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    I heard that trailer is kinda spoilery, so warning to any who haven't watched yet.
    Edit: Damn, it really is

    just because they show new stuff does not mean it's a spoiler. it's a new game, of course they've gotta show new stuff like new abilities.
    how else would they market it and get people to buy it?

  • @yoshi

    I always think back to Sony marketing Bloodborne vs Bandai Namco marketing Dark Souls III the following year. Same studio, night and day difference in marketing.

    Sony announces Bloodborne in 2014. Between then and launch date, they reveal no more than the tutorial up to the first boss. One trailer might've intercut some mid-game Nightmare levels, but it was so fast you can't tell. - Perfect!

    Bandai Namco on the other hand proceeds to autoplay Dark Souls III trailers on Facebook that spoil a major mid-game revelation within the first 2 seconds of the trailer

    Anor Londo

    and then continues to show one boss after the next. - Awful!


    So for me, I know they have to do something to market the game, but it's definitely a bit cheap to build hype by just revealing bosses and other surprises. Not sure what Metroid Dread's trailer does but if there are only 6 bosses (or pursuers), I hope they don't show too many in marketing.

  • @dipset You don't have to watch it. if you want to go in completely blind then go for it.

    but people saying that literally any new bit of gameplay or story content is a spoiler is just exaggerating.

    I mean after the disaster sales of Other M and Federation Force, literally how else is Nintendo supposed to encourage people to buy the game without showing new gameplay and story content?

    @dipset said in Metroid Dread thread:

    but if there are only 6 bosses (or pursuers),

    now you're just making prejudice assumptions.

    i remember how this forum used to be all skeptic about New Pokemon Snap constantly saying it probably won't have much content. then the game comes out and surprise surpise. those same skeptics were all like wow "this game acutally has a lot more content then i thought it would" and then "i was already satisfied with the base game, but now they're adding even more with Free DLC, and pretty beefy DLC too?"

    why does this forum always treat things with a Glass half empty approch?

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    @dipset Huh. To think that there is such a thing as good marketing and bad marketing.
    What a crazy idea that is.
    It's almost like people can have expectations of things, and when those expectations are not met, they express disappointment.
    I'm learning so many new things today.

  • @yoshi

    I’m not saying “ugh there are only six pursuers.” I am saying if there are 6, I’d prefer to not see them all in trailers. I’m 100000% not complaining here.

  • Was watching another podcast and they pointed out how even Nintendo doesn't usually drop trailers like this until the release month of the game, usually like the week of or before release. The intent here seems to be hooking newcomers to the franchise, which is backed up by all the Dread Reports they've done painstakingly explaining and reexplaining the history of the franchise that the people who've known Metroid for ages already know. Nintendo is convinced what this game is alone has the fans sold, and this marketing is mostly aimed at getting fresh blood to buy and play the games instead, so I reiterate and insist that if you're a fan of this franchise that's basically already sold anyways, spare yourself and dodge this new trailer and mute Nintendo on social media, because it seems like they're going to have no chill with this one. Those Dread Reports do have some cool snippets though, so maybe check that stuff out after you roll credits on Dread.

  • @el-shmiablo You better shut up! Nintendo is perfection made perfect but better and more perfect.

  • @mbun I think they are generating a lot of good hype around the game, this could very well be the best selling Metroid game

  • @brawlman you don’t need to be a fan to get into games like this.

  • @brawlman the whole price point argument is ridiculous and antiquated. Compared to shadow complex or every other Metroid like. Real Metroid is on another level.

  • If the new Metroid isn't Dreadful I'm not playing it.

  • @bigdude1 easily. Metroid Prime 1 is the best selling Metroid game so far to date and i think that only 2 million something copies. i can easily see Metroid Dread Selling 3 million + on switch

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    @brawlman you don’t need to be a fan to get into games like this.

    Why are you telling me this? I never questioned, nor had a problem with it.

    @bigdude1 said in Metroid Dread thread:

    @brawlman the whole price point argument is ridiculous and antiquated. Compared to shadow complex or every other Metroid like. Real Metroid is on another level.

    Good for you; in your opinion. I am not hardcore Metroid/Metroidvania fan overall. Never cared much for the series nor genre aside from a few exceptions. Shadow Complex and Strider (2014) being a couple of the few. I had more fun with them than any official Metroid game. Regardless of pricing, Nintendo ain't gonna price drop that shit until 5-7 years later. Maybe. If you think it's worth the 60 bones, go for it. If anyone disagrees, and wants Dread cheaper or buys it used, deal with it. I don't care.

  • @brawlman I say this because you implied you needed to be. feel like if you liked shadow complex you should like metroid. unless you don't like the heavy sci fi fantasy elements. your argument on price is really nonsensical. you say you aren't interested in it, then you say it isn't worth the 60 bucks. which is it? are you not interested in it or just at that price point? i don't buy a lot of games but i don't pretend the price is a factor. you are putting "2d style games" in a box and metroid is beyond shadow complex in a ton of ways one example of that is that shadow complex is a incredible game but a short 5 hour game. Samus returns on the other hand as a example is around 11 hours average play time.

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    I say this because you implied you needed to be. feel like if you liked shadow complex you should like metroid. unless you don't like the heavy sci fi fantasy elements. your argument on price is really nonsensical

    I never did imply that, and I have no idea where you're getting it from. The heavy sci fi elements don't bother me, but I am not big on Metroid style games. Welcome to life, not everyone is interested in the same things you are. That is not nonsense. If someone don't want to pay for full price for Dread..oh, well. I could not care less. Some one wants to pay full price, oh well. It does not bother me at all either way.

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    are you not interested in it

    Exactly. We're done here. That is all there is to it, don't bother responding back if you're gonna keep rambling like this. I will ignore you.

  • No interest in getting in the middle of this, but just want to remind people that lots of online retailers (at least in the US, places like Walmart and Amazon) offer new games $10 off around launch, so even Nintendo games you can get for $50 instead of $60. Did it recently with Skyward Sword, because everyone was trying to convince me it wasn't worth $60 when it was originally sold for $50. It ended up being totally worth $60, but I'm also not going to complain about saving the $10.

    Point is, if to you this only looks slightly better than the handheld Metroids sold for $40, that might be an option for you. Sorry for everyone who lives places where games are treated like shit and you're basically exploited with ridiculous prices for everything with no deals available ever. Can't do much about that unfortunately, unless Nintendo still offers their Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers in your territory, where you can basically save $10 per game on the price of 2 full price games at once or look at it as $20 off one and full price for the other. Salty they took that away from us here, but least we have other deals to compensate.

  • @brawlman “I don’t like Metroid style games except this game that copied Metroid exactly also its not worth more than that game. “

    It’s a dumb argument. Say it’s like a xbla game all you want there isn’t a single game in the same league

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    @bigdude1 I get it. How Nintendo valuates their games is a big part of the reason I don't buy them very often.

    For instance, if I want to buy a game on literally any other platform than Switch I can wait about 4-6 months and get it for 50-75% off.
    If I want to buy a Nintendo game, I can wait about 4-6 years and I might get it for 15-20% if I'm lucky.

    Dread does not look like a game I would be willing to spend full price on, and so I am forced to wait nearly half a decade for it to maybe reach a price I am comfortable with.

  • @el-shmiablo the perceived value is what’s dumb about it. You either want it or you don’t. Idk why you would want to wait a 5 years just to miss out on game experiences.I get games on sale too but it has more to do with how much time I have to play the games. But I’m admittedly a pretty serious gamer

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    @bigdude1 I mean, I don't really give a fuck how people think of how I perceive the value of games. I don't think it looks worth paying full price for, and I don't have a problem waiting to play it.

    The last game I paid full price for was God of War 2018. Barring Metroid Prime 4 being released, God of War Ragnarok will probably be the next game I pay full price for.