2011 PSN Outage

  • What were your thoughts regarding that massive PSN outage in 2011?

  • I don't remember the details but I was not so bothered by it and was happy to receive some free games eventhough I only ended up played Infamous.

  • Honestly it didn't effect me that much at the time, hell 5-6 months before the outage I had actually lost internet because AT&T upped our phone/internet from something like $70/80 a month to $600 out of the fucking blue, and if I remember everything correctly my mom didn't see a point in paying for internet until I was trying to look for work and every place was responding with "apply online ", not to mention my technical school offered all kinds of after hours support (as in after school hours) but only if I could email my teachers my questions.

  • i was playing Wii and 360 back then so i couldn't have cared less lol

  • As a massive SOCOM fan, I wanted to play SOCOM 4 but deep down I could tell from the pre-release gameplay that they dumbed it down to try to sell more copies by making symmetrical maps and having respawn as the main mode, with a half assed "Classic SOCOM" as a side-mode.

    So the 2011 outage was almost like instant karma sent upon Sony for even trying to make SOCOM a mainstream game when it clearly isn't that. The 2011 attack couldn't have come at a worse (better) time to just kill that game on arrival. When I played it a few months later, it sucked about as much as I expected. Even the single player was a dime-a-dozen cover shooter.

    Per the history of the cyber attack, wasn't it some hacking group trying to gain notoriety? I feel like there were rumours that this was some revenge upon Sony for something, but I can't really recall. Either way, Sony should've had their shit together to prevent this. I honestly don't see them as the victim at all when millions of people were shut out of their games.

    And the reward was pretty silly too. I had awful internet back then. Updates were the plight of my PS3 years so being told I get to slowly download a few dozen GB as a "consolation" is completely absurd. Luckily I had the 164GB PS3 but I can only imagine those on 40, 60, 80GB installing full games to their hard drive.

  • @dipset I had (or rather have) a 40GB PS3. Always had to uninstall a game after I finished it.

  • @neocweeny
    Did you never think of getting a HDD?

  • @dmcmaster Not really. I could manage. It's not like I replay my games a lot (or t all) after I finish them.

  • All I remember is that for awhile it felt like PSN would go down multiple times a week. Never very long outages, but it wasn't scheduled maintenance either, so you'd constantly hear people complaining PSN is down while they were trying to play some online game or download something.

  • @mbun
    I honestly never ran into any outages except the big one, and around Christmas day usally. Honestly I think it was just people not wanting to admit they had shitty internet /wifi

  • @dmcmaster Nah, I remember them checking some site to see if PSN was down, and it was always just randomly dropping out. Mind you, it seems they finally fixed whatever that issue was sometime during the PS4 era. Haven't heard the complaints about it in years and years now.

  • @mbun
    Maybe it was just the times I played, but I do remember the people complaining and using I think it was like ispsnworking or something named that I think, but honestly I can remember playing COD or Anarchy Reigns online during times people were complaining if PSN was up

  • Given the time I think it was super interesting. I remember writing about it for the school paper when I was on the journalism team in high school, but at the time I didn’t think I wrote about it being in the gravitas that I’d give it today.

    Back then, I didn’t consider things like online multiplayer and digital downloads an essential; to me they were so new to the industry, at least from a console standpoint. Mainly, I used PSN to download PS1 games and stream Netflix which to my knowledge then was also on a disc and I wondered why people would want to stream instead of owning a physical movie or show.

    Looking back, I don’t think that today that sort of outage would have been handled with as much passiveness. Times and customs have changed. Today, speaking of Netflix and the like, If someone can’t immediately binge the latest Netflix show, they’re out of the loop. It’s telling that they recognized that this had weight to it, given they gave every person TWO free games to download when servers came back on.

    I may not have played much of Infamous or Dead Nation, but estimating from my library, it was the start for me to realize that downloading games digitally was viable and convenient. It’s a treat going through my PS3 downloads chronologically to see the story of how things progressed, but I think after that point it was the realization that you could play full games off of a digital download, which to me at least previously, was unheard of.

    The outage was horrendous and terrible, but to me, it also showed me the value of what wasn’t there when it was gone. It just took it to be gone for them to flaunt it in front of me.

    Sorry for the long post, I just had this memory from when you mention this!