The EZA Community Top 25 of 2008!

  • @dipset I'm completely with you in the endlessly shooting in one area type of modes/games, but for me, the fact Left 4 Dead actually has an end by reaching the safe rooms and rescue vehicles helped me get past my aversion of that kind of thing by a LOT.

  • 0_1627499894092_dbb0cccc-f4f5-4118-9c92-56ce192baecf-image.png
    #20. Mario Kart Wii= 7 Points
    #1: 1 (ED_ZED_EH_INTERN)
    #4:1 (DemonPirate)
    Release Date:April 11th 2008 (EU), April 24th 2008 (AU), April 27th 2008 (NA)
    Developer: Nintendo EAD
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Genre: Kart racing
    Platform: Nintendo Wii

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • My exposure to Mario Kart is only with Mario Kart DS and Double Dash so I don't have any hands on with Wii. If I ever had a Wii, I probably would've had this at the time, as Mario Kart as a whole is one of the very few franchises I cared anything for as it pertains to Nintendo, but alas, another lifetime perhaps. I like the focus on bikes, and the concept of the Wii wheel is certainly the height of the peripheral craze for the Wii. Still, it's one of those games I wouldn't playing some time, but because of the hardware and age, I doubt I ever will.

  • 0_1627589230126_cbd4b59e-470d-40e8-a81d-e6503fd1367c-image.png
    #19.BRAID=7 Points
    #1: (MiserablePerson)
    HM: (Brannox, Scotty)
    Release date: August 6th 2008 (Xbox 360)
    Developer: Number None
    Publisher: Number None, Microsoft Game Studios
    Genre: Puzzle-platform
    Platform: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Mac OX, Linux, Microsoft Windows

    Youtube Video

  • Oh damn I missed Braid, it would probably be on my list.

  • Braid is a fun and novel game, and while I think it does some cool things with time manipulation and the twist is a fascinating one, for whatever reason, I've never really felt the pull to play through it again. I like the art style and the music is delightful, I guess it's just once I was able to get to the end I had my fill of it. Granted, I never felt the need to find the secret stars for the secret ending, nor do I find speedrunning it appealing (which is a bummer because beating the game in less than 45 minutes is the ONLY achievement I lack, but it requires a skill level I'll never reach). Overall it's a solid game, and I do recommend it to anyone to try at least once, but even still, it just barely took the last spot in my Honorable Mentions. Shoutouts to @MiserablePerson and @Scotty for showing it some love!

  • Braid is certainly a game that I didn't know much about at the time but when people started praising it heavily I became intrigued. Still haven't bought the game but I am certainly still up for trying it out.

  • Braid is one of those games that trying to finish it without walkthrough would be a nightmare. So I didn't play it after one playthrough. Still, with the remastered that's coming olur way I will try to finish it one more time after all these years. Also its story is really depressive and metaphoric.

  • Another kinda stupid reason for never playing a game, but I find the backgrounds in Braid really ugly. I still don't really wanna play it for the same reason. I know it's a early-DLC era staple. I still don't really wanna play it.

  • 0_1627672321236_d3da0b71-5f6a-448a-8945-ca2e317b511f-image.png
    #18. Soulcalibur IV=7 Points
    #2:1 (ParasitePaladin)
    HM:3 (Shoulderguy, Sentinel Beach, Capnbobamous)
    Release Date: July 29th 2008 (NA), July 31st 2008 (JP, AU, EU), August 1st 2008 (UK)
    Developer: Project Soul
    Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
    Genre: Fighting
    Platform: PS3, Xbox 360

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • As Braid just barely got into my Honorable Mentions, Soulcalibur IV just barely missed out. This was the first game I got when I was gifted my 360 for my birthday, and I'm one of those shmucks who saw Yoda on the box and got it on those grounds.

    This is the first traditional fighting game I owned, and after playing the story mode with all the characters and tried to "get good" with both Yoda and the secret character Starkiller, I haven't looked back as it will the be the ONLY fighting game I will have owned. While I'm a fan of Mortal Kombat as a brand and watching others play, SoulCalibur IV cemented fighting games are NOT for me. It had some fun for the time, but because I don't game online often, I only played offline and after awhile, I realized there really isn't anything to fighting games other than the same thing, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over. But kudos to it for it making our countdown and thanks for the brief fling Soulcalibur.

  • Soul Caliber IV is absolute fire. It just didn't make my cut. But I miss games like this. Customize your own character, pretty limitless, so many styles of play.

  • I'm typically not a fan of fighting games but I love me some Soulcalibur, especially SC4. Nice to see it make our countdown.

  • I didn't get a chance to buy Soulcalibur IV outside of the demo, but what I always remembered is how the Xbox 360 version got Yoda and the PS3 version got Darth Vader. It makes sense seeing as Yoda is green the colour of Xbox and Darth Vader looks like a walking PS3-but why players were incentivized to buy one version of SCIV over another is just shitty. Huge Star Wars buffs who play Soulcalibur may have struggled choosing which console to buy the game on-the fact that both characters weren't playable on both systems is just a subtle way to make a purchasing decision much harder than it should be. Thankfully the inclusions of Ezio in SoulCalibur V and Geralt in SoulCalibur VI made things straightforward by including a star character at launch you can play on both Xbox and Playstation consoles.

  • @jdincinerator at least they got added in as DLC eventually so you could play both on either console. Soul Calibur 2 though, that was some cold shit. Especially if you only had a PS2.

  • 0_1627765120996_a3075177-a414-4f09-a342-a0f00ece0eb6-image.png
    #17.MEGA MAN 9=8 Points
    #1: 1 (takfujii420)
    #3: 1 (Neocweeny)
    Release Date: September 22nd 2008 (Wiiware), September 25th 2008 (PSN), October 1st 2008 (XBLA)
    Developer: Inti Creates, Capcom
    Publisher: Capcom
    Genre: Action-platformer
    Platform: Wiiware, PSN, XBLA

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • I've never felt the appeal of Mega Man, but I do respect his iconography and how he's part of the same company that makes Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, so Capcom has a fair amount of variety of games they make. And yet, the Blue Bomber's formula of picking which masters to fight and subsequently gain their abilities to use against the other masters is neat, but the notorious difficulty mystique surrounding the franchise has been a personal turnoff. Since 11 was received well (If I remember right), I'm surprised we haven't heard of a new one, but I'm sure Mega Man will be like Sonic, Pac-Man, and others who'll endure and more new stuff will be coming soon.

  • 0_1627840642816_d82e973b-5466-401c-b7ae-c98ee48aec25-image.png
    #16.FABLE 2= 8 Points
    #3: 1 (Crepe)
    #4: 2 (Shoulderguy, Capnbobamous)
    HM: 1 (Paulmci27)
    Release Date: October 21st 2008 (NA), October 23rd 2008 (AU), October 24th 2008 (EU)
    Developer:Lionhead Studios
    Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
    Genre: Action role-playing
    Platform: Xbox 360

    Youtube Video

  • Fable is a franchise on paper I should be into, but ultimately, it doesn't do enough for me to stand out compared to other games within the same genre to get me to play it. Especially in Fable II's case where it's a sequel and I don't play franchises out of order, so if I ever did get around to Fable, I'd start with the first. Also, though it's unfair to the game itself, the shadow of Molyneux is forever cast across the franchise and it's difficult for me to disassociate a property with an individual so synonymous with it (much like other IP with creators that eventually are discovered to be god-awful human beings. Molyneux however just made grandiose promises he could never keep or honor.).

  • @brannox still haven’t played Fez because of how much a piece of shit Phil Fish comes across as.