you all want to be get another one for a long while. So even if you dislike the look or disagree, appreciate what you're going to get, because you won't be getting anything else Metroid for a long while. At least you are getting something now, instead of constantly wondering if the series will ever get out of limbo. From what I've seen across the Internet, more than enough fans are happy. Your opinion and choice is still yours, and I will respect you for it either way.

  • so fucking hyped!
    Youtube Video

  • @yoshi I heard that trailer is kinda spoilery, so warning to any who haven't watched yet.

    Edit: Damn, it really is, even though I suspect parts are from the beginning of the game. Go ahead and mute Nintendo on Twitter while you're at it, because they're straight up blasting the parts you wouldn't want to see beforehand right now.

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    Definitely looks a bit better than the reveal trailer.

  • @mbun said in Metroid Dread thread:

    I heard that trailer is kinda spoilery, so warning to any who haven't watched yet.
    Edit: Damn, it really is

    just because they show new stuff does not mean it's a spoiler. it's a new game, of course they've gotta show new stuff like new abilities.
    how else would they market it and get people to buy it?

  • @yoshi

    I always think back to Sony marketing Bloodborne vs Bandai Namco marketing Dark Souls III the following year. Same studio, night and day difference in marketing.

    Sony announces Bloodborne in 2014. Between then and launch date, they reveal no more than the tutorial up to the first boss. One trailer might've intercut some mid-game Nightmare levels, but it was so fast you can't tell. - Perfect!

    Bandai Namco on the other hand proceeds to autoplay Dark Souls III trailers on Facebook that spoil a major mid-game revelation within the first 2 seconds of the trailer

    Anor Londo

    and then continues to show one boss after the next. - Awful!


    So for me, I know they have to do something to market the game, but it's definitely a bit cheap to build hype by just revealing bosses and other surprises. Not sure what Metroid Dread's trailer does but if there are only 6 bosses (or pursuers), I hope they don't show too many in marketing.

  • @dipset You don't have to watch it. if you want to go in completely blind then go for it.

    but people saying that literally any new bit of gameplay or story content is a spoiler is just exaggerating.

    I mean after the disaster sales of Other M and Federation Force, literally how else is Nintendo supposed to encourage people to buy the game without showing new gameplay and story content?

    @dipset said in Metroid Dread thread:

    but if there are only 6 bosses (or pursuers),

    now you're just making prejudice assumptions.

    i remember how this forum used to be all skeptic about New Pokemon Snap constantly saying it probably won't have much content. then the game comes out and surprise surpise. those same skeptics were all like wow "this game acutally has a lot more content then i thought it would" and then "i was already satisfied with the base game, but now they're adding even more with Free DLC, and pretty beefy DLC too?"

    why does this forum always treat things with a Glass half empty approch?

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    @dipset Huh. To think that there is such a thing as good marketing and bad marketing.
    What a crazy idea that is.
    It's almost like people can have expectations of things, and when those expectations are not met, they express disappointment.
    I'm learning so many new things today.