The EZA Community Top 25 of 2008!

  • I used this list on Wikipedia, and I'm kinda surprised that there's actually a pretty good amount of great games in this year. I think I know what will win our GOTYs this time. I already got my picks ready, just have to think about the placements.

    Shoutout to Echochrome. I can't get enough of this game, even if I'm too dumb for it. Also shoutout to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. It's not the MH game that I spent a lot of time on, but it was my first one, before getting pulled by my friend to try out MHF3rd.

  • My votes are in!

    By my count, I played a total of 34 games from 2008. And somehow 5 of them are Naruto games... I was a different person back in 2008. Some real bangers released this year though and I'm curious to see where they rank.

    This is what GameTrailers thought of 2008:

    Youtube Video

  • 2008-2009 was peak PS3 for me. I swear I don't know how I came up with the money for these games. I guess I stopped growing so my parents didn't need to buy me new hockey equipment every year so maybe they threw me in a video game here and there? I honestly have no clue how I obtained these M-rated games when I was like 14ish.

    Some of the games on this list accounts for the most fun I've had gaming in my entire life. My list is like 15 long right now so I guess I need to kill SingStar but shout out to the best karaoke game ever with downloadable songs.

    Also starting the campaign for NHL 09 aka the best hockey game!


    By contrast, 2008 had some of the worst games I've ever played in my entire life. So much shovelware and AAA bullshit in this era too:

    • Army of Two
    • FarCry 2
    • Turning Point Fall of Liberty (which I played by a joke last year and it's so bad it's good)
    • Prince of Persia

  • @el-shmiablo Ok then I'll get a list sorted.

  • @bam541 I could be wrong, but I don't think Monster Hunter Freedom Unite counts as a 2008 release.

  • @shoulderguy said in The EZA Community Top 25 of 2008!:

    @bam541 I could be wrong, but I don't think Monster Hunter Freedom Unite counts as a 2008 release.

    Yeah, would be a 2009 release if we go by the same rules as before.

  • Votes sent. Like I said for the 2009 list, that, this list, 2007, and 2006 hold the greatest potential of me being able to share my experience with a majority of the games that could potentially make our final countdown. Exciting to say the least.

  • @shoulderguy yeah I forgot that we're doing western release dates. Already replaced it though, so no biggie.

  • Like 2009, 2008 is one of my lightest gaming years ever. I don't think I can come up with even 3 new games I played and liked that year.

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    After reviewing the games released that year, holy shit 2008 was an absolute banger of a year.
    I'm actually having a really hard time thinking about what to get rid of. Some of my favorite games ever came out in 2008!

  • Wow, going through that list really took me back, feels like another lifetime.

    I played surprisingly few games from that year, and actually disliked quite a few I played, so it wasn't hard at all to come up with a list, I only had to cut a couple.

    Weak year for me, apart from my GOTY which is one of my favourite games ever.

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    Submitted my list. Holy fuuuuck I needed to make some tough choices.
    Every game on my list is some GOTY best in class type shit.

  • Looks like you've all submitted way more diverse lists than I was expecting-should make for an interesting countdown indeed.

  • @jdincinerator I'm pretty sure we counted BlazBlue and Street fighter IV as 2009 games.

    Also Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is missing from the list. Came out in the west in 2008.

    I think 2008 is a pretty weak year. I finished 21 games from that year and quite a few that I dislike. I don't think there is any other year where I played this many game I dislike. It doesn't take a lot for me to enjoy a game and I know really well what type of games I like and dislike.

  • @jdincinerator I suggest to explicitly state rules in the first post. This will make it easier for newcomers.

  • @el-shmiablo said in The EZA Community Top 25 of 2008!:

    Submitted my list. Holy fuuuuck I needed to make some tough choices.
    Every game on my list is some GOTY best in class type shit.

    Dawg all 15 games on my list are GOTY to me. I don't even know where to cut. I felt STRONGLY about keeping SingStar on here. What a fucking good time 2008 was.

  • Fuck me there was a game called Muslim Massacre. Don't think that shit would fly nowadays.

  • I'm not sure if copying the entire Wikipedia list straight to here as it is is the best solution as there are a lot of ports and non-western releases among there. I hope anyone didn't include such games on their lists yet.

    I am, however, happy to once again take part in this! Gonna send my votes in soon.

  • @ffff0 Ok I will put those up once I am aware of what the rules are.

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    @dipset Bro I was like that with Buzz! Quiz TV.
    Legit there hasn't been a quiz game since that comes even remotely close to that baller ass game. I pray every day for a reboot. Hell, I'm pretty certain Knowledge is Power was originally supposed to be one, considering the host is the same voice actor.