What are your Top 5 games shown at E3?

  • Hello friends

    E3 is now complete over so what are the 5 games we think are the best games shown?

    Heres mines

    1. STALKER 2 Heart of Chernobyl (By Far and away)
    2. Starfield
    3. Dying Light 2
    4. Shadow warrior 3
    5. Atomic Heart

    So my friends, lets talk about best 5 games shown this years E3?

  • Ahh I thought you'd put up a post about the best trailers ever shown at E3 for a second. As far as my favourite game trailers for this year's show:

    1.A Plague Tale: Requiem-Loved the first game so this sequel should be brilliant.

    1. Metroid Dread-It's a new Metroid game thing-a series I haven't played as much of as I should.
      3.Elden Ring-I'm not a huge Souls/Soulslike fan because I suck at them-but Elden Ring's trailer is spellbinding.
      4.Mario+Rabbids: Sparks of Hope-A sequel to one of the most unexpected gems of 2017? Let me have it!
      5.FORZA Horizon 5-I love the FORZA: Horizon series so it's a no-brainer for me.

    1. Shin Megami Tensei V
    2. Elden Ring
    3. Tales of Arise
    4. Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
    5. Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp

    1. Battlefield 2042
    2. Somerville
    3. Metroid Dread
    4. STALKER 2
    5. Trek to Yomi

    Shoutout to Riders Republic, Harold Halibut, Fallen Aces and Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • No order. I think some games showed well from a gameplay perspective while others were good little teases.

    • Forza Horizon 5 (good gameplay showing)
    • Battlefield 2042 (good gameplay showing and good teaser)
    • Elden Ring (good teaser)
    • Atomic Heart (good teaser)
    • Mario Party Superstars (good teaser)

    FH5 gameplay demo just had me jazzed. They don't need to show more than that. We understand what kind of game it is and what is new.

    BF 2042 kinda did what Halo Infinite did but BF2042 is in a better position to tease fans as opposed to Halo. I'm sold.

    Elden Ring just looks batshit. It had me champing at the bit for more.

    Atomic Heart has been on my radar for a while and that trailer with Disco Polo or whatever playing in the background was a pretty fun time and solidified that this game isn't trying to clone Ken Levine games but really go it's own way.

    Mario Party Superstars has N64 Mario Party maps and came out of left field for me. The second I saw the mini-game where you send boulders at people running up the hill, I got soooo excited.

    Honourable Mentions:

    I think the Halo multiplayer trailer was actually pretty good upon repeat viewings, but looking at it in context, we need to just see A LOT more about that game to truly get excited. They should've have controlled the messaging as much as they did this E3. I also kinda liked that cutscene with "New Cortana" despite me having 0 shits about the Halo plot.

    STALKER 2 gameplay trailer was pretty solid, but doesn't make the cut because I got the vibe that some stuff was scripted. Like when he enters that big warehouse, every enemy is just standing there dull and ready to be shot at.

  • Stalker 2
    Tales of Arise
    Atomic Heart
    Death Trash

    Only included games with gameplay

  • E3 didn't really do it for me this year. Out of the NEW GAMES revealed there I have a Top 3.

    1. A Plague Tale: Requiem
    2. Guardians of the Galaxy
    3. Metal Slug Tactics

  • I'm taking this literally, and when I see the word shown, its hard for me to even think of five. There were fun teasers, games I'm excited about, games that will be great and already know about, but almost none of those were due to their showings at the conference. That being said, the clear winner for me would be Forza Horizon 5; it looked and performed great for a cross-gen game.