The EZA Community Top 25 of 2008!

  • Wow, I expected Persona 4 to win, actually. This seems a bit low for me, but whatever.

    My experience with this game was kinda weird because I played it after finishing Persona 5, so there's just a lot of things gameplay-wise in Persona 4 that really grinded my gears, which made me not want to finish the game. I do not like exploring the dungeons or whatever they're called here, it's far better than Persona 3's Tartarus but the level design, aesthetic and mechanics are just still very basic, especially compared to Persona 5's dungeons, which had a lot of fun set pieces in them. The combat system is, y'know, great. It's very much not afraid to punish you for small mistakes, which can make it feel very intense.

    Still, there's just a ton to like outside of the combat. The social aspect of the Persona games have always been my favorite part of these games, and it is quite great in P4. The cast of characters that I have encountered so far (the farthest I got was on Rise's part) are memorable, interesting, and fun to hang out with. They also have a good amount of character depth. I accidentally got in deep with Yukiko, and I was surprised to see that she has a bit of a selfish side, which I kinda dig tbh. Also, Inaba is just a great setting to be in, I really like the chill countryside vibe of it. I just wish that I can somehow make the combat parts of the game more fun for me, maybe I have to look into mods for the PC version or something.

    Lastly, the soundtrack of this game alone would make this game a must-vote for me, no matter what the competition is. There's just so many freaking bangers! I'm freaking out already, thinking about how good this game's music is.

  • @bam541 That's strange you expected Persona 4 to win. I was surprised it made as high as 6th, but then I don't fully understand how big Persona 4 was.

  • SHAME. At this point I am confident my #1 didn't make the cut. But damn it sure as hell is my #1 for that year.

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    #5.GEARS OF WAR 2=18 Points
    #1:1 (Brannox)
    #3:1 (Axel)
    #4:3 (PHBZ, Paulmci27, MiserablePerson)
    HM:4 (James Davie, Shoulderguy, Neocweeny, Kindiman)
    Release Date: November 7th 2008
    Developer: Epic Games
    Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
    Genre: Third-person shooter
    Platform: Xbox 360

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • Certainly one of the best third-person shooters I've played and with its high stakes and unforgettable moments-Gears of War 2 is just a fantastic shooter that really digs deep to provide a riveting and constantly engaging shooter experience. The story was pretty damn stellar too and really brought a sense of poignancy to the war against the locusts.

  • I don't remember much about the campaign of Gears of War 2, besides it having more polished gameplay over Gears 1. But the fun I had playing Horde mode with friends is still unmatched. So it had to make my list.

    Horde has so many tense moments, like when you hear the sound of Tickers scurrying around, you have Bloodmounts rushing after you, or when a Boomer explodes someone to bits, removing them from that wave. I also like the tension when someone gets downed, and you have to run over to save them. And the rush/dread you feel when you're the last person standing, and everyone is counting on you to make it to the next wave is amazing. Many games have done good Horde modes since, but this one still stands out to me even after all these years.

  • Gears 2 is a game that I devoted myself to for I can't even begin to fathom how many hours. The campaign is undoubtedly my favorite aspect of the whole package itself and it improves upon the original in every way. While the first game is really fun, it doesn't do all that much in terms of story, other than the basic premise: Get busted out of what appears to be a deserted prison by your best bud, kill these monstrous bipeds and their freakish offshoots, with some crazy objectives in a 36 hour period. That's neat, but it doesn't go much further than that.

    Gears 2 on the other hand, IMMEDIATELY gets you invested, by introducing you to Ben Carmine, making Marcus a begrudging mentor (if you choose to play the tutorial), introducing you to Tai, a fascinating character in terms of his design, mannerisms, and general aura, and of course the subplot of Dom on the lookout for his wife Maria. All of this taking place within the first hour. But the campaign has so much more to it than that: Taking the fight to the Hollow, the Riftworm, the city already destroyed, rescuing Baird in time but not Tai, the Resident Evil-esque New Hope facility (which, thanks to Gears 5, is probably the single most important location of the whole franchise) Skorge with his dual weilded chainsaw staff and his mount the Hydra, the sinking of Jacinto and riding a Brumak while doing it, and of course the introduction of Myrrah and the surprisingly emotional discovery of Maria and how that is resolved.

    Also, a couple of superlatives about the campaign I enjoy are the end credits tease Marcus's dad Adam is still alive and the cut content turned DLC "Road to Ruin," especially how you can choose to go guns blazing or super stealth.

    But the lionshare of my time was spent playing offline Warzone against bots. The standard Team Deathmatch for Gears before Team Deathmatch officially came to Gears 3, I must have put hundreds of hours doing that on every map. So much so that I had a particular order and path to doing each match I was surgical in taking down Locust. I had gotten the GOTY edition, so it came with all the maps and I leaned those locations inside and out.

    Horde, on the other hand, did NOT click with me. Since this was my introduction to the "near-endless, increasing difficulty wave" concept, I grew irritated by the time I got to like, wave 10. Especially when you factor in that I'm someone who doesn't have a group to rely on to play co-op with. To be clear, I think Horde has improved (up to a point) as the series has progressed, but it's never been kind to people who are by themselves. And in Gears 2's case, this iteration of Horde is VERY difficult to go back to once you've become accustomed to the quality of life upgrades each game has introduced.

    And one final thing about Gears 2: Of the 360 era Gears, I like the look of this one the best. There's something about the art style that's an improvement over the first game, but Gears 3 bizarrely changed most of the character models of the main cast, and it still bugs me. And Judgment... Well... The less I say about Judgment, the better I think.

    Overall Gears 2 is phenomenal and introduces several things of what would become core story elements across the whole series. I've been thinking of doing a series replay soon in light of a new book coming at the end of September (Sidebar: Gears has quite a decent amount of GREAT books/novels and all are worth reading. They do more to flesh out the universe and some characters than the games do. Real solid stuff), and this is my favorite game of the franchise UNTIL Gears 5 came out (and of course my 2008 GOTY as well)

    And while it may be a longer list, I STILL want to give my customary shoutouts. SO! Fist bumps and high fives to @Axel, @Phbz, @paulmci27, @MiserablePerson, @JDINCINERATOR, @Shoulderguy, @NeoCweeny, and @kindiman!

  • I done a full series playthrough for Gears last year and the step up in class between 1 &2 is massive simular to Uncharted 1 & 2. I thought 1 was pretty cool but 2 is where its at. Its just a great AAA bombastic third person action adventure shooter. Its that magic 8-10 hour campaign that mixes things up enough & doesn't outstay its welcome.

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    #4.MGS IV=25 Points
    #2:3 (Bam541, DIPSET, Nimbat1003)
    #3:1 (Nikhil Sharma)
    #4:3 (El Shmiablo, Neocweeny, Crepe)
    HM:4 (James Davie, ffff0, Sheria, ParasitePaladin)
    Release Date: June 12th 2008
    Developer: Kojima Productions
    Publisher: Konami
    Genre: Action-adventure, stealth
    Platform: PS3

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • A heavy-duty PS3 exclusive juggernaut that brings a sense of finality to the Solid Snake saga, Guns of the Patriots is probably the best exclusive game of 2008-certainly according to this countdown anyway. Such a cinematic leviathan, MGS4 is terrific in so many ways with moments that remind you why the series is so adored by its fans and why Kojima is a mastermind.

  • I’ve played MGS 2-5 and only 5 was somewhat interesting for me thanks to its open-world nature. I guess Metal Gear Solid is just not my thing. However, I recognize Kojima’s mastery, because no one else can show you a 30-minute cut-scene with almost no events that is still interesting to watch. So, when I picked 7 games I liked and was looking for my final entry, MGS4 was an obvious pick.

  • Well i'm presuming the remaining three are Dead Space, GTA4 and Fallout 3 then. If it's true then shame on you Yakuza fans!

  • @sheria The next entry will be a big surprise.

  • Oooh. I should stop predicting then ^.^

  • @jdincinerator said in The EZA Community Top 25 of 2008!:

    The next entry will be a big surprise.

    Wait, Knack was eligible?!

  • Metal Gear Solid is a franchise that is easily more and more rewarding as it goes for those who've played everything prior. While I initially didn't have any interest in it, I decided to watch the full playthrough of the first at whichever Easy Livin' it was, so I could see if it would be like Resident Evil where I could become a fan from afar.

    Sadly, I didn't really enjoy it and found much of what I watched to be a bit too annoying for my tastes. So if I ever were to experience Guns of the Patriots, I would need to have watched Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater, and the likelihood of that happening is very low, if not outright nonexistant.

  • @ffff0 Sorry I'm not Dunkey.

  • Believe it or not, MGS IV is actually the first MGS game I ever played. I got to play it when I was really young and barely understood English, so a lot of the story stuff went over my head, but I still loved it anyway. The gameplay is just top notch, this game's approach to stealth gameplay is still very unique IMO. There's still absolutely nothing like disguising yourself with the Octocamo and sneakily tranquilizing bad guys in plain sight. I remember enjoying the weapon store/customization stuff with Drebin, and my younger self was very confused but also impressed by the fact that you can equip a literal iPod in order to play music. There's a lot more of that trademark Kojima quirkiness in this game that I really enjoyed. I also remember myself replaying this game a couple times back then, which is something I used to rarely do. I came to understand the story more and more as I randomly watched a bunch of YouTube videos in the years after playing it, and while it's still quite a confusing mess overall, it's certainly a very fun mess to dig into. And of course, like many people out there, I cried a bit at the infamous microwave section. The way this game ends is simply awe-inspiring.

  • I was camping last week so playing catch up here.

    Valkyria Chronicles

    I really liked what I've played of this game in the PS4 Remaster but never finished it. No fault of the game, but I just didn't want to dig too deep at the time. I have a hard time taking "anime war" as serious as the game presents itself, but I feel it's earnestness and the gameplay system speaks for itself.


    One of my all time favourite games imo.

    Personal anecdote here, but I spent so much of my free time in 2006-2007 just consuming any and all videos about PS3 and next gen. I watched the LBP GDC 2007 demo with the skateboard like 400 times. My 11 year old mind was blown.
    (the skateboard demo starts @ 6:19)

    TBH, I've never been this wow'd by a presentation in my entire life. I don't think LBP gets enough credit for being a solid game on top of the prototype for the expectation of personal expression in any online game nowadays.

    Also, soundtrack is very underrated and blended perfectly into the MM pre-made levels. I personally would always play bomb survival levels with my buddies in 4 player split screen.

    A few songs that I still have stuck in my head all these years later:

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Mirror's Edge

    This game blew me away when I first played it and it's smaller approachable size made it ripe for replays and time trials. DICE are technical wizards and the fact they got a first person parkour game to run and look so smooth still blows me away. The game was built on an extremely early version of Unreal 3 and was in development while Gears 1 still was so DICE kinda took an unfinished tool to the finish line here.

    I love the game design in this game. The first level just exists to give you a sense of momentum and keeping speed. As the game goes on it throws a few puzzles at you. A few dodge and chase sections. Then later tells you to mix them all together.

    You can read about the making of Mirror's Edge in this little known feature article here:


    What's funny is that the people they interview about creating Mirror's Edge don't really even like the game. It apparently was greenlit by EA to be an ambitious project but slowly turned into something a lot less ambitious as the beancounters started seeing Uncharted and Gears 2 sell copies.

    There were decisions made that were just questionable. Me and the level designer would sit there and get a level looking really good, and the next day you’d come in and there’d be snipers everywhere.

    Mirror’s Edge wasn’t really my cup of tea when it came out. I sat down and played it on PS3 for about an hour and that was it, I gave up. Didn’t like it.

    I think he's maybe too close to the game to truly appreciate it, but I think it's fantastic. The sewer level is one of my all time favourite levels.

    Persona 4

    I love Persona 4 but I don't like the hardcore JRPG mechanics of the original PS2 game. I played P4 in 2015 on the PSN downloads and I hated how devastating dying to a boss in the dungeon was. I don't like having to use items to return to the dungeon hub to save before continuing onwards.

    P4:G is just way more streamlined and casual for my tastes. I'm just not that hardcore. Great game, but it wasn't a 2008 game for me.

    Gears 2

    Never played it. I didn't like Gears 1 so why play Gears 2? Gears 1 is on Game Pass so maybe I'll give it another shake but I didn't like bullet sponges and the constant covering and shooting. That was the whole game to me without much deviation so I just got bored.


    I'll write about this when I get more time.

  • 0_1628911463255_3a6692a4-a91b-4273-8291-5028a3a72889-image.png
    3.WII MUSIC=26 Points of embarrassment
    #1:5 (Men who embarrassed themselves at E3 2008)
    #2: 9 (The maximum age of the people this game is intended for)
    #3:7 (Number of classic videogame compositions that were butchered)
    #4: 5 (The age of kids who will benefit most from Wii Music's gameplay)
    #HM:0 (For there is no honour in acting like a 5 year-old who gnaws on tambourines)
    Release Date: October 20th 2008 (NA), November 13th 2008 (AU), November 14th 2008 (EU)
    Developer: Nintendo EAD Group No. 2
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Genre: Music
    Platform: WII

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video