Metroid Dread thread

  • @e_zed_eh_intern oh now you're going to get pissed off too because i mentioned a new item they've heavily advertised?

    i don't even have to mention story details for you guys to get all spoiler paranoid.

  • @bigdude1 said in Metroid Dread thread:

    Let’s keep the discussion to Metroid please

    literally imposible if E Zed's response is anything to go by.

  • Saw a bit of the Digital Foundry video, seeing that Another World was such an obvious inspiration for Dread just filled my heart with joy. Price point pisses me off but I'll end up buying it.

  • It arrived. Sadly I won't be home for like 3 days.

  • Yeah I bought it as well just sounds too much like a game I would enjoy,

    Plan to flip it though, especially if the lengths I've seen are accurate.

  • Just ordered from Amazon. It's never really been a franchise I cared for all that much but I fancied something a little different for a change. It's arriving tomorrow 😊

  • Said Fuck it, got it downloading onto my Switch via hotel wifi, yay.

  • I will try to play this before GOTY. Fuck it sounds awesome. Especially hearing the intro level is intense.

  • currently stuck on an energy tank puzzle

    Spoiler currently stuck on an energy tank puzzle in Artaria. the one where you have to use the Speed Booster. even watching gamexplains video on how to do it still hasn't helped me complete it successfully. how do you get through the morph ball tunnel, jump and then flash shift all without using up your speed boost charge? any help would be really appreaciated.

    Spoiler 1_1633856773701_FB_IMG_1633856607557.jpg 0_1633856773650_FB_IMG_1633856604719.jpg

  • Finished Dread now, would recommend is all I'll say, but what I really want to write about is how earlier tonight I looked at the Twitch sidebar, and it was nothing but people playing Dread, so I guess Nintendo's hardcore marketing push for this really paid off.

  • @mbun i'm trying to 100% the game on my first playthrough to help prolong the game and my enjoyment of it.

    on a scale of 1-10 would you say Dread is even better than Super Metroid?

  • @yoshi Don't ask me that. I'm that guy who played Super Metroid just a couple years ago, didn't have a great time with it, and doesn't hold it in the same high regard as most who gush about it. I'm just looking at Dread as a fan of modern Metroidvanias, and in that regard I'd recommend it.

  • @mbun lmao fair. i haven't finished Dread yet because i'm trying to get 100% item completion but so far i'd say this game is definitely better than both Super Metroid and Metroid Prime.

    i can't believe i'm even saying that

  • @yoshi I might still like Prime more, but Dread feels like the better game between them. Think it is just my bias making me even think about that.

    Also, this isn't related to Dread, but while I'm digging myself a hole for fans to bury me in, I think Metroid games would be better if they were linear like the end section of Super. Think of how Castlevania has the classic traveling through levels versus the Metroidvania ones like Symphony of the Night. I'd love a Metroid that's just really linear but super crafted and balanced for every stage of the game. I wouldn't mind like alternate path levels you discover, but I think an intentionally linear Metroid that is marketed as such could be super fun. I think you'd need to announce it with a shadowdropped demo for everyone to not immediately turn on the idea though.

  • @mbun i'm actually so curious and excited to see what Retro Studios does with Metroid Prime 4 now.

    the bar's been raised even higher now after Mercury Steam's amazing Metroid Dread

    also Metroid Fusion seems right up your ally if you're looking for linearity

  • @yoshi Yeah, I've been pretty curious about Fusion for awhile, but I think the only way I can really play it rn is the Wii U Virtual Console, so not jumping to go do that.

  • @mbun if you already have a Wii U it's worth picking up on the Virtual Console to at least experience the game.

    i wouldn't go out of my way to buy a whole Wii U console to play it if you don't have one though.

    fusion's not the best metroid but it is definitely a fun little game on the GBA. i still much prefer Super Metroid and the Prime games though

  • I'm liking this game a lot so far. I think I'm about 2 thirds in. The level design is excellent, I like how the game always leads you to the next point where you need to go without actually telling you where to go. Even if you do get lost the map is so detailed that you can easily find the spots where you can use your new power-ups.

  • ok i managed to beat the energy tank puzzle that was pissing me off finally. turns out i just hadn't obtained an upgrade i needed yet.

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    Good to know!