The EZA Community Top 25 of 2008!

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    @jdincinerator You could also wait for the portable remake they are doing of the entire VII story.

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    #10.LOST ODYSSEY=13 Points
    #2: 1 (Axel)
    #3: 3 (PHBZ, Paulmci27, Sheria)
    Release Date: February 8th 2008 (AU), February 12th 2008 (NA), February 29th 2008 (UK)
    Developer: Mistwalker Freeplus
    Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
    Genre: Role-playing, turn-based tactics
    Platform: Xbox 360

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • Lost Odyssey is one of those games I hear has a sizeable fanbase, but isn't a game that really gets brought up much. After a few entries here in our countdown where I can speak to some familiarity, if not outright first hand experience, this is one much like the first few games to be revealed where I can't really comment further. Though, it MUST be solid to crack our top 10!

  • @brannox I guess you feel lost talking about Lost Odyssey...

  • Omg a game on my list!

    I think this was the last traditional jrpgs I've loved and enjoyed and I don't even dare to replay it out of fear of ruining the memory, since I totally lost my patience for the genre.

  • I wouldn't mind playing Lost Odyssey but given its name is so juicily appropriate I think it's more tempting than ever. Actually given the huge monotonous open-worlds these days there is a lost odyssey pertaining to huge open-world games with worthwhile activities and content in them-even if they are occasionally found in say Breath of the Wild.

  • If you love traditional JRPGs this is up there with any of them. If this was released on a Sony Platform it would get so much more love. The reason I bought a 360. Masterpiece.

  • @jdincinerator Ba-dum tiss.

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    Lost Odyssey is a fucking banger. I hope one day they'll port it to PC.

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    #1:2 (Neocweeny, Crepe)
    #3:1 (DemonPirate)
    Release Date: October 1st 2008 (UK), November 4th 2008 (NA)
    Developer: SEGA
    Publisher: SEGA
    Genre: Tactical role-playing, third-person shooter
    Platform: PS3

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    Youtube Video

  • I only experienced Valkyria Chronicles II and Valkyria Chronicles IV-both of which are really good and refreshing tactical shooters. I wouldn't mind getting the remaster of this one to see how it all began even though games involving tactics aren't my think, that lovely watercolor look has always been inviting.

  • And now the streak of games I can't on has returned. While Valkyria Chronicles has an interesting art style and especially intriguing premise, it's a genre I can't get into for the most part, so it's yet another franchise I steer clear of.

  • @brannox I feel the same way this genre isn't something I'd play because I feel I'd be terrible at it, but I really think Valkyria Chronicles is still worth a go because its art style and gallantry is so absorbing.

  • A series that has been quite underrated for a while until the release of IV.
    I also played through II last year and it adapted the formula to portable mode really well. Not as good of a story though.

  • 0_1628524121344_7cf2eb5a-206f-4b4b-a84d-f2640b885ef0-image.png
    #8.LITTLEBIGPLANET=14 Points
    #3:3 (DIPSET, VicRattler, Capnbobamous)
    #HM:4 (FFFF0, Crepe, DemonPirate, ED_ZED_EH_INTERN, James Davie)
    Release Date: October 27th 2008 (NA), November 3rd 2008 (PAL), November 5th 2008 (UK)
    Developer: Media Molecule
    Publisher: SONY Computer Entertainment
    Genre: Puzzle-platform, sandbox
    Platform: PS3

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • I don't think there's any denying the ambition of LittleBigPlanet. A platformer that allows you to create your own levels, participate in deliciously quirky story levels whilst you listen to equally quirky music-it really set the bar high in 2008 and it accomplished what it set out to do in style. I admit it's hard to resist jingling merrily along to My Patch by Jim Noir, but that's because LBP is so jolly and whimsical. I don't think any game in 2008 was as jolly as LBP and it certainly deserves its place in the top 10.

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    Yet another game that, if this year weasnt absolutely jam packed for me, would have made the list.
    Love LBP.

  • 18 entries into the list and finally a game I can say something about.

    LittleBigPlanet is my #5. Got it for free after PSN hack and I liked it. Campaign was extremely challenging, but I liked the vibes of this game, so I've struggled to reach the end. Also editor had some good ideas in terms of visual programming. Of course, this is one-and-done experience, but it still felt like a worthwhile one.

  • Speaking as someone who no creativity within them whatsoever, I have no desire to ever pick up any LittleBigPlanet or any user-generated-content focused games. Minecraft, Dreams, and others are all turnoffs to me. While I would be more interested in playing the works of many of the creative geniuses out there, that isn't enough for me to pick up games that are catch-alls for creativity. Despite this though, it's undeniable LBP was a force the likes of which haven't seen since Battle Royales in spawning it's own genre. Got to respect it for that at least.

  • I think part of the reason I like LBP so much is because of how well it stands regardless of its level creator. The campaign for the game is legitimately excellent with some wildly inventive level design. I think it's a shame how often it gets regarded as only a level editor and not a good platformer in its own right.