The EZA Community Top 25 of 2008!

  • 18 entries into the list and finally a game I can say something about.

    LittleBigPlanet is my #5. Got it for free after PSN hack and I liked it. Campaign was extremely challenging, but I liked the vibes of this game, so I've struggled to reach the end. Also editor had some good ideas in terms of visual programming. Of course, this is one-and-done experience, but it still felt like a worthwhile one.

  • Speaking as someone who no creativity within them whatsoever, I have no desire to ever pick up any LittleBigPlanet or any user-generated-content focused games. Minecraft, Dreams, and others are all turnoffs to me. While I would be more interested in playing the works of many of the creative geniuses out there, that isn't enough for me to pick up games that are catch-alls for creativity. Despite this though, it's undeniable LBP was a force the likes of which haven't seen since Battle Royales in spawning it's own genre. Got to respect it for that at least.

  • I think part of the reason I like LBP so much is because of how well it stands regardless of its level creator. The campaign for the game is legitimately excellent with some wildly inventive level design. I think it's a shame how often it gets regarded as only a level editor and not a good platformer in its own right.

  • @capnbobamous I barely touched the level editor. The campaign was sick.

  • Banned

    Yeah I think I fucked around with the editor a total of 2 times across all 3 games.
    Having a monumental library of user created content was more than enough for me. Most of it was complete garb, but there were some gems in there for sure. Bomb Survival levels were the best to play drunk with bros.

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    #7.MIRROR’S EDGE=15 Points
    #1:1 (ffff0)
    #2:1 (ED_ZED_EH_INTERN)
    #HM:6 (Sentinel Beach, Brannox, Kindiman, Scotty, DIPSET, Sheria)
    Release Date: November 11th 2008 (NA), November 13th 2008 (AU), November 14th 2008 (EU)
    Developer: DICE
    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    Genre: Action-adventure, platform
    Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, Windows's_Edge

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  • Mirror's Edge is quite terrific if the parkour and glistening cityscapes are anything to go by. I do with the combat was better and didn't feel so secondary the game's excellent feeling of movement and momentum. Although I like Mirror's Edge it's astonishing how many gamers love it as much as they do- for it to reach number 7 is interesting indeed.

  • Mirror's Edge found itself in 7th place for me and I have mixed emotions about it. I initially first saw it when my cousin had it and was talking it up to me. When I went looking, I thought the concept was incredible: First person parkour and the whole point is just to get from point A to B in as quick and flashy as possible? Cool!

    I downloaded the free demo via 360 (which is the game's first level) and I had a great time. I played it a few times to the point I hyped myself up to get the full thing for the PS3 (My 360 was my online machine with games with multiplayer or co-op whereas my PS3 was my enclosed, off-line, single-player ecosystem). And while I was having a fun time, as I progressed through the game, I wasn't having as much fun.

    I like the story premise, but the major moments really didn't hit for me. There's a character you meet in the tutorial that, for whatever reason I just had a bad feeling about and sure enough, those feelings proved right, so when the twist was revealed, I was let down by it (It also doesn't help the game has like, five characters total). Also, it doesn't really explain the ultimate motivations of the antagonists well, or at least to the point of being compelling, so after the end sequences, I didn't feel the draw to replay it.

    However, the actual gameplay in and of itself is fun. Particularly paired with the art style of stark white and blues, with the sparse red being your friend to get around. Wall running, somersaulting, wall kicking, sliding, and jumping feel good when they be combined together with momentum, and it's brutal when something is interrupted and that pace just hits a brick wall (in some cases, literally). Coupled with some great music, it's a solid time, but for me, not sustainable. I understand the replay value of a linear game being the time trials, but time trials, regardless of the game or mode, are never, EVER fun.

    I was hyped for Catalyst, but as people got their hands on it and reviews came out, I eventually decided to pass on it, which is a shame, because I remember the joy and promise Mirror's Edge held for me in those demo runs. It's just by the end, it ran out and got tired for me. Still, it sits right in the middle of my entire ballot of 13, so I do like it more than some from what I played in 2008, but I haven't replayed it in years, and I don't see myself doing so.

    And, again, like a broken record, as always, shout-outs to my fellow voters! @Sentinel-Beach, @kindiman, @Scotty, @DIPSET, @Sheria, @E_Zed_Eh_Intern , and @ffff0!

  • Mirror's Edge is one of those games I love the idea but just don't really care about the game. Tried it a couple of times but for some reason doesn't connect with me. Might give it another go eventually.

  • I don’t have many fond memories about 2008 games, so Mirror's Edge is my #1 not because it’s my favorite game of all time, but because it was the most impressive game at that time. I think it was the first big game with PhysX and tearing and shredding various tapestries was new and exciting. Its lighting was created with pre-calculated ray-tracing, so despite being mostly white, the game looked better than many contemporaries. Non-lethal full playthrough was in interesting and meaningful goal. And it was so refreshing to play a game in which a hip-sized fence isn’t an impassible obstacle. Oh, and ending song was quite memorable.

    Come to think of it, I liked quite a lot in Mirror's Edge. So, I guess, it deserves to be my GotY.

  • ok first chime in frankly really not much that i even played here since at this time much of my video game allotment was from birthdays/xmas present.

    Resistance 2- love the series but only ever played them at lauch and in my memory i remeber liking 2 the most, i really hope sony eventually does some kind of port/uprez

    LBP-had a lot of fun messing around and like the vibe but that was basically it.

    mirrors edge- started it twice but it just never really grabbed me past the first hour.

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    6.PERSONA 4=16 Points
    #1:1 (DemonPirate)
    #2:1 (Neocweeny)
    #4:2 (ffff0, ED_ZED_EH_INTERN)
    #HM:3 (Bam541, Paulmci27, Nikhil Sharma)
    Release Date: December 9th 2008 (NA), March 12th 2009 (AU), March 13th 2009 (EU)
    Developer: Atlus
    Publisher: Atlus USA (NA), Square Enix (EU)
    Genre: Role-playing, social-simulation
    Platform: PS2

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • I’ve played Persona 4: Golden on Vita and really hated it, because I’ve started playing on Normal and 20 hours later realized that the game is incredibly hard, and I can’t do anything about it (you can’t change difficulty). So, the rest of the experience was about entering actions from a guide I’ve found instead of playing the game.

    But a few months later those frustrations went away and now I remember Persona 4 as a cool story with some interesting characters. This makes it a typical “middle of the ranking” game for me, and since I was considering only 8 titles, it got my #4.

  • I played Persona 4: Golden on Vita and even though I liked the story and characters the game is really quite harsh to new players. It's a bit surprising that Persona 4 ranks as highly as number 6 but I appreciate how loved it has been by its audience.

  • I kinda cheated cause I technically didn't play P4 and went with P4G like most people who played the game after 2012. However, I do know the differences and it would still top my list either way.

    I started the game while on a school trip in 2017, and it was the perfect time due to the themes and atmosphere of the game. I'm not sure what I dislike about it, really.
    I also don't agree with the comments above saying it's a hard game. Sure, there is a spike during the Yukiko and Kanji dungeons, but I wouldn't put them above your general JRPG boss difficulty.

    Anyways, I was honestly expecting it to be higher considering the love I've seen of it around the forum and the community in general (not many people voted?) but 6th place is pretty good :)

  • I have a couple of friends who just RAVE about Persona 4 (Golden specifically) as one of their, if not THE, favorite game of all time. But as I've stated on record already elsewhere: Persona just isn't my jam for a multitude of reasons, and while I like hearing/watching their love and admiration for it, I'm not ever going to play it.

  • @demonpirate said in The EZA Community Top 25 of 2008!:

    I also don't agree with the comments above saying it's a hard game.

    This game require some grinding, because just finishing dungeon normally will get you underleveled for the next one. What even worse, companions that aren't in your party don't get XP, so you pretty much stuck with chosen trio and if they aren't the most useful against certain boss... well, get ready to bash your head against the wall.

  • I enjoyed P4 just like in enjoyed 3 and 5, but I bounced off after about 60 hours just like 3 and 5. Games are just too damn long for me when youre basically going to the same few locations over and over again doesn't help that the dungeons are kind of tedious. Cool story and mechanics though.Maybe one day I'll pick up a save file and finish one of them. Well deserved top 10.

  • Wow, I expected Persona 4 to win, actually. This seems a bit low for me, but whatever.

    My experience with this game was kinda weird because I played it after finishing Persona 5, so there's just a lot of things gameplay-wise in Persona 4 that really grinded my gears, which made me not want to finish the game. I do not like exploring the dungeons or whatever they're called here, it's far better than Persona 3's Tartarus but the level design, aesthetic and mechanics are just still very basic, especially compared to Persona 5's dungeons, which had a lot of fun set pieces in them. The combat system is, y'know, great. It's very much not afraid to punish you for small mistakes, which can make it feel very intense.

    Still, there's just a ton to like outside of the combat. The social aspect of the Persona games have always been my favorite part of these games, and it is quite great in P4. The cast of characters that I have encountered so far (the farthest I got was on Rise's part) are memorable, interesting, and fun to hang out with. They also have a good amount of character depth. I accidentally got in deep with Yukiko, and I was surprised to see that she has a bit of a selfish side, which I kinda dig tbh. Also, Inaba is just a great setting to be in, I really like the chill countryside vibe of it. I just wish that I can somehow make the combat parts of the game more fun for me, maybe I have to look into mods for the PC version or something.

    Lastly, the soundtrack of this game alone would make this game a must-vote for me, no matter what the competition is. There's just so many freaking bangers! I'm freaking out already, thinking about how good this game's music is.

  • @bam541 That's strange you expected Persona 4 to win. I was surprised it made as high as 6th, but then I don't fully understand how big Persona 4 was.